Day 21 features Dr. Joan Watson (played by Lucy Liu) from Elementary 💪 I got into Sherlock first, but there are actually a lot of aspects from Elementary that I like, and somewhat prefer—changes they made, like (*spoiler alert*) making Moriarty a woman, making Irene Adler and Moriarty one and the same so she is both Sherlock’s greatest love and greatest nemesis, making Watson a woman but not a love interest, making her more than just a sidekick but a brilliant detective in her own right, making Sherlock not some genius whose transgressions get a pass but instead a flawed human who needs a lot of work and therapy. I never thought at first that Elementary could ever give the bbc one a run for its money, but they’ve really made themselves stand apart with some really good storylines and character development, and they’re different enough from bbc’s Sherlock that both series can coexist without warring, and we the audience get a lot more quality content

Know what? I just was thinking about this scene…💔

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There was an inscription “I love you”, the coffin was simple, but small, that is, for a short man.⚰️

Sherlock thought about Molly,


John is also short and we all know that Sherlock loves him.💙

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Why Sherlock? Why didn’t you think about John at this moment?!?!😢

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so I was rewatching TEH and the whole thing just seemed off.

sherlock meta coming in hot🔥🔥

  • why did Sherlock think it was a good idea to surprise John like that? Not just from an emotional standpoint but from a logical standpoint as well.
  • He knew John would make a scene, either out of love or hatred. Why did he do it?
  • If it’s still a secret, then why would Sherlock risk blowing his cover like that just to see John?
  • And how’d they make up so easily? After a prank like that? John was so mad at Sherlock throughout the episode it wouldn’t make sense for John to be so forgiving all of a sudden. It seemed so out of place, as if it was trying to rush Sherlock and John to become friends again.

The more and more I look at TEH, the more and more it seems disjointed. Like a proper story broken into fragments. Or an incomplete story, only showing the more interesting bits.


It’s just that Sherlock said John should stay because it’s about the family. Is john part of the Holmes family now?😏

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(sorry about my english…)😅

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