john's mad right now

i’m disappointed in this fandom.

these are my honest feelings as a sherlock fan, a johnlock supporter, and a member of this fandom. 

i kinda thought the we were better than this, honestly. i thought we were stronger than this. i thought we were the type of fans that support, understand, and appreciate the series for what it is and whatever it becomes.

obviously not

look. regardless of what you thought of the finale, the show ended how the creators wanted it to. they followed through on what THEY thought would be right for the characters. even if you disagree, i expected you all to have a shred of decency or respect for mark and steven. 

instead, what do y’all do? harass them and their fellow producers on twitter, shit talk the finale, and basically destroy the culmination of what they’ve been working for all this time. sherlock is, was, THEIR show. and instead of sending the series off feeling thankful and appreciating what we’ve been given, so many of you are ready to be terrible human beings and start a shit show over a ‘dissatisfactory ending’. 

my GOD, is it so hard to accept the fact that the show didnt end how you wanted it to? is it that mind-numblingly difficult for you people to understand that this show wasn’t, and never was, ours?

 it was made for us - it was GIVEN to us by the producers, directors, actors, and every other person responsible. we were lucky to have been able to be a part of this series and take part in it’s story. we were blessed to have been given an amazing piece of art such as BBC’s sherlock. 

so please, pack up your shit and leave if you’re going to continue to tear the finale to shreds and blame steven and mark. because you’re not a real fan, and you never have been.