john austin

My biological clock* is ticking!

*The amount of time I have left to believably play one of the teens in Spring Awakening.


Freddie Mercury’s funeral at West London Crematorium held on November 27th, 1991.
Among people attending Freddie’s funeral were his bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor, Freddie’s long time girlfriend Mary Austin, Elton John, Dave Clark and Freddie’s sister Kashmira as well as Freddie’s parents, Bomi and Jer.
Elton John sent a huge heart of pink roses with the message:
“Thank you for being my friend. I will love you always.“

Be careful,
you are not in Wonderland.
I’ve heard
the strange madness
long growing in your soul,
in your isolation
but you are fortunate in your ignorance.
You who have suffered
find where love hides,
give, share, lose,
lest we die unbloomed.
—  Kill Your Darlings

In honor of the Tonys tonight


These BTS videos with the cast of the new power rangers is funny and also an interesting reminder how the original (American version) Power rangers were around when social media didn’t even exist.

so you never heard them curse, dancing to rap music. really interacting with each other off set.

All we got was those corny anti violence/drug PSAs in the 90s