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Blast us to smithereens! That’s there’s dynamite!!!

My Jessie cosplay! I wore it to Mickey’s Halloween Party on Friday!

I made it all myself! From the hat to the belt buckle! ❤️

merc9andazombie  asked:

A cute: Bendy hearing that Brooke Schafer had named her childhood toys after him and Boris. A small stuffed black cat named Bendy, and this BIG stuffed black dog named Boris. Bonus: Brooke/Bumblebee showed him a photograph of her at 5 with these toys. 'Boris' also wore a lucky bandanna, which was also featured in John's homemade comics on Boris.

Bendy would be over the moon while Boris would just say a bunch of thank you’s. They are both ecstatic.


Because a) I am a terrible attention-seeking nerd who constantly wants validation, and b) because the lovely, the super gracious @rapid-apathy graciously gave me permission to share her Christmas present, a homemade John Graves Simcoe action figure! (with added back view to show off his jacket)

Because some days a girl just needs a Queen’s Ranger army (for… reasons.)

But don’t worry, this particular major is 100% friendly and helpful!

He’s especially good at holding sharp pointy things for you whilst you sew, (although what he does with it during that time is totally his own business, not yours)

(I’m sure it’s fiiiiine…)

He looks more like he’s been plucked from a “kid-friendly” stop-motion animated Turn. The most dastardly thing this Major Simcoe could get up to is stealing strawberries from George Washington’s picnic! See, waving at you!

And Major Simcoe would like to remind you all he is a gentleman who patronises the arts. Especially poetry…

The Making Of…


  • 1 eight-inch artist’s poseable mannequin figurine
  • Fimo polymer doll clay
  • 2 black beads for the eyes
  • green linen fat quarter
  •  white linen fat quarter
  • cream muslin fabric
  • black cotton
  • black leatherette
  • black felt
  • 1 silver sequin, cut into a crescent moon shape!
  • silver beads/lace scraps/braid
  • scraps of russet/auburn fabric (for the hair!)
  • 2 feathers, white and black
  • some watercolour pencils for the cheek/face details.

 I think I’m most proud of his hair! (Which was a bugger to make; brown fabric, hairspray, superglue and thread were involved, as well as v. small curling irons in the shape of a pencil)

Red Rocket Party Mix 2016


The Sole Survivor is throwing quite the rager at the Red Rocket Gas Station, and synth bumping pop music is on the playlist! Everyone of course has to have their say though, and their choices really aren’t all that surprising. 

Jewels N Drugs - Lady Gaga (John Hancock) // Toy Soldier - Britney Spears (Paladin Danse) // Valentine - Jessie and the Toy Boys (Nick Valentine) // Gold Trans Am - Kesha (Deacon) // Rude Boy - Rihanna (Maccready) // American Boy - Estelle (Preston Garvey) // Freak - Lana Del Rey (X6-88) // Drop it Like it’s Hot - Snoop Dogg (Dogmeat) // Paparazzi - Lady Gaga (Piper) // Brave New Girl - Britney Spears (Curie) // Why Don’t You - Gramophonedzie (Codsworth) // Bitch I’m Madonna - Madonna (Cait) // Outta My Mind - B.o.B (Strong)

These songs are supposed to represent each of the companions, some are evident just by their title, some are just a more musical and moody reason. For example a lot of the lyrics in a Lana Del Rey song might not apply to X6-88 but his overall demeanor reminds me a lot of her music. I hope you enjoy my choices!

A Dog named Harry Part 1

Commission for Anonymous: Premise: Harry turns in to a dog to escape his relatives and is adopted by Sherlock.

Summary: John has only been living with Sherlock for a month and he’s already certain that the detective’s dog is more intelligent than it looks. Strange things kept happening around the flat. John’s determined to get to the bottom of it, even if Sherlock seemed content to remain oblivious.

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It’s October 1st 2014, and my new homemade DeeBeeCaster™ in “surf green” seems incongruous with impending wet and chill of autumn.

Oh, and I have been running around telling everyone it weighs 5 pounds 3 ounces…but I was mistaken.  I must have measured it before it had strap buttons and stings or something because the ACTUAL final weight is 5 pounds, 14 ounces.  I am extremely happy when a guitar weighs between 6 and 7 pounds, so anything under 6 lbs makes me happy!

PS:  The other photos were taken in Sydney, Nova Scotia a couple of weeks ago during my holiday on Canada’s East Coast.  They were done from inside my car…the camera is focused on the rain on the car windows rather than the scenery behind it.

PPS: the book in the guitar photos is about American painters of the 20th Century, published by Time/Life Books in 1969 - so the book itself is “vintage”!  It is showing one of my favourite paintings of all time by Jasper Johns called “Numbers in Colour” (1959).  I have actually seen this painting in person because it hangs in the Albright-Knox gallery in Buffalo NY, which is under two hours drive from Toronto.  Jasper Johns also did one of the coolest Simpson guest spots ever.  :D