FEE, FIE, FO, FUM! ABRAHAM LINCOLN SMELLS THE BLOOD OF TWO POLITICAL RIVALS SO TASTY HE CAN’T DECIDE WHICH OF THEM HE WANTS TO EAT FIRST. There is so much to love about this cartoon, from the exclamation “I’m a gone sucker!!” to the way Lincoln muses “they are as fat as Butter, I hardly know which to swallow first.” Look into those eyes. Look at that cannibalistic grin. I know I will never be able to picture Honest Abe the same way again. And now, neither will you.

This Creepy Cartoon of the Week ™ was brought to you by the HSP’s Historic Images, New Technologies (HINT) Project. Check back next Wednesday as we continue our Countdown to Halloween.

On HSP’s Digital Library: Honest Abe Taking Them on the Half Shell (1860)

From Historical Society of Pennsylvania cartoons and caricatures collection (#3133), box 4, folder 4

14. John C. Breckinridge

President: James Buchanan, 1857-1861

Party: Democrat

State: Kentucky

Slave Owner?: Hard to tell.

John C. Breckinridge joined the Confederacy even though his home state Kentucky didn’t secede. Charged with treason by the Union,  Breckinridge fled the country at the end of the war for Cuba – battling alligators, disease and pirates. He was given amnesty by President Johnson in 1868. He is also the only vice president who might have been descended from a raccoon. 

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