Cherished Moments

A lil’ bit of Dad Michael because it warms my soul 

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When you had told Michael that you were pregnant, his face seemed to wash over pale almost instantaneously.  He had walked backwards slowly, until the backs of his knees hit his armchair and he was forced to fall backwards into it.  You had knelt down, and placed a hand on his tense thigh.  Looking into his eyes you saw the colour rush back into his cheeks, and his face that was at first wracked with fear become full of happiness and pride.  

“Our child, will be the happiest child in all of Birmingham,” he said slowly, before smiling widely, the apples of his cheeks positively glowing in the light of the warm fire in the fireplace next to his chair. 

You had cherished every moment of your pregnancy, watching your belly grow and grow as you looked in the mirror each morning.  The whole process was fascinating for Michael, who loved nothing more than to run his rough and calloused hands over your swollen stomach, gasping slightly as your child kicked and pushed at his hands.  When he left the house every morning, he said goodbye to you, kissing you softly on the lips, and also to your belly, planting a small kiss on the growing bump.  He greeted you both in the same manner when he returned home in the evening, asking fervent questions about yours and your child’s health and wellbeing. 

Labour was difficult.  For several hours you screamed and pushed as your child forced its way into the world.  Michael paced the room, yelling at the midwife to help you through the ordeal.  He screamed at her and paced so ferociously that he was asked to leave the room.  He had to pace in the hallway outside instead, calling to you every few minutes so that you knew he was still there. 

Your daughter was born late at night, the street and world around you was sleeping and silent, dead almost, and yet, in your house was the most alive it had ever been.  Michael had burst into the room as soon as he heard his daughter’s first cries, and had taken her into his arms.  He looked to you with fear, but excitement in his eyes.

As your daughter grew, she and her father were inseparable - partners in crime.  On several occasions she and Michael went out on trips to the country, or he would take her shopping in London to buy her the latest and most expensive fashions.  Michael wasn’t just her father, but her best friend.  Together they played mischievous pranks on you and the rest of the Blinders: putting salt in their cups of tea instead of sugar, prank calling Tommy in his office, hiding behind doors to frighten John as he paced through the betting shop.  

When she approached adulthood, her relationship with her father was still strong, but she pulled on his tight grasp when she brought boys home or stayed out with her friends until late.  These late night rendezvous put pressure on their relationship, and caused frequent heated arguments, always ending in tears and a tight hug. 

Although she was growing and moving away from you and Michael, she still was a part of both of you, and in many ways, she was indeed the happiest girl in all of Birmingham. 

  • Tommy: I'm a very bad person. I'm a very very bad person. I am a horrible person.
  • Polly:
  • Ada:
  • Arthur:
  • John:
  • May:
  • Lizzie:
  • Alfie:
  • Tommy: "No you're not Tommy, we still love you, Tommy."

Peaky Blinders Characters if they had YouTube channels:

John & Finn: Gaming Videos, Finn is quiet and winces every time John shouts “WHAT THE FUCK IS ‘E DOING!?? OH MY GOD!!”

Ada: Videos about feminism, and recent politics, she does occasional Game Of Thrones reviews with Freddie and everyone hates him because he shouts at the screen.

Michael: Analyses the news, explains what it all means for us mortals, sometimes John comes and annoys him in the background, and Michael sighs and closes his eyes.

Arthur: One of those absolutely mental conspiracy theory channels, does a video with Tommy where Tommy disproves all of them and Arthur deletes his account.

Esme: Prank videos  (tragic dubstep music in the intro) where she runs up to people and throws stuff at them and then runs away laughing, then its just her standing in the hall way looking slightly guilty as John has an argument with the man she attacked at the door. She does really inaccurate tarot readings and horoscopes for people. She does one for Tommy and points at the card “This one means you’re a twat” and then zooms in on his Disappointed Cillian Murphy™ face.

Linda: She starts telling you a story about her life and then at the end of the video she reveals that it was about Jesus.

May: “Hello, and welcome to A  S  M  R  May.”

Lizzie: Amazing calligraphy, really aesthetically pleasing videos, most of the time she’s writing “Fuck Tommy” in cursive.

Tatiana: Its just her doing crazy shit. She never speaks. She just films herself chugging an entire bottle of Vodka, or Playing Russian Roulette, or Climbing on to the roof or stabbing her uncle in the hand with a fork at the dinner table, or Breaking into Tommy’s house where he blindly shoots at her and then shout “WHAT THE FUCK”

Grace: Grace does makeup to an super human level, more of the face art kind, but people in the comments say she looks like she’s being threatened by someone off camera, inevitably, Grace becomes a meme.                                    Grace also has another channel where she make True Crime videos, but NO ONE knows its her. 

Polly: Poll makes incredibly elegant videos about style, and being a woman of substance. She gets featured in those short artsy documentaries, and no one really knows who she is, but she is a sensation! To give you an example of one of her videos, its just her, sitting alone in the woods, (like the place she was with Aberama) she smiles into the camera and says “Listen to all that fucking silence.”

Alfie: Alfie Solomons, would so obviously be a magician. And I’m talking about like to a David Blaine level ok. He walks up to folk on the street (and btw, this is a modern day hc but he’s still wearing the same clothes) does an amazing card trick that ruins their minds and the camera zooms in as they watch him walk away in awe. Once he uploaded a video entitled “Tommy Shelby wiv a shocked expression” but Tommy threatens someone at YouTube so its taken down the same day.

And finally:

Tommy: Tommy hired a camera crew to come and film his daily life working at the Shelby Company Limited  to promote his business and,, well what can I say it turned into The Office. 

Tommy: Hello My name is Thomas Shelby and today..

Tommy: *looking awkwardly off camera* 

*The camera pans round to a fight breaking out in the other room* 

Lizzie from the other room standing on top of her desk to avoid to brawl: TOMMY YOU BETTER COME IN HERE AND SORT THIS SHIT OUT!!!

Tommy: *looks in the camera and sighs, before going to join in the fight, afterwards he walks painfully back to his desk: “Just a bit of shenanigans that’s all, at Shelby Company Limited” he holds eye contact for a moment before putting his head in his hands*


The truth is, we died together once before. Arthur, me… Danny Whizz-Bang, Freddie Thorne, Jeremiah, and John. We were cut off from the retreat, no bullets left, waiting for the Prussian cavalry to come, and to finish us off. And while we waited, Jeremiah said we should sing “In The Bleak Midwinter”. But we were spared; the enemy never came. And we all agreed that everything after that was extra. And when our time came, we would all remember.