I Put a Spell on You - firefright - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: DCU, Batman - All Media Types, Hellblazer
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: John Constantine/Jason Todd
Characters: John Constantine, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson
Additional Tags: Vampires, Mild Peril, Rescue Missions, Canon-Typical Violence, Magic, Sex
Series: Part 2 of Guns and Wizardry

Summary: Eight months after he and Jason first met, a new supernatural threat to one of Gotham’s other resident vigilantes brings Constantine back to the city once more. Considering the rather ‘familial’ nature of the trouble this time around, it feels only natural for him to ask the kid for his assistance a second time. And maybe, in the process, they can also get to know each other a little bit better than they did before.

The next time John sees Jason, it’s under similar, if slightly less city-ending circumstances.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” the kid says, as from the boot of the car they drove over here, John digs out a ring of garlic bulbs and hangs it around his neck. “Are we seriously doing this?”

“What do you think, luv?” John replies, dumping a handful of roughly cut wooden stakes into his waiting arms next. The words are muffled by the cigarette in his mouth, the fierce howl of the wind in the air. Cold nights in Gotham seem to run at Antarctic temperatures, never mind New Jersey. Just a few minutes of being outside have been enough for John to conclude that he’d actually have last chance of freezing his bollocks off hanging around the arse-end of Hell in the middle of winter than here.

“I think you’re nuts,” Jason stares at the small pile in his arms. “I mean, I’ve seen some weird shit in my time, but this is… fucking vampires, really?”

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I present to you, the three relatable Keanus of videogame memes.

When you fight a boss you’ve already defeated 50 times:

When an enemy kills you after you complete the final objective so the end cutscene starts playing anyway:

When you’ve had to replay a mission so many times that you have the enemy placements memorised: