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Gah I've missed you! Could you write a Sherlock one shot, where Sherlock is confused and concerned over his feelings for the reader, so he asks Watson about it to find out what's wrong with him and John's all "you're in love, you twat", and then he admits his feelings to the reader in his dreadfully awkward but sweet and heartwarming way?

Yes, ma’am! I’ll make the reader John’s sister, so that I can explain what she is doing here.

Name: The One Time John Gets To Explain Stuff To Sherlock

“John, I require your assistance,” Sherlock starts John’s morning, appearing in his room. John lazily opens his eyes and look at the watch, before throwing it at Sherlock.

“Four in the morning? Sherlock, go away!” John tries to fall asleep again, but Sherlock doesn’t let him.

“John. I think I am sick,” John awns. “But it’s… weird. So, your sister is living with us, and I think she has some weird disease that affects other people’s brains.”

“Brains? Sherlock, you make no sense. Go sleep.”

“John, please!”

“Fine, fine!” John sits up and looks at Sherlock. “Tell me.”

“Y/N. Your sister. She makes me sick.”

“Wow! Slow down, man.”

“When she is talking, I can hardly let my brain think! It’s like… It’s like she blocks my thinking abilities. Does she have a cold? Or something else?”

“No, Sherlock. She is healthy. Well, won’t have effect on your brain, for sure,” John smiles and gets back on the pillow.


“You’re in love, Sherlock. Now shut up.”

“I can’t be in love. It’s illogical. John, you are a doctor!”

“Yes, and also I am your friend. So, stop annoying me and admit it,” John closes his eyes, going to fall asleep again, but can’t stay in peace.

“But… I am Sherlock. I can’t be in love. It’s fate of ordinary humans.”

“You’re dumb,” Sherlock stops breathing for a second, staring at the wall. John rolls his eyes. “Ok… People fall in love, people feel weird about it.”

“But I don’t! It’s… It’s something else,” Sherlock covers his face with his hands.

“It’s not. Your heart rushes, thoughts mess up… That’s just human,” John puts a pillow on top of his head and groans something about his impossible friend, but then realizes that he got the only chance ever to lecture Sherlock on human relationships. “You do know about feelings, don’t you?”

“Of course, I do,” Sherlock waves his hand around, then looks John in the eye. “I am in love, aren’t I?”

“Finally. Now get out of here, I have two more hours before I have to wake up and go to work,” John murmurs and immediately falls asleep, not knowing that the same fate will now bring you down.

“Y/N,” you wake up, as Sherlock keeps shaking your shoulder until you open your eyes and stare at him.

“Are you mad?”

“No. Are you?” you groan and pulls a blanket over your head, trying to hide from Sherlock, but he takes it away, instead handing you a cup of coffee. “Here you go.”

“Coffee?” he keeps staring at you until you take the cup and take a sip. “Ok… Do you want something?”

“What? No.”

“A favor? To steal Mycroft’s umbrella while he is drinking his tea? To cook something too sweet for John to eat?” Sherlock grins, but shakes his head. “Man, you’re scaring me.”

“Uhm, no. You shouldn’t be scared. The articles say that you should feel special.”

“What articles? Sherlock, are you ok?” you put the cup aside and look in Sherlock’s eyes, reaching out to take his hand. “Has something happened?”

“Nothing,” he lies.

“Sherlock, you never made me coffee. Or anything nice, actually.”

“Come on, can I not just…”

“No,” you interrupt him. “Are you dying? Are you sick?”

“Yes,” he mumbles. “John says that I am in love with you,” you freeze with your mouth opened, staring at him. “I do not agree with him, but that seems to the truth, so I made research on how to act…” he stops talking, realizing that you’re smiling too wide. “What was funny?” you try and stop smiling, seeing that it’s the first time the genius has ever felt like that.

“If you don’t agree with my brother, maybe you shouldn’t just…” he interrupts you, sliding his fingers across your palm.

“No, no. John is good at human emotions. I am pretty sure he’s right this time as well. It’s illogical, so I can’t have effect on it, but…” Sherlock keeps stroking your hand, when you just lean forward and kiss him, understanding that he will not stop talking until you make him. Sherlock freezes for a few seconds, then gently kisses you back, his hand raising to slowly stroke your cheek, pulling you closer, until you are both out of air. He lets go of you, staring at you in silent mix of awe and terror, as if not sure what to say now. And, surprisingly, makes the right choice, leaning forward and kissing you first, this time much more confident.


With a book in your hand you sit in John’s old armchair while Sherlock lies on the couch.
Proving you look at him as he starts coughing.
As he falls asleep again you get up quietly and open the door.
“Where are you going?” Sherlock mumbles weak and you turn around to him.
“I wanted to ask Misses Hudson for some tea.”
Since Sherlock has the flu he’s surprisingly scared to be alone.
“So, you’ll come back?” He asks and you nod.
A quiet giggle leaves your mouth as you go downstairs and get the tea together with some cookies.
“His favorite.” Misses Hudson winks.

“Do you want anything else?” You ask while you put your hand on his forehead.
“No and stop that. I’m not a child.” Sherlock wags with his hand to push yours away.
“But you act like one.” Gentle you kiss him on the temple, making him snort. “I take a shower now and will be away for twenty minutes. You think you survive this time without me?”
Cocky you raise an eyebrow, but instead of an answer Sherlock turns his back to you. But as you go through the living room you feel his gaze on you.

Glow in the Dark

John Laurens x Reader
Words: 710
Prompt: Imagine Person A always wanted to fall asleep under the stars, so Person B sticks some plastic glow-in-the-dark stars onto the ceiling above A’s bed. 

i’m kinda behind on imagines but i have a whole day to do nothing tomorrow bc it’s saturday (yay!)
i still have a a phillip imagine to post (don’t worry anon i haven’t forgotten) which i’m going to write tomorrow bc i’m literally about to fall asleep!
also guys if i haven’t had requests i take prompts from @otpisms (just wanted to credit them)
that’s all folks! enjoy your day / night / morning x

“Honey, I’m home!” You exclaimed as you entered your shared apartment. Alexander immediately turned around from his computer, looking you up and down.

“Did you bring food?” He asked, turning back to his computer and continuing to type. You rolled your eyes. “Alex, my job as your sister is not just to bring you food. I went out with friends after school, I didn’t have time,” you stated. Alex groaned.

“Goddammit (Y/N)! I’ll have to call Laurens and get him to buy me coffee while he’s out,” Alexander mumbled. You frowned slightly. “He told me he would be home tonight,” You mumbled, dumping your bag on the floor and flopping on the couch.

After your parents passed away, Alexander decided that he would move the two of you to an apartment. He later decided that since you never really had guests, he would invite a friend to move in with you. You knew it was only because you were both tight on money, and splitting the rent three ways would be easier. But, you never disagreed with Alexander’s decision. A few months later, Alexander’s friend John Laurens moved in and took the bedroom that was across the hall from yours. To say you got along well would be an understatement.

“I know you have a crush on him, but he’s my best friend. He’s off limits,” Alexander stated. He stopped typing, getting up and running to the toilet. You laughed quietly, smiling at his antics. “It wouldn’t hurt for you to take a toilet break before your bladder burst!” You yelled after him, continuing to laugh.

Alexander emerged from the toilet, glaring at you. “Do you want anything from the store? I’m about to call Laurens,” He stated, pulling out his phone.

“Can you ask him to buy foundation for me? He knows the one,” You replied, pulling out your phone and opening your tumblr app.

“I don’t know if we can afford foundation at the moment. You haven’t had any shifts in a while… maybe arrange another job and then we’ll talk?” Alexander suggested, going into his room. You sighed, sitting up slowly and walking over to Alexander’s computer. You went onto a job seeker website, your eyes widening when Alexander pulled the chair away from the computer, kneeling down in front of you and continuing to write his essay.

“Is John on his way?” You asked, standing up and going back to the door. You hung your bag up on its hook, going into the kitchen. “Yep!” Alex replied. You smiled, opening the fridge. You pulled out some lettuce, putting it into a bowl and starting to eat it. “Are you hungry?” You asked, going back out into the living room. Alexander shook his head. You sighed. “Call me if you need anything,” You said, going back to your room.

You raised your eyebrow when seeing glowing stars on your ceiling. “What the hell?” You mumbled, turning as you heard footsteps behind you. “Did you have anything to do with this?” You asked, crossing your arms. John bit his lip, passing you a bottle of foundation. “Merry Halloween?” He mumbled, blushing slightly.

“John, why did you put glow in the dark stars in my room while I was at school?” You asked, leaning against your doorframe and crossing your arms.

“Um… remember that time we went camping? And you told me how you were sad that we don’t really get to see the stars because of all the smog?” John asked, rubbing the back of his neck. “Well, I thought I would fix that.”

“Glow in the dark stars aren’t exactly the same thing,” You said, giggling quietly. “But thank you. Welcome home by the way.”

“You make it sound like I was off on some treacherous journey or something,” John replied, laughing.

“Yes, I missed you on your terribly exciting journey to the supermarket,” You said, reaching up and pecking John’s cheek. John pulled you close to him, hugging you tightly.

“(Y/N)! Laurens! Dinnertime!” Alexander yelled. John pulled away from you, patting your head.

“Hey, maybe after dinner we can strip down to our socks,” John joked, nudging you playfully.

“I heard that Laurens! You touch my sister and I’ll cut off you-“

“I’ve changed my mind.”

my thoughts on 5x12

Okay so it’s been a rough time since last night. I went to bed after midnight and wind woke me up around 2:30am and I was unable to fall back asleep until about 5:30, but then I had to wake up at 7 to get kids ready for school. So I’m functioning on a sleep deficit. And it’s still windy which is making my house shake and Temple of Doom is on my TV and this all feels Very Appropriate

So let’s do this thing. 

  • Susan still bugs the crap out of me and if I hadn’t been just plain happy to see Lance back on my screen, I would have been THRILLED at him interrupting her and Oliver’s “we haven’t had sex yet” talk.
  • honestly, if i’d been on the ball, I would have recognized that as foreshadowing but I DIDN’T, I was too busy being horrified at the mention of it. I’m a naive viewer, folks. 
  • It was so bad. 
  • But the team is going back to Russia! 
  • Oliver gives Felicity his Token Protest when she says she’s going with, but she actually has a very good reason to want to go. In fact, I’d say out of all of them, Dig and Felicity have the most reason to be there. Dinah has the least. But she was actually helpful last night so I give her a pass. 
  • Great, now I want Dinah and Felicity in the field together. Maybe Thea too, once we get her back in her proper place. (THE BUNKER)
  • ANYHOW, where was I?
  • Russia should be snowier this time of year, don’t you think? It’s gonna be hilarious in a few months when it’s full on spring and there’s snow all over Star City. Sometimes Van City weather cooperates and sometimes we get this year’s weird ass weather. 
  • The Quentin and Rene scenes are awesome and I’m really starting to like Rene a lot more. I’m actually looking forward to his story next week.
  • Felicity going dark is the hottest thing. I was so riveted to the screen when she was threatening that poor SOB. I’m as straight as they come but for a minute there I was all “do me, Dark Felicity!”
  • The PERFECT parallel between her threatening that guy and Oliver threatening the guy in 2x06 is literally giving me life rn. 
  • Felicity is doing the same shit Oliver did in s1 and 2 and that means that HE is the one who can help her find her light again. YAS YAS YAS. 
  • Omg this reunion is gonna be amaze. 
  • ANYHOW yes where was I? OH YES. DIG. Dig was on fire tonight but unlike our dear Felicity, he actually found himself again. Which I think is great cuz he’ll be better at seeing Felicity needs an intervention than Oliver will be, at least initially. 
  • Oliver is 50 kinds of distracted. 
  • It’s okay. It’s fine. I’m over it. It’s terrible but I’ll live. 
  • Here’s the thing, knowing the whys and getting the story beat and being mostly okay doesn’t mean I like SEEING it. 
  • And I really fucking hate seeing it. 
  • But 90 seconds out of an otherwise really good episode (with LOTS of great OTA stuff in it) is a small price to pay. 
  • And idgaf what Wendy says, Susan is shady af. 
  • That said, I don’t expect there to be BETRAYAL! LIES! CURSE YOU! from Oliver. Cuz he’s Growing™. 
  • Whatever. Olicity hugged. That’s the love scene that I cared about last night. 
  • But he RAN TOWARDS HER all concerned and she was shaking and ran to him and they just EMBRACED. 
  • and then he shielded her when there was the blast
  • and I just have a lot of feelings about my OTP touching and taking care of and loving each other okay?
  • Also, Felicity, don’t think I didn’t notice that you were ready to sacrifice yourself there. My heart hurts for you, girl. I hope you forgive yourself soon. 
  • I’m sorry to see Rory go but not AS sorry as I would have been back in 5a. I wasn’t 100% comfortable with him just sitting around talking to Felicity all the time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • So yeah. Good episode. Not great. But solid. Susan can choke. 

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I Love You- James Madison X Reader

Okay so I don’t know if requests are open but I would love it if you wrote a James fic with one of the HCs you wrote? They are so cute! /)^~^(\ and Okay but consider this: Another Madison x reader.

a/n: i combined two requests and this is probably really bad since i was working on some homework while doing this but here it is


He always did this.

It wasn’t even five minutes into the movie and James had already fallen asleep and he had promised that he wouldn’t fall asleep when he rested his head on my shoulder.

That was a lie.

I heard him snoring first and I looked at him, hesitant to move any muscle so I didn’t have a chance of waking him up.

I laughed a bit, hearing one of the characters tell a joke and I felt James shift slightly and laugh softly in his sleep as well and he proceeded to mumble something unintelligible.

I looked at him again, to see a small smile grace his features but his eyes were still shut tightly.

I moved slowly and I kissed his forehead and he mumbled something that sounded close to “I love you.”

He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer to him and I loved the closeness.

The movie gradually got creepier and I looked at James, trying to see if he had woken up yet or not.

He hadn’t.

Someone screamed and he fidgeted a bit.

The movie went quiet and I felt him shift a bit.

He screamed loudly and I nearly jumped out of my skin before I heard him chuckle really softly.

“Did I scare you?” He asked me and I looked at him.

“What gave you that idea?” I asked, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“I’m sorry darling.” He smiled and he hugged me tightly.

“Uh huh sure.”

“How much of the movie did I miss?”

“It’s almost the end.”

“Sorry about that as well. Next time I will stay awake.”

“Mhm… sure.”

“Oh come on have a little faith in me.”

“It took you literally five minutes to fall asleep this time. We didn’t even know the main characters name yet!”

“Didn’t it start with a J or something?”

“Nope. It started with A.”

“What was it?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?” I asked him, a smile on my lips and he sighed and he leaned over and kissed me and when he pulled away, he rested his forehead against mine.

“Do you remember when I asked you out?”

“If I remember correctly, you didn’t. Thomas had to ask me out for you.”

“So you do.” He laughed before he went quiet again. “I am glad that you said yes.”

“I am glad I did too.”

“Thomas had been trying to convince me for a month when he did it. But I just didn’t want to be turned down by you. That would’ve broken my heart, you know? But… you smiled brighter than the sun and you said yes.”

“Please, the look on my face was nothing compared to the look on yours. It’s nothing compared to every single time you look at me because we’ve been dating for two years and you always look at me like I complete your heart. Like I complete you. And you’ve looked at me that same way every single moment- even when we fight. You always look like I am the entire world to you.”

“You are. You are my entire world and so much more.”

“You’re my entire world as well and you’re more important than you can ever know. You’re my gravity and you’re my sun and you’re my sky. You’re my entire universe James and I don’t think I’ve told you that enough.”

“You don’t need to because I see it in your eyes everytime you look at me.” He said and I started laughing a bit.

“Thomas would be calling us gross if he was here.”

“It’s a good thing he isn’t then.”

“And James?”


“I love you too.”

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hiii could you maybe do 3, 18 and 23 for oliver queen? thank you!

Yay, I love Ollie :)

#3: “I love you too. Now please help me with this bullet wound.”
#18: “It’s two AM and you want me to do WHAT?”
#23: “I can’t lose you. I can’t.”


So you were asleep. Peacefully. Happily. Asleep.

Until some little bastard deciding to call you up at two AM and disturb your sleep.

“WHAT?” you half screamed into the phone.

“Hey Y/N,” you heard the guilt dripping voice of none other than Mayor Queen AKA the person you have a massive crush on AKA the Green Arrow, “so is there any chance of you coming down the Arrow Cave.”

“Why?” you asked, because honestly your bed sounded a lot better than whatever the hell he had in mind.

“Well we know you’re a doctor.”

“Great observation,” you replied dryly.

“And see we have this bullet wound…”


“Yeah, so maybe it you could come down with a medical kit and help?”

“It’s two AM and you want me to do WHAT?”

Before he could respond you hung up and got out bed. Oh well, I guess sleep will have to wait when there’s a vigilante needing a surgical kit.

You quickly got dressed and headed over to the ‘Arrow Cave.’

When you arrived you found a very pissed off Rene sitting on a table with a bullet wound on his shoulder. He was holding pressure to it and you couldn’t see if he looked slightly relieved or annoyed at your presence.

“Look I’m the best you’re gonna get Rene,” you said walking up to him, “so decide if you want me to patch you up or if you want an infection.”

Before he could respond a certain vigilante come over to you.

“Hey can I speak to you quickly?” he asked, still using what you have dubbed ‘Arrow Voice.’

You looked over at Rene, who didn’t seem critical. Only critically annoyed.

“Sure,” you said, walking over to the other side.

He took of his hood and his mask, yeah his ruffled hair was not helping the situation.

“Thank you,” he said, “for coming here so quickly.”

“No problem,” you smiled.

You were about to go back to Rene when he caught your arm and pulled you back.

“No offense Oliver,” you said, “but the bleeding dude kinda takes priority over our enlightening conversation right now.”

He shook his head, “You’re amazing.”

Okay now you had to leave. As in right now. Because he’s been your crush for an age and you can’t have your crush saying things like that.

“I’ve got to go,” you muttered getting ready to patch up Rene and bolt out the door.

“Wait,” he said, looking very nervous.

“Okay,” you turned around, now feeling slightly pissed off, “what the hell is going on? Because you could have patched up Rene yourself. Why did you call me down here in the middle of the dark for no real reason?”

He looked down, “Tonight Rene and I went out and saw a woman get shot. She was your height. With your hair colour. And god she looked so much like you and I guess I just realized….”

“Realized what Oliie?” you tried to make your voice, almost as if any louder would burst this bubble of vulnerability.

He looked down, refusing to look you in the eye, “I can’t lose you. I can’t.”

You stepped forward and hugged him. Okay yeah, usually hugging Oliver is like hugging an angry porcupine but you felt like he needed one now.

And you were right. His arms wrapped around you and you felt him nuzzle his head into your shoulder.

And you stood there, until you heard him mutter something.

“Sorry Ollie,” you said, “what did you say?”

You took his head in your hands, figuring that if you were gonna hug a porcupine you may as well go full out.

“It’s nothing,” he muttered.

“No it isn’t,” you said, “and I’m stubborn and annoying and therefore I won’t leave until you tell me. Nor will I let go of your annoyingly symmetrical face.”

He smiled and looked at you, before slowly leaning in.

You felt warm lips brush against your own and for a moment you were back to that stupid fourteen year old girl getting excited about a boy holding your hand.

However you quickly forgot about that and continued to kiss him. Ignoring the rest of the world.

He slowly leaned away, with a smile painted on his face.

“I love you,” he muttered.

You smiled, tears of happiness in your eyes.

“Well Ollie, I lo-”


Of course Rene chose that moment to interrupt. Of course he did.

You gave Oliver one last hug and muttered in his ear, “I love you too. Now help me with this bullet wound.”

He laughed and nodded.

As you turned around and a very amused Rene, “Geez if I knew all it took to get you together was me being shot, we all would have done it a long t me ago.”


Hope you liked it :)

This imagine was originally going to be about Curtis being late for work somehow….

Geez I get side tracked.

Anyway, feel free to request a prompt or just in imagine :) I write for the Chicago Series, all D.C. CW shows as well as a bunch of bands and book series (a full list is somewhere on my page).

Falling Asleep - 100 Preferance

Hiiii!! Could you do a 100 preference with how you fall asleep with your s/o including Bellamy, Jasper, Clarke, Octavia, Monty, Raven and Murphy. Sorry if that’s too many I just really like all the characters.


Bellamy: Bellamy is strong and over protective so this side of him comes across even when you two are sleeping. You would fall asleep wrapped up in his strong arms with your head resting on his chest listening to his slow gentle heartbeat. You would slowly drift off knowing you were safe from the grounders in his arms.

Jasper: Jasper loves to be the big spoon. You turn to face away from him and he rests his head on the top of your back slowly dotting kisses all the way up to your neck. He rests one arm stretched out so he’s supporting your neck and places the other one firmly on your hip, holding you as if your the most precious thing in the world.

Monty: Monty isn’t really one for PDA outside of the tent but when you two go to sleep at night he holds you close resting his head in the crook of your neck listening to the slow sound of your breathing. He falls asleep with his hands around your waste and will intertwine his legs with yours as his own little display of affection.

Murphy: Like Bellamy,he too is very over protective so in the tent he will hold you close and support your head with one hand whilst gently drawing patterns on the nape of your neck with the other hand. Despite how he seems outside of the tent, he is very gentle when sleeping with you and will go out of his way to make sure you’re comfortable.

Clarke: She can often be very detached whilst sleeping with you at night. However, after a long day, you will often find she snuggles up close to you and wraps her arms around you. She prefers to sleep facing you so she can be sure you’re safe at all times and also enjoys waking up and you being the first thing she sees.

Octavia: Octavia moves around a lot in her sleep and you will often find she wakes up in a completely different place than she went to sleep in. Because of this, she finds it hard to cuddle with you during the night so instead holds your hand so she can remain close to you no matter how much she moves around in the night. It also helps her feel safe if she wakes up unexpectedly in the night.

Raven: Raven loves the feel of your soft, silky hair so will often fall asleep with one hand gently stroking your head and the other wrapped around you somewhere. She likes to sleep close to you and will often snuggle her head into somewhere comfortable like in the crook of your neck or under your arm.


AN: Thank you for requesting this, I really enjoy writing preferences and would like to do more in the future. I hope the anon who requested this enjoys it! 

Court Jester
Court Jester

I totally forgot that I did, in fact, do a leitmotif tribute back when I was doing Aspectrum. So I built a new Harlequin arrangement around Terminal (the song for Rage) and spiced it up a bunch. At like 1:30 AM because I can’t sleep for shit. Hopefully I fall asleep pretty soon after I post this. Anyway here’s a(nother) tribute to Harlequin, by Mark Hadley.

(New stuff) Arrangement of:

  • Space Prankster - David Ko
  • Hardlyquin - Mark Hadley
  • Harlequin - Mark Hadley
  • Sound Judgement - Malcolm Brown
  • A shit ton of laughing SFX and a bike horn SFX via SoundBible

(Terminal) Arrangement of:

  • Harlequin (Rock Version) - Michael Guy Bowman and Joseph Aylsworth
  • Harlequin - Mark Hadley
  • The Carnival - Erik Scheele
  • Harleboss - Malcolm Brown
  • SUBJUGGLATION - Kalibration

Songs belong to their artists and/or What Pumpkin. Harlequin by Mark Hadley.

John Laurens x Reader: Modern!Au

Words: 950

Warning: cuteeee

Request: Could you do one with Laurens with #20 and #4? :)

Prompt: 4. “C'mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.” 20. “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this..”

A/N: i just started fall break so you might actually get recent updates (!!!!!!)


John had been ignoring you lately.

Not actually ignoring you on purpose, because he was completely unaware of the effect it had on you. He was constantly talking with Alexander on the phone, working in his office.

You had talked to Eliza, Alexanders wife, about it, and somehow she had gotten used to it. Not completely, of course, she still wanted to be with her husband, but she had just learned to spend time with the kids.

You and John didn’t have kids, you were just married, and you thought it would be an exciting experience.

It wasn’t much different. Besides the first few days, where you were celebrating. Other than that, it was the same, just more talks about your talks about your future that had a bigger chance of happening.

Right now, he was in his office working on a paper for his job. You didn’t know what it was about, he had tried explaining it to you, but it was something you had no interest in.

You slipped on a pair of shoes, and took a look to see if you were presentable, at the least. You were just getting ice cream with Angelica and Eliza, but you still felt as if you needed to look nice.

You popped your head into Johns office, clearing your throat, “Uh, I’m going to be with Angelica and Eliza for a bit. I love you, and I’ll see you when I get back.”

John looked up, you could clearly see the dark bags under his eyes. His working late was a recent thing, it had never been a problem before, that’s one of the main reasons you didn’t like this– it was change, and in this case, change was not a good thing.

“What? Why?” He had put his pen down and was fully facing you now. You could see that he was still in his pajamas from the day before; you weren’t sure if he had had a shower in a while.

“Uh, we’re not doing anything, and I don’t have any other plans for the night. So, I thought it would be nice to go out with the girls.”

He frowned, “Babe, you know I can’t stop working–”

“I know! I’m not blaming this on you,” you were blaming it on his boss, “I’m just going out for a few, I’m sure my absence won’t make a difference, it hasn’t before.”

You instantly shut your mouth, throwing a hand over it, not believing that you had actually said that. To his face.

He was confused, a little sad, and looked absolutely defeated. Because he knew you were right.

“John, I'm–” you started.

“No, don’t be. C'mere and sit in my lap until I’m done working.”

You raised an eyebrow, “What?”

“I’m serious.”

You looked at him, and he looked very serious– though that may have just been the bags under his eyes. But you complied,

“Alright, Okay, let me go change and cancel my plans,” you sighed, not happyily or sadly, as you walked into your shared room with your boyfriend.

You ended up changing into some sweatpants and one of Johns t-shirts. It was one he always jokingly complains about you wearing, but you knew he loved it. Just like you knew he loved being called Johnny-Boy, or just Johnny.

You also had texted Eliza, telling her you couldn’t make it. She responded saying that she understood and you could do it some other time.

You walked in the doorway, he seemed to be waiting for you. He turned around on his spinny office chair and smiled, patting his lap.

“You know, I wonder if your starting to think this is going to do somewhere else?” You said jokingly, raising an eyebrow.

He gasped mockingly, “How dare you accuse me of such!”

You rolled your eyes and sat on his lap, throwing your arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. There were no words said, just a small laugh from him.

After a while, you could tell John was getting sleepier and sleepier. Every once in a while he would toss his head back over the chair, closing his eyes, and would take a deep breath. You’d reconnect your forehead with his temple,

“You know, you’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…” it came out as a mumble through your soft smile. You opened your eyes, only to see he was smiling too.

He turned his head, this time his forehead connecting with yours, and he opened his eyes to see you already staring at him.

“Babe, lets go to bed. You need to go to bed,” you said, getting up.

“No,” he whined, sounding like he was nine years old, pulling you back down.

Yes,” you said. You grabbed his arm and pulled him up, after shutting his computer.

This time, he didn’t protest. You turned off the office light and pulled him down the hallway, towards your bedroom that you shared with him.

You pushed him into bed, quite lightly, as he landed on his back. He grunted as he pulled his jeans off, leaving him in a shirt and underwear, as you were already in a your sleeping wear.

You crawled in after him, throwing yourself on top of his chest, arms around his torso. He hummed quietly as he shuffled himself to get comfortable, and you soon fell asleep.

He certainly wasn’t ignoring you anymore.

Daddy’s Girl part 2

Author: @riversong-sam
Word count: 826
A/N: first ever john piece! I hope you like it and I did ok with this character. 
Parings: John x daughter!reader, Dean & Sam x sister!Reader, Bobby 

Warnings: kidnapping, timeline is sketchy a bit because of demon knife talk, John is a softy with his girl  
Tagging:  @impalaimagining


You were still asleep when you arrived at Bobby’s. John carefully maneuvered you so he could get out, trying not to wake you as he did. You stirred and he froze, to his relief you just turned away and stayed asleep. He quietly slips from the truck and comes on the passenger side.      
He hadn’t told the boys where or what he was doing, only that they couldn’t come. The only one that knew he had gone after you was Bobby. So when the front door open to reveal Bobby he wasn’t surprised.

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Hi can you do a thing where its like: dating bellamy would include, but with all the boys?

A/N: I don’t do ‘would includes’ so I tried to turn this into a small little preference thing, hope that’s all right for you x

Bellamy: He was a very protective boyfriend, always looking out for you and trying to make sure that you were all right, despite knowing you could look after yourself. His hugs reminded you of being wrapped in a warm blanket. He liked it when you fell asleep with your head on his shoulder while sitting, or on his chest, one arm wrapped around you. 

Monty: He was always trying to make you smile, to make sure that things didn’t affect you badly because he loved your smile. He’s the type of boyfriend who would hold your hand, more of a reassurance that you were still there; he laced your fingers together most of the time. He liked it when you sat with your legs across him, because it showed how calm you were.

Jasper: He was keen to make you laugh, doing stupid things just to entertain you because your laugh calmed him; and it made the clumsiness not feel too bad. He’s the kind of boyfriend who always hugged you from behind, making sure that he wasn’t interrupting whatever conversation you were currently in. He liked it when you tried telling him bad jokes to make him laugh and always succeeded in making yourself laugh, too.

John: He was a little reserved at times but was a very good listener, and he was always there to offer you comfort; he was very good at reassuring you as well. He played with your hand a lot, normally idly and you were certain he didn’t even realise he was doing it. He liked it when you spoke animatedly about the things you liked, the way your eyes lit up.

The 100 - First Kiss Preference

Heyo do you think you could do a The 100 first kiss preference with Bell, Murphy, Jasper, Monty, Octavia, Clarke and Raven. You falling asleep preference was so cute I asdfghjkl c: you also write really well x


Bellamy: You and Bellamy have been dating now for about a week since you got to Earth. He’s your first ever boyfriend so you’re a bit nervous about how to act around him and you worry about what he thinks about you. One day he called you into the dropship in the early evening. It was quite dark inside so you couldn’t see him. Suddenly you felt strong hands grab you round the waste as he pulled you into him and placed a soft kiss on your lips. Little did you know this was to be the first of many.

Murphy: Murphy was strongly disliked by many of the people that came down in the dropship so you kept your relationship very lowkey to avoid confrontation. One day you were in your tent together talking about so many different things both funny and sad. In the middle of one of his stories he stopped randomly and just looked you dead in the eye. He took your hands in his and leaned in towards your face. You leaned in as well and he slowly pecked you on the lips and whispered softly “I think I love you y/n.”

Monty: Monty has always been one to hide his emotions and never say what he’s actually thinking. You two had ventured into the woods for a while making up the excuse that you needed more fire wood. Secretly you had been wanting your boyfriend to kiss you for some time and whilst you were absent mindedly walking amongst the trees you decided to yourself if he wasn’t going to kiss you then you would have to make it happen yourself. You ran off slightly further ahead and waited for him to catch up. As he approached, you swung yourself around a tree so you were now facing him, quickly kissed him and then ran off again back to the camp leaving him slightly shocked but secretly thrilled.

Jasper: Jasper had been your boyfriend now for about a fortnight but because you two were both slightly nerdy and awkward you had never really done more than hold hands. You were still quite nervous around him and never really knew how to have a conversation without coming across as awkward and weird. One day you started telling him a story from when you were on the Ark and, being as nervous as you were, you began to babble. You kept on talking and talking and it was obvious you weren’t going to get to the point of the story any time soon so, as a way of shutting you up, he cupped your face in his hands and crashed his lips clumsily onto yours and kissed you passionately ignoring the far off wolf whistles and cat calls of the others around you.

Clarke: Clarke is a bit of an introvert so when it comes to the subject of kissing and PDA and all things related, she’s definitely not one to discuss how she really feels about the whole situation. Because of this, the two of you had never really had any conversation about kissing yet. However, one late night you were helping her come up with a plan of action to prepare against the grounders. It was beginning to get late and as everyone was leaving the dropship to go to bed she asked you to stay behind. She held your hands close to her and thanked you for helping her make plans and keeping her calm. In the spur of the moment you leaned into her and placed your lips on her and kissed her softly. After a few seconds you pulled away and replied “No problem.” as you left the drop ship.

Octavia: You and Octavia were the by far the cutest couple to land on Earth. You two were prone to going out into the woods late at night despite the danger. You would run through the trees laughing and giggling the whole time. One night she took you a different route through the forest telling you she had a surprise for you. After a few minutes of walking you saw faint glowing in the distance and saw, as you got closer, you were surrounded by hundreds of faintly glowing butterflies. It was the most beautiful, stunning thing you’d ever seen. You turned to look at her and realised she was a lot closer to your face than you’d thought. She took you in her arms holding you around the waste and whispered “You’re so special to me y/n.” before leaning in to your face and kissing you passionately on the lips. She was surprisingly good.

Raven: You and Raven had been working late into the night to make amo to use against the grounders. It wasn’t the first late night you’d spent in the make shift workshop and to be honest at the rate the grounders were attacking, it wouldn’t be the last for quite some time. In all honesty you didn’t mind working with her for hours on end because it was often the only alone time you got with your girlfriend. The two of you had been working for hours on end and decided to take a break for a while. You messed around a bit dancing stupidly around the workshop. You swung Raven around by the arms in circles spinning and spinning until the two of you could hardly stand because of the dizziness. Before you knew it Raven lost her balance and crashed straight into you knocking you over and landing right on top of you. Her face crashed into yours and her lips fell perfectly aligned to yours. She pulled away in shock apologizing to you over and over but you ignored her and pulled her in for a second gentle kiss.  


AN: I really hope this is okay. I struggled on this one quite a bit but it’s done now and I’m quite pleased with it. This is quite embarrassing for me to admit, but I’ve never actually had a boyfriend or a girlfriend, so I’ve never actually had my first kiss which is why I struggled describing it because I have no idea what it’s like to kiss someone. Anyway, thank you for the request and feel free to request anything else anytime! :D

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"all you have to do is stay" - dos shikako-centric team 7 please?

… mrgh…

I can’t just do a wanderlust!Team Seven, or a wanderlust!Shikako with the rest of Team Seven kind of waiting patiently for her, because I already wrote those and it’s a little too on the nose, isn’t it? So a more abstract interpretation of the title…

I’ve also already done time travel (to different eras, and for different characters and AUs)…

You know for some reason this title reminds me of Watches ‘verse by bendingsignpost. (It’s a BBC Sherlock fic in which John Watson revolves through four different realities whenever he falls asleep. It makes more sense in the fic, and because it was written/finished before season 3 it’s great)

Because what’s better than Shikako stressed out by the oncoming dangerous future? Shikako stressed out by FOUR oncoming dangerous futures. :D (My heart’s beginning to beat faster just thinking of it because I’m so horrified by the thought but also, perversely, delighted).

So I guess I’d borrow a little from Reshuffle the Deck for alternative realities mostly because the only thing I can think of that would be Shikako’s most immediate/visible difference would be her genin team.

So one is canon DoS, in which Shikako is on Team Seven with Naruto and Sasuke. One is probably Team Medic!AU!AU, where she is on Team One with Youbirin Nohara and Jiro Watanabe (because this would be a good outsider/baseline/boring reality, I think).

One would probably be the “I’m going to interfere in everything early on” reality–the Cloud v Hyuuga issue, Danzo and the Uchiha massacre, going full on prodigy–to various degrees of success and would thus lead to the most nerve-wracking reality of being on a team with Kabuto.

And the last one would… well, in Watches ‘verse, John has two “calm” realities to offset the more exciting ones and one of them he doesn’t join the army, so I guess I can mirror that in which she doesn’t become a shinobi. Whether that means she goes to the civilian school or the Fire Temple is kind of up in the air. Hm… probably civilian school because that way she’d stay in Konoha? Then again, having the monks of the Fire Temple basically act as her therapists in an alternate reality (and also a surprisingly strong ally against Akatsuki with the heads up) is very satisfying, too. Danzo can’t touch her here. She’s safe.

So on top of being reincarnated from a different world, Shikako’s got another secret of rotating through different realities. On the one hand, quadruple the amount of things to keep track of, but on the other hand she can use the different realities to plan ahead. Ironically, I now realize that one of the repeated phrases in Watches 'verse is that John “no longer dreams” and DoS is titled… well… Dreaming of Sunshine… so… O_O

Anyway, here’s the summary:

All You Have To Do (Is Stay)

She wakes up in a different reality, in a different body, in a different life. She goes to sleep thinking she is dreaming–or tries to, anyway.

She wakes up, and wakes up, and wakes up, and realizes she will never dream again.

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Re: Mofftiss believing themselves so brilliant, when really it was Benedict & Martin. Sherlock had some shining moments in TFP, but John had been so stripped down characteristics wise that Martin didn't have much to work with, & I almost turned it off due to falling asleep. Also, I've collected twenty-five instances of borrowing dialogue, camera angles, prop uses, & plots from other movies & tv for S4, not including all the ones from Dr. Who. Benedict & Martin made Sherlock what it was.

Yes, my friend! It was so boring. And to under utilize Martin Freeman is a fucking crime. I agree that John was just background noise for TFP, he didn’t have much to do in TST either. I honestly feel like he and Ben kinda phoned in TFP a bit too. They’re still great actors, but the joy was gone.

I would LOVE to see your list 👀

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hey, I know it's late but I need someone to talk to. Would you be up to it Sirius?

hi, its remus, sirius fell asleep. do you want to talk in the direct messaging thing? i can only message from my other account because this one is shared, so it’s @its-always-you–john-watson

Johnlock + Gladstone

  • Sherlock finding a tiny, dirty, shivering puppy in the rain one night and just standing there staring at it for a moment before he picks it up and wraps it up tightly in his coat and brings it home.
  • John coming home late that night to find Sherlock stretched out on the sofa, his eyes closed, the puppy fast asleep on his chest.
  • John pausing in the doorway and Sherlock–without moving or opening his eyes–saying, “John, this is Gladstone.”  And John cocking an eyebrow before nodding, immediately just accepting the fact that now they have a puppy.
  • John reading in bed when Sherlock finally comes in and plops Gladstone down next to him, crawling in on the other side of the bed and saying, “You don’t mind, do you?” and John replying dryly, “Would it matter if I did?”
  • Gladstone climbing up onto John’s chest, forcing his way beneath John’s book so he can sniff his face, John just tilting his head slightly, examining the tiny creature.
  • Sherlock turning on his side, head on his hands, watching the interaction fondly, saying, “He likes you.”
  • One side of John’s mouth quirking up into a smile as he puts his book aside and reaches out to pet Gladstone, whose tail wags so violently at the attention that he topples off of John’s chest into the center of the bed.
  • Sherlock immediately scooping him up and pulling him close, pressing his nose to Gladstone’s furry little head and breathing him.
  • John watching with a soft expression on his face, saying gently, “I didn’t know you liked dogs.”
  • Sherlock scratching behind Gladstone’s ears, watching the pup wriggle in delight as he replies, “Mmhmm, almost as much as I like you.”
  • John grinning and rolling onto his side, facing Sherlock, saying, “Trying to make me jealous?”
  • Sherlock smiling so softly and meeting John’s eyes over the top of Gladstone’s head.  “Surely you know better than that.”
  • John’s chest constricting, and he’s pressing up onto his elbow to lean over the tiny puppy so he can catch Sherlock’s lips in a gentle kiss.
  • Gladstone jumping up and bumping into John’s chin, making them both break apart giggling as Gladstone rolls around in between them, his tail wagging happily.

John’s sleeping already but I’m still awake obviously that’s why I’m
Typing. Mrs. Hudson had a lot of wine with us and John was tipsy. That’s why he fell asleep already. He said I was the tipsy one but he always says that and he’s always very wrong. I love him a lot. I especially loved him when we came home after dinner. ;) I’m glad he loves me so much and he understands me so much I don’t know what I’d do without him

  • Burrn: alex hugged me then laid in my bed in fell asleep what do i do
  • TJeffs: cuddle him he’s precious when he’s not talking
  • Maddy: thomas
  • TJeffs: i’m not lying how dare you accuse me of something so
  • Maddy: you’re starting to sound like him
  • TJeffs: i knew you were friends with him but that was a low blow
  • Maddy: you just said you were his friend like two days agao you even bought him lunch
  • Burrn: help help help he’s curling into a ball and his face is on my side
  • TJeffs: tomorrow morning i;’ll come and film when laf john and hercules kill you
  • Burrn: AHH

What I actually need is a sequel where Arabella, Lady Pole and Childermass start a school of magicians (run by John Segundus and Honeyfoot of course), to figure out where Jonathan and Gilbert are.

When they do, Arabella marches in, grabs them by the ear, and marches them out again.

Featuring Vinculus, who has taken to parading around almost naked, followed by gaggles of young magicians trying to decipher his text. (they wait until he falls asleep, so he’s still enough to read. or ply him with drink until he passes out)