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Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Attempted Suicide
Characters: Harold Finch, Sameen Shaw, John Reese, Original Male Character(s)

Summary: For Harold, Living had become a curse. People around him died so that he could live and the survivors guilt is taking it’s toll on the man and now, with the emergence of Reese, the guilt has become increasingly worse. Driving the man to the edge but a ghost from his past has other ideas.

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Murder & Mayhem

i’d just like to congratulate us on being the most extra fandom ever by having seven tags for these three even though they only have significant screen time all together in one (1) episode.


Little POI things I love:

  • Reese’s slow reptile blink
  • The kid episodes and the kids understanding Reese and Shaw better than anyone else in the show immediately
  • How Harold makes the :/ face so often that it’s stuck that way
  • Shaw trying to get Bear to like her
  • Bear. Just… everything about Bear. Knocking John down when he got back from Rickers, helping Harold through his anxiety, being depressed when someone doesn’t come home, the way that John and Harold squabble about him, the way he helps on missions, how Harold fusses over him while scolding John for feeding Bear table scraps…
  • Carter’s constant Done-ness with John
  • Carter’s dedication to her morals, but also her dedication to her friends
  • Fusco’s loyalty, griping, sarcasm, friendship, name-calling…
  • How the Netflix summaries of the episodes try to make things sound edgy and sexy but the show just. isn’t having it.
  • “Reese finds himself captivated by their latest person of interest” aka Reese makes a new friend and is respectful and supportive to women
  • “Lethal and sexy government operative Sameen Shaw finds herself on the run – and the new focus of Reese and Finch’s attention” aka Shaw shoots people for 40 minutes in practical clothing and Reese sometimes provides backup and also gets shot by Shaw in his two minutes of screentime
  • All??? these well developed??? female characters????? I don’t know what to do with them they’re so beautiful
  • Carter’s magnificent eyebrows and how she apparently had a nose ring in some time past
  • Also how she lied to the federal agent by “admitting” that she had smoked marijuana in college and he commented that everyone lied about that one and she was the first person to tell the truth
  • The “spilling my tragic feelings/backstory” part of the episode where Reese stands around and looks sympathetic as the 349872nd person that week tells all to him as they stand around waiting for backup or pickup or something
  • How he always listens and gives advice anyway
  • How tall he is compared to everyone
  • His face when someone even TALLER comes out to fight him
  • How he smiles right before he punches someone he doesn’t like
  • How Shaw does the same thing
  • The way Shaw and Reese squabble like siblings. Like. That is one of the most sibling-like relationships i’ve ever seen on screen
  • everything else i love this show forever

But they all care about each other, honest…