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Dangerous Liaisons - Arrow Music Notes 5x19

Arrow is back after a hiatus with great (and slightly painful) conflict between Helix and Argus, putting Felicity at odds with Lyla and Team Arrow in her pursuit to find Adrian Chase no matter the cost.  Meanwhile, Captain Lance tries to help Rene see how important it is to be present in his daughter’s life.

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Everyone is after Chase now: ARGUS, the SCPD, Team Arrow, and the mayor’s office with little success.  Felicity is frustrated at Helix and Alena “suggests”  hacking into ARGUS’ files to see what they know.  As Felicity does this, the Helix strings (5x16) play accompanied by a repeating electronic sound (reflecting the computers and a questionable organization) and electronic percussion.  The beats continues through the ARGUS agent dying via elevator and a darker version of the Helix theme (no rests or fun counter-melody) plays as Alena is revealed to be the one responsible.

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I wish you would write a fic where Sherlock and John go out, the two of them hoping it was a date, and really, it IS a date!

also on ao3 here.

It feels different. John had suspected something but hadn’t dared to hope when Sherlock oh so casually mentioned he’d booked them in to Angelo’s. There definitely wasn’t a case on, there was no special occasion (unless a random Friday counted as one), and John tried to stop himself, but surely the only logical solution was…

And then, oh thank God, his hopes aren’t raised in vain. They sit down at their table, and John notes the lit candle that’s been placed on the table, next to their reserved sign.

Sherlock puts the  sign onto the floor, but his hand stays hovering over the candle.

John gathers his courage. He reaches across the table and covers Sherlock’s hand with his own.

“No, just leave it there,” he says, certain and smiling.

Sherlock looks up. “Oh,” is all he replies with. And there’s a smile tugging at his lips, one John can read so well, now.

Sherlock had been hoping, too.

“So,” John leans back, and winks. “Nice place for a date.”

Sherlock’s smile widens. He looks down, then back up coyly. “Do you come here often?” he asks. His words take on the most atrocious attempt at an American accent, and John snorts into his wine.

“Really, Sherlock. This is… sweet of you.”

Sherlock wrinkles his nose. “I’m not sweet.”

“Oh, and there’s gullible written on the ceiling.”

John playfully kicks Sherlock when he dramatically cranes his neck to look up.

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random note of ontari’s social group structure - blog canon:

and other mains that should be noted

hey today has been pretty rough could someone please rb this w a pic of john boyega smiling


The rich and powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you. Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys. We provide… leverage.

Leverage AU: Iris West finds herself working with people she once tried to help put away… but with their combined skills, they’re a greater force for good than she could have ever imagined.

{image: five gifs of various characters from the DCTV Universe overlayed with white text that states their role on the five-person team. the first gif shows John Diggle circling with his fighting opponent with a smile on his face and the word ‘HITTER’. the second gif shows Cisco Ramon rolling from one computer monitor to the next and the word ‘HACKER’. the third gif shows Cynthia Reynolds turning and giving someone a smile, her hair spinning behind her and the word ‘GRIFTER’. the fourth gif shows Leonard Snart giving a measured look from one side to another with the word ‘THIEF.’ the final gifs shows Iris West holding folders and having an intense conversation with the word ‘MASTERMIND’.}