Hannibal - Homages to Brian De Palma movies

  • 3.13 “The wrath of the lamb” - Blow Out (1981)
  • 3.12 “The number of the beast is 666″ - Blow Out (1981)
  • 3.07 “Digestivo″ - Dressed to kill (1980)
  • 3.10 “And the woman clothed in sun“ - Dressed to kill (1980)

Part 2

Fact #1138

Chang Lee is'nt the Asian Child. It was mispelt. Chang Lee is actually the AceIan Child. 

“What? AceIan? I thought Ian stayed with Barbara forever.” you might say. Yes, he did, They had three children together - John (born 1966), Gillian (born 1969), and Steven (born 1972) Chesterton.

But Ian and Barbara also once went to a reproductive science convention in the late 2020’s. Where Ian’s sperm and Barbara’s eggs were taken away so they could be donors.

Ace became a Time Lady and regenerated, one of her incarnations taking a form of South-East Asian phenotype. (usual SE Asian skin + William Russel skin = average out to Yee Jee Tso skin.) 

This incarnation of Ace, used Ian’s sperm to get pregnant, and nine months later, gave birth to a son that looked like a paler skinned version of her. She named him Leefarivopilarnac Firebrand McShane Lungbarrowmas. “Lee McShane” for short.

As people don’t age\grow up on the TARDIS, Ace, her current Companion, and baby Lee, settled down together on a planet far away from both Earth and the current Companion’s native planet, centuries after from both of their native times. But it was a cozy planet! Lee lived there for the first 18 years of his life. When he turned 18, he decided to settle down in 1992 San Francisco, and changed his name to Chang Lee via psychic paper.

anonymous asked:

Hola! ¿Algún libro que trate de asesinatos o de asesinos seriales? o de psicópatas o sociopatas? muchas gracias!


Aquí te dejo varias recomendaciones:

  • El Psicoanalista - John Katzenbach
  • Perdida - Gillian Flynn
  • El Perfume - Patrick Süskind
  • La serie de Hannibal Lecter - Thomas Harris (4 libros)

A detailed history of Traditional Witchcraft.

“Perhaps the most important book to come out on Cochrane and his successors is Genuine Witchcraft is Explained: The Secret History of the Royal Windsor Coven and the Regency by John of Monmouth with Gillian Spraggs and Shani Oates. The first 150 pages are a detailed history of Cochrane’s coven (with literally hundreds of footnotes), one that I think will rewrite much of his legacy. In John’s detailed account much of Cochrane’s rituals were a collaborative effort between Bowers and coven mates Ronald “Chalky” White and George Stannard. It also includes copies of early draft documents from what would become Cochrane’s first coven” -Jason Mankey, Patheos

anonymous asked:

Holaa! Me encanta tu blog❤️ ¿Me puedes recomendar libros de psicopatas algo así ? ❤️

¡Muchas gracias! Libros de psicópatas que te pondría recomendar son los siguientes. No los he leído todos pero he escuchado buenas cosas sobre ellos. Espero que alguno de ellos te llame la atención.

El Psicoanalista - John Katzenbach

Perdida - Gillian Flynn

El Perfume - Patrick Süskind

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