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Series: Who Will Save You Now?
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Pairing: Reader x Michael Gray / Reader x Peaky Blinders
Word Count: 1318
Dedicated to: @peakyblinders1919. This author with their imagines and oneshots has inspired me to write my own story featuring Peaky Blinders. Also dedicated to the people who adore this show as much as I do.


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Chapter 4

As soon as you exited The Garrison you knew you should have walked away from the place as quickly as possible. Yet the thought of going home didn’t seem really appealing to you and because of that you decided to take as much time as possible till going home. You walked away from door, allowing the drunken people to enter the building. The first thing you did after stopping was pulling a pack of cigarettes from your purse, lighting it and taking a deep inhale of the cigarette. You weren’t a huge smoker, finding yourself grabbing a pack of cigarettes every once in a while, especially when you were nervous or angry. And angry you were.

You walked over to a chair that you spotted a little further from The Garrison, sitting on it as you crossed your legs. Your eyes wandered around your surroundings, seeing quite many people walking in and out of the pub. It seemed to be a quite popular place, yet everyone was scared of the Shelby’s. Why in the name of God did they visit the place if they were afraid of its owners?

You were deep in thought and due to that you didn’t even notice one of the Shelby’s spotting you and making their way towards you. As soon as Michael walked out of the pub he saw you sitting alone, deciding to have a chat with you, maybe even a glass of whiskey or two since it seemed that you needed it even more than he did. He stopped in front of you, and that was the moment you noticed him, silently cursing yourself for not leaving the place.

“You mind if I sit?” He asked, pointing towards another empty chair that was placed opposite of yours. You rolled your eyes at his question. He basically owned the chair, if anything you should have asked him whether it was okay for you to sit there, not the other way around.

“Go ahead.” You simply replied, continuing to smoke your cigarette as you looked away from him. You felt him stare at you, but continued to look at the passing people. A part of you wanted to say something, but the other part of you told you to remain silent. Besides, what would you say to him? You didn’t know who he was besides the fact that he was Polly’s son and the Shelby’s cousin. Other than that you didn’t know anything about the man, nor did you really care. Your head was filled with different thoughts, not one of them featuring the man who was currently sitting in front of you.

“Are you always this silent?” He asked you, forcing you to look at him. There was a certain handsomeness in the man, but what strike out were his eyes. You were sure that if you were to look into his eyes you would simply drown in them.

Clearing your throat you decided not to answer to his question. Instead you pointed at his bottle, a smirk on your face.

“Mind if I drink a little? I didn’t get my American whiskey after all.” You asked and with a chuckle Michael passed the bottle to you. You took a large sip from it before placing the bottle onto the table between the two of you.

“I’m sorry you know. About the whole situation you are in.” He said, causing you to look at him. He apologizing for something he wasn’t guilty of caught you off guard. You gave him a small smile before finishing your cigarette and extinguishing it. A chuckle escaped your lips as you turned yourself towards Michael, a smile on your face.

“So, who’s the lucky guy I’m marrying?” You found yourself asking. Surely he was aware of who the person was since you weren’t. You weren’t speaking to your father, and even if you were you were more than sure that he wouldn’t tell you the person’s name.

“Me.” He simply replied, downing the whiskey down from his throat. Your mouth fell open as you stared at him. Gaining your composure you muttered ‘bloody hell’ to yourself, but still loud enough for him to hear you. He looked at you with a raised eyebrow as you realized that you came off very rudely due to your response.

“I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sure you’re a nice guy, it’s just-” You stopped midway, not bothering to finish your sentence. He seemed to understand what you meant as he let out a deep sigh.

“Believe me, I know.”

Your father’s men rushing past you was the first sight you saw when you entered your house. They simply glanced at you as they left the house, not even bothering to say anything to you. You were confused, thinking that something serious had happened while you were away. You saw Lucas standing near you as you decided to ask him what was happening. When he spotted you he let out a deep sigh, clearly relived to see you.

“Bloody hell Y/N, where were you? Your father was worried sick.” Lucas explained as you stood dumb-folded, unsure of what the problem was. You had stayed out maximum three hours, and it wasn’t like you hadn’t been out without guards before.

When your father saw you standing there safely he exhaled deeply. He knew he had to try to talk to you, had to try to explain you why he had done what he had done. It wasn’t because he didn’t love you - he did, he just didn’t show it. He was harsh on you because he at some point he would disappear from this world and leave you alone. He wanted you to be ready for when the moment came; he wanted you to be ready to lead the Pierce gang.

“Y/N? Come to my cabinet please.” Raimond Pierce said, his voice sounding a lot softer than it usually was. You looked over to him, sending a glance at Lucas before you walked into the cabinet, your father closing the doors after you.

You stood still, your arms crossed in front of your chest, waiting for him to say whatever he wanted to say. He silently sat into his chair, his eyes landing on you. For a second he thought about what to say, realizing that whatever he said would not be okay.

“I’m sorry.” And that was it. You couldn’t believe that those were the only words your father said to you after sending you basically off to marry someone you didn’t even know. You knew that even saying those words took a lot from him since he was never a person who apologized for anything really.

“You’re sorry? That really eases the situation that you are forcing me into. That’s nice that you’re sorry, but what about me? Did you ever think about what I wanted? Marrying someone I don’t know isn’t what I bloody want.” You yelled as a tear rolled down your cheek. Never in the past had you cried in front of your father. ‘We’re gangsters Y/N, we don’t have any emotions.’ that’s what your father would say to you. Yet the tear escaped from your eye, but you wiped it quickly away. You would not cry in front of Raimond Pierce.

With a deep breath you calmed yourself down as you looked at your father who looked at you with a stunned expression on his face.

“I will marry a Shelby on one condition: you will teach me everything there is to know about races, about how to lead a gang. And I will marry one month from this date. Do we have a deal?” You asked your father. Raimond looked at you, finding it surprising that you would dare to blackmail something out of him. But he needed a way so that you would forgive him, and that was it.


Series: Who Will Save You Now?
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Pairing: Reader x Michael Gray / Reader x Peaky Blinders
Word Count: 1471
Dedicated to: @peakyblinders1919. This author with their imagines and oneshots has inspired me to write my own story featuring Peaky Blinders. Also dedicated to the people who adore this show as much as I do.

Feedback and ideas are highly appreciated.

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Chapter 8

It took you some time to get over the shock, but when you did you ran out of the door, stopping before to take the guard’s gun with you. You mentally thanked Lucas for his shooting lessons he had organized some time ago. It was logical that a gangster knew how to shoot, cue the reason why Lucas decided to teach you. The gun in your hands gave you a lot of confidence, yet you couldn’t stop your hands from shaking as you walked around the house.

You had no idea how to get out, and anyone could have bumped into you any second, making you quite anxious. As you made your way down the stairs you saw guards on the ground, dead. You figured it was the man from before who was responsible for their deaths, and you couldn’t help but to feel grateful. There was a possibility that you could have ended up dead, or missing a couple of fingers if that man hadn’t walked in. Yet the fact that he was under the payroll of Alfie Solomons made you nervous to say the least. You had heard many crazy stories about Alfie, and so far considered them to be true. The fact that he was an ally of the Shelby’s calmed you down a little, but the nervousness still didn’t fully disappear. There was no way to tell what Alfie Solomons could want from you or your father. Without blinking twice you ran out of the door, running into more dead guards as you made your way as far away as possible from the house owned by Sabini.

When Raimond Pierce arrived at the meeting place, a suitcase in his hands with 10,000 pounds in it, he was quite sure he wouldn’t leave the place alive. Sabini was crazy to say the least, but what made him worry more was the fact that he was unexpected. Yet the only thing Raimond could think about was you and your safety. He wanted you safe and alive, not caring at all what happened to him. Of course he took some people along with him, Lucas included, but it still wasn’t enough to calm him down.

When he arrived at the meeting place chosen by Sabini he grew even more anxious as he noticed that not one of the Italians were there. Because of that he was more than sure that the meeting was a trap, and he wouldn’t have been surprised if he were gunned down in the matter of seconds. Yet he couldn’t force himself to lose hope. There was still a slight possibility that they were slightly late.

When 20 minutes had passed and there was no sight of the Italians Raimond was forced to admit that you were most possibly dead. The Italians had never missed a meeting during the time the two of them were allies, and even when they were at war, so the only possible explanation was that they missed this one because they couldn’t present Raimond his daughter alive. Lucas appeared next to Raimond, placing a hand onto his shoulder and taking a deep breath.

“We should go, sir.” He simply said, removing his hand before starting to walk back to the car. Raimond stood still, staring straight ahead of him with a dead look in his eyes. He knew that there was a possibility that when he got home he would be greeted by your dead body in the house, or something else. And that was a sight he was most definitely not ready to see.

As you walked on the streets of Birmingham you were greeted by people staring at you like you were a lunatic. You were sure that you definitely looked the part - your hair was tangled and there was not one indication of the curls that had been there a day before; your face looked pale like you hadn’t slept or eaten for a day, which was basically true; and the fact that your dress was ripped at some parts didn’t help. Besides, there was a gun in your hands which you tried your best to hide under a coat you had grabbed from Sabini’s place. The streets of Birmingham were cold, and it was practically winter. The last thing you wanted and needed was to freeze to death before you could even reach your home.

For a moment you wondered what your next step should be - would it have been safer to go straight home, or to find one of the Shelby’s first? You were more than sure that when Sabini wakes up he would start hunting you down, and going to your house would be the first thing he would do since he would probably think you went straight home. But if you went to the Shelby’s you would put them in danger as well. But then again they were already at war with the Italians, so you going there would probably not change anything, not for the better nor for the worst. Therefore the next obvious step for you was to find one of the Shelby’s.

It only seemed logical that you would try to find them at The Garrison which was a logical place for at least one of them to be. People continued to give you weird looks as you walked past them, but you couldn’t care less. The only thing that mattered was your safety, and you knew that you would be safe at The Garrison.

As you were about to enter the pub a man stopped you, placing a hand in front of the door.

“There’s a private party inside. You invited?” He asked with a rough voice as the cigarette in his mouth almost dropped onto the ground. He drew his hand back, cursing silently as you decided to simply walk into the pub. Slipping past him you walked inside the pub, seeing a party in full swing before your eyes. You felt hands around your arm, and looking back you saw the same man from outside trying to drag you back into the cold. Before he could do so you heard a familiar voice tell the guard to let you in. He let go before returning to his original post.

Michael appeared in front of you, relief in his eyes as he saw that you were alive. When he saw in what condition you were the relief in his eyes was replaced by pure concern as he gently took your hand, leading you to an empty corner and away from the partying people. Without thinking you wrapped your arms around him as tears started rolling down your cheeks. You tried so hard not to cry in front of him, but you couldn’t stop yourself from doing so. He silently wrapped his arms around you, a hand gently smoothing your back while the other one was brushing your hair.

“You’re safe, Y/N.” He whispered as your hold around him tightened. You felt him turn his head, and when you followed his gaze you saw Polly stand next to the two of you, her eyes not betraying any emotions. You quickly let go of Michael as you wiped the tears away. Without any warning she grabbed your hand, dragging you inside a small room and forcing you to sit onto the couch. Michael followed the two of you without saying anything. Polly sat against you before grabbing a cigarette and lighting it.

“Michael, bring a bottle of whiskey. And two glasses.” She commanded, taking a drag from the cigarette. Michael shortly returned with the items his mother asked him to bring, placing them onto the table and taking a seat next to Polly. She opened the bottle, pouring the two glasses full before handing you one. With your hands shaking you took the glass gratefully, taking a long sip before placing the glass back.

“Did Sabini hurt you?” She asked, her voice even sounding slightly concerned. You instantly replied, shaking your head. Besides the fact that he had burnt your arm he hadn’t really hurt you. Yet for some reason you couldn’t bear to show yourself as a weak woman, cue the reason why you decided not to say anything.

“Why are there burn marks on your arm then?” She continued questioning, her eyes landing on your arm. Michael followed her gaze, seeing multiple red circular dots on your arm. Without replying you grabbed your arm, or how much was left of it, trying to cover the burns as well as you could.

“I’m fine.” You simply replied, your eyes landing on Polly. She let out a sigh before taking a sip of her drink. She put out her cigarette before turning to you, a small smile on her face.

“I think it’s about time we got you home.”

Series: Who Will Save You Now?
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Pairing: Reader x Michael Gray / Reader x Peaky Blinders
Word Count: 1439
Dedicated to: @peakyblinders1919. This author with their imagines and oneshots has inspired me to write my own story featuring Peaky Blinders. Also dedicated to the people who adore this show as much as I do.

Feedback and ideas are highly appreciated.

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Prologue (X) Chapter 1 (X) Chapter 2 (X) Chapter 3 (X) Chapter 4 (X) Chapter 5 (X)

Chapter 6

It took you quite long to figure out the right outfit to wear. You had never been to the races, and you would be lying if you said that you weren’t nervous. At some point you tried calling your friend Paula to ask for her help, but one of her maids had accepted the call, telling you that Paula was out with a boy. The two of you were very good friends, but surprisingly she had never told you anything about a boy. You decided not to question her about it as you were sure that she would tell you about him herself when the time was right. Finally you had to make the decision yourself, choosing a red dress as it was your favorite color. When you looked at yourself in the mirror you noticed the tiredness in your eyes. Nevertheless, you looked absolutely gorgeous, maybe even a little bit too fancy for a horse race. You consoled yourself with the fact that you were Y/N Pierce, and showing your status amongst other gangsters was never a bad thing.

You kept playing with the hem of your dress as you stood in front of your house, waiting for the Shelby’s to arrive. Lucas stood near you, observing you from the corner of his eyes. He saw the nervousness in your eyes, but thought it was best if he did not approach you. After all you needed to deal with those kinds of situations on your own if you were ever to take over the Pierce business. Attending races was something that every gang leader had to do since a lot of money came from them, especially in your family.

You saw a black car drive in from the gates of your house. With a deep sigh you straightened your dress before folding your arms in front of your chest. The car came to a stop in front of you and you saw Arthur behind the wheel with Tommy next to him. You were guessing that they would bring Michael or at least John with them, but your guesses were fading when you saw only the two of them in the motor car. Tommy opened the door before stepping out, motioning for you to climb onto the back seat. You did as he said without saying anything. Arthur said a little hello to you which you kindly returned with a smile. Out of all the Peaky Blinders Arthur was the most welcoming towards you and you had nothing against him. The other Peaky Blinders were a whole new deal.

The car ride between the three of you was relatively quiet. Every once in a while Tommy talked about how to act at the races, but other than that nothing was said. You were sure that they noticed your nervousness, but what surprised you was that the two of them seemed to be nervous as well. Your guess was that something big had happened or was about to happen. There was no way the Shelby’s would be worried about a horse race. Yet the two of them kept throwing glances at each other, Tommy even glancing at you every once in a while as a way to confirm whether you had noticed something was wrong or not. You surely weren’t going to say anything. You had enough of problems on your own, and the business of the Peaky Blinders was something you didn’t want to concern yourself with.

The car came to a quick stop in front of a large building. There were huge amount of people walking in and out of it and it seemed that every class of the society was represented. Arthur was the first one to jump out of the car, quickly walking away without saying anything. Tommy stayed put for a second before clearing his throat and opening the car door. He stepped out, holding out his hand for you to take. With a raised eyebrow you grabbed ahold of his hand before stepping out and releasing the hold on his arm.

“You look nice. Red suits you.” He mumbled before grabbing a pack of cigarettes from his pack and lighting one. He offered one to you which you gladly took. A cigarette was definitely something that would help you calm your nerves.

“Was that a sincere compliment from Thomas Shelby?” You questioned with a hint of teasing in your voice. He glanced at the clock he was always wearing before staring at an unknown figure. The man was dressed in a military uniform and from his medals you saw that he was quite important. 

“You’ll only hear me say it once. If you tell anyone, I’ll deny it.” He replied before walking forward towards the main stairs leading into the building. You forced yourself to smile before taking a drag from the cigarette and putting it out.

“Well, thank you. Glad to know my efforts paid off.” You said before following Tommy who led you into the building before taking off and leaving you all alone.

“So much for the fucking Shelby’s.” You mumbled as you entered a restaurant, desperate for a drink. The race had not even begun and you were left alone. You hadn’t even seen any of the Shelby’s after they all abandoned you. How the hell were you supposed to learn anything about the races from them if they weren’t even around?

You found the bar in the restaurant easily as you made your way to it. The bartender delivered your desired alcohol with a smile on his face before walking away from you to serve the other customers. You leaned on the counter, watching the people around you. They seemed to be quite happy as if they had no problems to deal with. Couples around you were laughing and smiling; people were eating and drinking with their friends or family. It was a beautiful sight which was ruined when a man who you guessed was an Italian started shouting at the waiter. He seemed to act like he owned the place and that’s when you realized that the man was Sabini, the head of the Italian gang. Your father and Sabini were currently at war with each other and the fact that your family started working with Peaky Blinders did not ease the situation between the two rivaling gangs.

You downed your drink before slipping out of the room, desperately looking around the place to get a sight of at least one of the Shelby’s. It didn’t even matter which one. You walked away from the restaurant as you heard a man on the speakers announce that the race was about to begin. People around you started to go away to watch the race as you kept walking around. After some time you managed to notice Arthur. He did not see you as he kept walking away from you. With a determination you followed him, coming to a stop in front of the henchmen of the Blinders. John Shelby was present as well, quite surprised to see you there along with them.

“Why the hell didn’t any of you tell me that Sabini owns this place?” You asked rather loudly, startling Arthur who was standing near you with his back turned to you. He jumped around, grabbing your hand to pull you closer to them. You struggled against his grip while glaring daggers at him before surrendering and walking closer to them.

“Tommy was supposed to tell you.” Arthur answered with a hushed voice as his eyes kept wandering around the place. You huffed before folding your arms around your chest, looking from one member of the Peaky Blinders to another. A couple of them seemed to be quite uneasy about a Pierce being present while others did not even care to look at you.

“As you can see, Tommy is-” You were stopped when a loud bang near you went off and people started running around with no purpose. A couple of seconds later the Blinders took off, Arthur and John staying behind as they both grabbed your hands, dragging you away from the scene.

“Sorry Y/N, we’re quite busy at the moment. Go home.” John said before running away, Arthur right behind him. You stared at the scene around you, seeing people panicking while you remained quite calm, not even knowing what had happened. You turned around and just as you did so a bag was pulled onto your head as two men grabbed you. Before even managing to let out a scream the barrel of a gun hit your head, making everything around you pitch black.

Series: Who Will Save You Now?
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Pairing: Reader x Michael Gray / Reader x Peaky Blinders
Word Count: 1914
Dedicated to: @peakyblinders1919. This author with their imagines and oneshots has inspired me to write my own story featuring Peaky Blinders. Also dedicated to the people who adore this show as much as I do.

Prologue (X)

Chapter 1

Loud music filled the room as guests danced on the dancefloor. Glasses clicking together was something you heard too often as you stood next to your father, greeting each and every one of the guests that had entered the room. You stood next to him gracefully, your red dress catching the eye of every man entering. Your father had told you to dress nicely, and after a suggestion by your friend Paula you opted for the red dress that was elegant and appropriate, yet emphasizing every part of your body that you wanted it to.

Raimond introduced you to every name worth mentioning, telling you that it was important for you to know who they were. Truth was that you desperately wanted to meet the Peaky Blinders who you knew were going to show up at the party. You hadn’t met them before, making you a little anxious as you tried your best to relax with sipping the champagne in your hands. You felt yourself getting more nervous when you looked at the armed guards standing next to the doorway. You tried your best to smile at the entering guests as you greeted them along with your father who stood firmly chatting with his colleagues and friends.

“Can I leave for a minute? I need to use the bathroom.” You whispered to your father as another pair of gangsters walked past the two of you. He simply motioned for you to go as he continued saying his greetings to the guests.

You walked over to the bar, placing the champagne class onto the counter. You let out a deep sigh when suddenly a hand was placed onto your shoulder. You looked at Lucas who appeared next to you, smiling at you.

“Relax Y/N, nothing is going to happen.” He said, taking his hand away from you as he grabbed a glass from behind the counter, pouring some whiskey into it before passing it to you. The bartender looked at him weirdly before attending to some other guests who were demanding something stronger than champagne. You took the glass before downing it in one go and placing it back onto the counter. Looking over to Lucas you saw him staring past you as you turned yourself around, seeing a bunch of suited men enter the room. Their eyes looked around the place before they walked over to your father. Some of the guests around them stopped doing whatever they were doing as they stared at the Peaky Blinders, fear washing over them.

“Is it them?” You asked as you turned back, looking at Lucas. A part of you already knew the answer to the question as you started walking towards your father. You stopped when Lucas grabbed your arm, pulling you back.

“Be careful around them, Y/N. Don’t let them fool you. They may look like a bunch of nice guys, but they’re not. You have to be tough around them, that’s how you’ll earn their respect.” He said before letting of your arm. You inhaled deeply before starting to walk towards your father and the Peaky Blinders.

“Is your lovely daughter here? I’ve been hearing good things about her. Smart, beautiful, not at all like you are.” You heard one of the Shelby’s say to your father as you walked next to him, a small smile on your face.

“I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment.” You stated, glancing at your father before looking over at the Shelby’s. Each and every one of them stood quietly as they all looked you up and down. Honestly, you felt quite uncomfortable when they stared at you just as your father, but you shook it off, reminding yourself that you needed to be tough.

“I possibly couldn’t insult a beauty like you.” The man replied as he took your hand, kissing the back of it as he looked into your eyes. He seemed to be the oldest of the group. On his left stood a man with an extremely serious face, his blue eyes piercing at you. On the man’s right stood two men who looked to be younger than the others. They simply stared at you, one of them wearing a smirk on his face while the other one seemed to be stunned. For a moment you could have sworn you saw his mouth hang open, before he gathered himself and managed a serious expression onto his face.

“It seems that there are still gentlemen left in this world.” You remarked as he let go of your hand, earning a chuckle from him. From the corner of your eye you saw your father staring at you, but you couldn’t figure out whether he looked disappointed or satisfied.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I caught your name.” You said, but before any of the Shelby’s could reply your father started to introduce them to you.

“This is Thomas Shelby, Arthur Shelby, John Shelby and their cousin Michael Gray.” He introduced each and every one of the gentleman as they all shook your hand except for Arthur who planted another kiss onto the back of your hand. At this point everything had gone smoothly, making you relax. Or maybe it was the whiskey, you weren’t sure, but at this point it didn’t matter.

“If you excuse us Miss Y/N, your father and I need to talk about business. Perhaps you can look over my family meanwhile?” Thomas questioned as he looked over to you. You forced a smile onto your face as you looked into his eyes. A part of you wanted to say ‘no’ but you knew that it would have been a bad idea.

“Of course.” You replied as he and your father took it as their cue to leave. You looked over to the other Shelby’s with a large smile on your face as you tried to make it seem as natural as possible.

“What would you like to drink, gentlemen?”

Laughter erupted from the table that the four of you were sitting behind, causing other guests to look at you when someone laughed a little too loudly. Music continued to play as guests continued to enjoy the evening, not trying to think too much over the fact that two most powerful families in Birmingham were together in the same room as them.

“I like you, Y/N, you know how to have fun, unlike your father. You should stop by the Garrison sometime, we have great whiskey there.” Arthur mumbled drunkenly as he pointed at you. You felt yourself smile as you took another sip of whiskey that Arthur had refilled before.

“Scotch or Irish?” You asked as each and every one of the Shelby’s let out a chuckle, causing you to raise your eyebrow at them.

“We can get you the bloody American whiskey if you want.” John explained, chuckling to himself before taking a sip of his drink. Everything seemed to be going quite alright - Arthur and John spent most of the time talking to you while Michael quietly sipped his drink, saying a word every once in a while. Your father and Thomas Shelby still hadn’t come out of the cabinet which worried you since they had spent at least half an hour there. Whatever they were talking about was supposedly very important.

“So Y/N, I’ve been hearing things on the street. People talk. Is it true that you are the next leader of the Pierce gang?” John questioned as he leaned forward, his eyes staring into yours. You stared back at him, your lips forming a grin onto your face.

“I don’t see how that is any of your business.” You spoke back, the stare off between the two of you continuing when he suddenly started laughing, drinking his glass empty and grabbing the bottle to pour some more alcohol into his glass. The bottle slipped from his hands, crashing onto the floor as everything around the four of you fell silent. You could have sworn you saw him dropping the bottle onto the floor on purpose. A maid rushed forward to clean the pieces of glass from the floor, but failed to do so when John grabbed the sweeping brush and scoop from her hands, throwing them onto the table in front of you. You immediately jumped up, glaring at him when Michael next to you and Arthur opposite you stood up as well.

“I think that you as our hostess should clean this up. It is your party after all.” John spoke as he continued to sit on the chair as every person in the room stared at you, waiting for your next move. For a second you even thought about doing so, but you remembered what Lucas had said to you earlier. You had to present yourself as a tough person.

“I have to disagree. It is a maid’s job, and I am no maid.” You spoke out harshly, surprising even yourself in the process. You heard a couple of women gasping at your answer. They thought that you were either very brave or very stupid. At this point even you weren’t sure which one was the correct answer. Silence filled the room for a couple of seconds when John suddenly let out a laugh, motioning to the musicians to start playing again. The maid scurried forwards as she grabbed the broom and the scoop, cleaning up the piece of glasses from the floor. You stood silently, letting out a sigh.

“Relax Y/N, I was just testing you.” John explained as Arthur took a seat while Michael remained standing next to you.

“I don’t need to be tested in my own home. Remember that next time you’re here. Enjoy your evening gentleman.” You replied as you left the table, ready to leave the room when suddenly the door of your father’s cabinet opened and Thomas Shelby along with your father stepped out.

“Everybody out!” Raimond Pierce yelled, stopping you along the way. Every other person except for the Shelby’s moved, exiting the room as quickly as they could. You stood still as Thomas walked past you, glancing at you before walking over to the table where his siblings were seated. Your father walked next to you, grabbing your arm as he forced you to walk back at the table you desperately wanted to escape from. Thomas took a seat next to Arthur while your father remained standing along with you. Thomas’s ice blue eyes were staring at you as you waited for either him or your father to say something.

“Well Y/N, after a long conversation with your father we finally managed to work out a deal.” Thomas explained, grabbing Arthur’s drink and downing it. The Shelby’s stared at Thomas, unsure what he was talking about.

“What deal?” You managed to speak out, the harshness from before gone. Thomas motioned towards your father as you turned to him, a confused expression on your face. When he didn’t reply you turned back at Thomas who let out a chuckle.

“Well you see, your father desperately needed someone to help him with keeping his properties. I have graciously agreed to help him. In exchange, you are to marry one of my siblings so that the peace between us would last as long as possible.” Thomas spoke out, his face showing no expressions. You on the other hand felt your mouth fell open as you stared at him before looking at your father.


Imagine 1# on the list.
Inspired by dont forget of Demi Lovato.

“What do you want me to do y/n? Tell me because i have no fuckinh clue!”

John screamed at you angry and possessed after he confronted you with jealousy when he saw you kissing your new man.

“Wait a minute! Hold up john!” You rise your hand in desbelief at his behavior and words.

“You and I are not a thing anymore because you wanted to! You left me broken when you endes everything between us and now that I’m happy again you are acting like I cheated you, are you fucking mad?!” You screamed with your face turning red.

John sighed and rubbed his face falling back on his couch while you stood still on your place with your arms crossed over your chest.

“ I told you that I wanted to keep you safe, you used to say to me I was your one and only and you couldnt love anyone beside me, we made promises about our future and shit got too much in my life and I didnt want to be selfish and bring you down with me but that doesnt mean I never stopped loving you”

John looked at you with a more sad expression and tears in his eyes, you werw taken back at his words and you felt a lump growing on your throat when we finished his rant.

“ you also promised me to never break my heart and you did, you are a man and you could say no to many things, fuck john I even looked the other side when people made comments about how you were with other women in my back, I turned myself against my family for you and then you just went and did exatcly what you said you would never do, I want you to be happy and I dont know if that can be with me so please forget about us, move with your life and let me go”

Your head dropped and you quickly cleaned the tears that fell on your face, you tooked a deep breath and liftes your head not wanting to see the man you never stopped loving infront of you broken like you were, yoy stood up and walked to the door while john stood up quickly calling for you.

“Y/n! Please dont say for me to forget about you, that is like asking for me not to breath, I will prove that i can be the man worth it enough of your love again, I will change and we will be together again, but please… dont forget about us…”

John voice broke in the last word and you smiled sadly turning away leaving his house has fast has you could not being able to hold back the tears any longer.

“ I wont Johnny, i wont forget”

You whispered to yourself while walking those lonely streets alone in the cold winter of birmingham.