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  • Friend: Are you okay?
  • Me to myself: To my recollection, Eliza is the only character who has a pony tail in act two, which is kinda weird. Except, if you think about it, all the characters in act 1 that have a ponytail (Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, etc.)are fighting in a war. But Eliza's battles are in act 2. Her husband's affair, the loss of her son, Alexander's death, and her 50 year struggle to preserve his legacy from the slandering of his enemies. She also had to raise 7 other children by herself and-
  • Me: I'm fine.

Forge a new path as Iden Versio, commander of Inferno Squad—an Imperial special forces unit equally lethal on the ground and in space. Encounter many of Star Wars ’ greatest characters in a story of revenge, betrayal, and redemption that spans 30 years.

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first of all… 5? this how i know the devil is real… but anyway lets get into it.

5) John at the Graham Norton show. listen..a sweater+a suit jacket (in deep fall colors) was enough but what pushed this over from “i just look this good” to “fry an egg on me” is the hair - the fade, the lineup, the LINE on the side. 

4) The Queen of Katwe London Premiere. I love me some John in print. I love me some John reminding me he’s Nigerian.

3) BAFTAs. Even when he’s wearing classic colors he does it big. Why settle for boringass matte black when you can go velvet.

2)Promoing TFA - random place. The look that changed me. The long coat, the shades, fitted jeans, all black, the way he’s standing, one hand in his pocket, gazing to the side, serving LOOKS. this look changed me as a PERSON. i went from a northface jacket kinda girl to wearing on sale matte brown coats from zara.

1) TFA Premiere. Are you surprised? You’re not. The day he reminded all these regular-degular hoes at the premeire w/him that HE was the ONE. he told us finn was gonna be a jedi with this look. he came into my house on this day to wipe away my tears w/his one gloved hand, slick down my edges, steal me from star trek and i embraced him into my heart as my main. i actually didnt know sw existed before this look and really…did anyone?

Alexander: If I prove that I never broke the law, do you promise not to tell another soul what you saw?

Burr: No one was else was in the room where it happened.

Alexander: Is that a yes?

Jefferson/Madison/Burr: Um, yes.

Burr: *reading the letter* Cold in my professions, warm in friendships, I wish my dear Laurens, in my power, by actions rather than words to convince you I love you-


Jefferson: My god.

things i learned about anthony ramos from his interview on the room where it's happening podcast

-he used to be a baker then he was a preschool teacher
-he’s the youngest member of the cast
-he was laid off of a $64 million job at radio city music hall before being cast in hamilton
-he pronounces ambulance as “am-buh-lance”
-he thinks lins and jasmines kiss in say no to this is TOO LONG LIN ITS TOO LONG
-as a side note: anthony and jasmine started dating during rehearsals
-“you know what im sayin”
-his favorite hamilton song is wait for it (“leslie comes in with those smooth sultry vocals. stick a fork in him, he’s done.”)
-he calls leslie “les”
-he admires his coworkers so much
-he kept calling the obamas “mr. barrack” and “mrs. michelle”
-he’s adorable and a cinnamon roll (not that this is news or anything but he just really really is okay)

Laurens: Who are you?

Hercules: Who are you?

Lafayette: Who are you?

Laurens/Hercules/Lafayette: Who, who is this kid? What’s he gonna do?

Alexander:*points to Laurens* I’m gonna do you.

How It Really Happened
  • <b> John:</b> *Bends down to tie Ham's shoelaces*<p><b>Ham:</b> What are you doing???<p><b>John, smiling:</b> Well. I can't have you falling for someone else now, can I?<p>