Photos/Film stills of the Beatles during the Beatles For Sale session at EMI Studios on 18th October 1964. This was a 9 hour recording session, stretching from 2.30pm -11.30pm. The boys worked on Eight Days A Week, Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!, Mr Moonlight, I Feel Fine, I’ll Follow The Sun, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby, Rock And Roll Music and Words Of Love.

Pics: Unknown

mom-mclennon-is-real  asked:

When you said that John made Paul choose between him and his father, we're you just doing it for dramatic effect, or did he actually make Paul decide?

NO NO he actually said these words! 

It’s from an interview done in 1971 with Peter McCabe and Robert Schonfeld. 

You can read the whole interview here.

This is the part in which he mentions Paul’s father:

JOHN: “Well, Paul always wanted the home life, you see. He liked it with daddy and the brother… and obviously missed his mother. And his dad was the whole thing. Just simple things. He wouldn’t go against his dad and wear drainpipe trousers. And his dad was always trying to get me out of the group behind me back, I found out later. He’d say to George, ‘Why don’t you get rid of John, he’s just a lot of trouble. Cut your hair nice and wear baggy trousers,’ like I was the bad influence because I was the eldest. So Paul was always like that. And I was always saying, 'Face up to your dad, tell him to fuck off. He can’t hit you. You can kill him (laughs) he’s an old man.’ I used to say, 'Don’t take that shit.’ But Paul would always give in to his dad. His dad told him to get a job, he dropped the group and started working on the fucking lorries, saying, 'I need a steady career.’ We couldn’t believe it. Once he rang up and said he’d got this job and couldn’t come to the group. So I told him on the phone, 'Either come or you’re out.’ So he had to make a decision between me and his dad then, and in the end he chose me. But it was a long trip.”

Me trying to explain to my step-sister how to know wich Beatle is signing
  • Me: So John's voice is special and raw
  • Sister: Yeah, I know that, he's easy. How do you differienciate Paul from George?
  • Me: Well when you listen to Paul, you feel as if you are in a concert.
  • When you listen to George sing, it's like you are in a small room with him where he's playing his guitar and signing this new song he wants you to hear.
  • Does that answer your question?