john's wardrobe


Lucy Pevensie - Quvenzhané Wallis

Edmund Pevensie - Jaden Smith 

Susan Pevensie - Amandla Stenberg

Peter Pevensie - John Boyega 


they only really wear each others clothes when theyre home/sleeping bc of how much their shirts do Not fit each other. dave is the first one to switch their wardrobe and john laughs at how much dave swims in his t shirts. since daves a literal string bean his shirts hug johns beefy chest p tight and hes caught off guard the first time he finds john wearing his shirt. daves shirts get progressively baggier which he doesnt exactly appreciate but likes it too much when john wears his clothes so he doesnt complain…..much

historical AUs for femlock friday
  • 20s, Sherlock is a flapper much disapproved of for her habits (especially smoking, drinking and open lesbianism), John a former VAD at a loss after WW1 catapulted into the new culture of London in the early 20s, bored, looking for a thrill, which she finds in Sherlock
  • 30s Bloomsbury bohemian AU where John is a struggling artist and Sherlock a writer of detective novels, and they fall in love, with Sherlock becoming John’s lover and muse
  • WW1/2, John and Sherlock work as nurses together, and fall in love with one another instead of their patients.
  • 20s/30s film noir AU where John and Sherlock are PIs and go undercover investigating drugs rings in London after the style of Dorothy L. Sayers
  • 18th century maid/mistress AU!
  • restoration AU where Sherlock is an actress of the Nell Gwyn school and John is a wardrobe mistress, who becomes Sherlock’s mistress as well
  • Cromwellian AU where they live together secretively in a village, and John practises herbalism, and is accused of being a witch. Sherlock sets out to save her. (possibly even cooler if there’s a murder mystery at the back of it - some people have been murdered strangely which is why they set out to blame the witch)
  • Elizabethan/Jacobean AU where Sherlock is working in the theatre disguised as a man, John sees her and falls in love, discovers she’s a woman and is still as much in love
  • 17th century Julie D’Aubigny type AU where John is a noble swordswoman turned opera-singer on the run from the police (google Julie D’Aubigny oh my god, so MUCH) with whom Sherlock falls in love. Mycroft puts Sherlock in a convent, and John follows her: cue daring escapades and two ladies on the run.
  • WW2 AU with one of them as a VAD and the other as their patient, an invalided-out WRNS/WAAF with whom she falls in love
  • suffragette AU oh my god
  • any kind of 17th century court AU please…Julie D’Aubigny is perfect as an AU story bc real-life bisexual noble-woman swordswoman opera-singer but tbh anything in a court
  • might be a bit dry to you all but totally a reformation AU where Sherlock is a secretive preacher spreading the Lutheran message, with a hidden copy of Tyndale’s bible, who goes unnoticed because she’s a woman, and John hears the gospel and joins her - best if one of them gets found out/accused and they have to stage a daring escape to the low countries or germany
  • renaissance painter/sculptor and noblewoman who has to pose for a portrait and becomes the muse/lover of the other
  • there’s like a hundred and two more oh my god. i just. love. historical. femlock. !!!!!!! !! !

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a journey to hogwarts - nicholas hooper | the story continues - james hannigan | incantus magicus - john debney | the wardrobe - harry gregson-williams | the stag - patrick doyle | day - jeremy soule | ron and hermione kiss, love theme (deathly hallows fanmade soundtrack) - isaias garcia | fawkes the phoenix - john williams | the living sculptures of pemberley - jean-yves thibaudet | wander snow - jeremy soule | fireside dance - danny elfman | feast of starlight - howard shore | elwynn forest - tracy bush | to catch an owl - james hannigan | harry in winter - patrick doyle | surreal - ryan stewart | die moldau - smetana | harry’s sacrifice - alexandre desplat | harry and ginny love theme (deathly hallows fanmade soundtrack) - isaias garcia | the friends - nicholas hooper | a new beginning - alexandre desplat | hogwarts’ hymn - patrick doyle | poison love - claseria | mischief managed! - john williams | leaving hogwarts - john williams

Okay but the counterpart to tiny punk twink John Constantine is slightly feral sweater boy/grunge refugee cub Chas Chandler and that’s, like, amazing.

Just. Like:

  • Flannel. Flannel everywhere. Layer upon layer. In 70 degree weather. why.
  • Faded greyish t-shirt under all the flannel.
  • Skinny jeans.
  • Occasional terrible sweater.
  • Shoulder-length hair OR LONGER. In a ponytail.
  • Terrible hats.