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Imagine taking a picture with Keanu but you make a gesture of discomfort about your appearance and he says something like: You look very lovely. He’s brief but meaningful. And from now, every time you’re unsure about your looking, you remember his words because you can say that Keanu said you’re beautiful and f*ck everyone else.

True Father or A Fake Uncle

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Warning(s):Cursing, Accusations of Bad Parenting, and Failed Parenting.

Note: Ya’ll I am so sorry for this taking forever. I hope yall enjoy it, it is a little OC-ish. And sorry for the John stans but he is kinda a dick in this. Also show it some love on my Ao3!

Requested by anon:” Hey can I request a peaky blinders imagine where You had a kid with John Shelby when you were a teenager(6 or 7 years ago) but ended up marrying tommy but stayed friends with John and when your kid calls Tommy dad by accident John goes crazy at you?? If you want to change it in any way please do!!”

Nodding your head at a few people who greet you while you walk hand and hand with your son who is currently talking about what his friend had done during class. You two are heading to the Shelby Company’s building to see your husband, Thomas. While you and Tommy are married, your son is your and John’s child. When first becoming friends with the Shelby’s you and John had a relationship, although it did not last long. Early in the relationship you both noticed you are completely different from each other, but it wasn’t early enough; you had already gotten pregnant. Even though you knew you and John’s relationship wouldn’t last, you decided to keep your baby. As you and Thomas fell in love, you were surprised he accepted both you and your son with open arms. Of course you aren’t complaining, you are very happy that Thomas is there for your son because John barely bothers with your son.

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Date Night

pairing: John x Reader

fandom: supernatural

prompt:  truth or dare +

I decided to flip a coin about every decision in my life for a week and that’s how we ended up on a date

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“Is this some kind of joke?”

“N-no!” You say with as much determination as possible, staring right into his eyes without looking away, “I mean it.”`

You should have known better than to play games with Dean, you had been friends for years after all. He never lost, you never won. That didn’t stop you from trying every time though.

“You just made me run around the motel naked, don’t think you won’t get it back.”

“I can always say no, though.” Giving him a sweet smile you cross your legs on the floor and wait for his move. Truth or dare had started out as a harmless thing to pass the time until the next hunt but as it always was with you two, it hadn’t stayed that way for long. But this time you actually weren’t on the losing end for once.

“Nah, you still have to flip the coin.” Another dare Dean had impossed on you earlier. Flipping a coin for every decision for a week. That made it indeed harder to just straight out say no to any dare he came up with. Sly bastard.

“Whatever.” You roll your eyes and raise your eyebrows, waiting for him, “Well, go on.”

“I dare you to…” Thinking for a moment, a huge smirk finally crossed his face, “…ask dad out on a date.”

“J-john? Are you crazy?! No way.”

“Okay that was your answer, now ask the coin.”

“Fine, fine.”

You take the damn thing into your hands, turning it between your fingers a few times before you throw it up into the air, catching it onto the back of your hand. Heads, really?

“Come on Dean I can’t do that, please.”

John Winchester had always been more than interesting to you. With his rugged looks, broad shoulders, dazzling smile and deep voice that did things to you. Going on a date with him wouldn’t be something you’d say no to, actually asking him was a very different thing however. You had to hunt with him and Dean after all and that lingering sting of rejection every time you looked at him wouldn’t be good.

“The coin has spoken.”



“I said okay. Hop in.” John holds his car door open for you while you continue to stare at him with a disbelieving look, “You did say you mean it just now, didn’t you?”

“Y-yeah of course.” You try to regain your composure quickly and sit down on the passenger seat with a rapidly increasing heartbeat. No way in hell! Did he really just agree to go on a date with you?

How I imagine the plot of John Wick 3 will go:
  • John: Winston, there's too many assassins on my ass. Can I please be not excommunicado? What do I have to do to earn back your trust?
  • Winston: Hmm...well, there is something you can do. But I'm afraid it'll be another impossible task-
  • John: -done, I'll take the job. What is it?
  • Winston: Destroy the High Table and all of their allies.
  • John: crazy?! I'm good but not THAT good.
  • Winston: Sounds like you need help. Maybe it's time you consider calling...her...for help.
  • John: *facepalms*
  • *a few hours later*
  • John: *on the phone* Hello? It's John Wick. I need help for this one final job and you're the only one I can think of who'll be willing to help me out despite my current...status. What do you say?
  • Carrie Anne Moss' character: Send me your location, I'll be there in a flash. Great hearing from you again John, it's been too long.

Homicide LOTS season 7 may have had its issues, but it still had some great episodes and truly incredible moments/scenes — like this one from “The Same Coin”. Mr. Hawkland and I were both frozen with tension watching this last night and it sure felt like neither of us took a breath until it was over.

This is just another one of those IMHO perfect moments of television that so few other shows have ever matched. The way the underlying tension builds as everyone is trying to diffuse the situation brewing between Munch & Gharty until it explodes, then Gharty’s monologue about what really happened to him in Vietnam and Munch’s confession of the guilt that still haunts him (and oh what another great little piece of backstory for Munch!) It feels like a piece of theater, not tv, like some of the great moments from Season 1&2 of the show.

(Also, shallow point, but Tim manhandling John to hold him back…uh…yeah. That does things to me it probably shouldn’t in this context but DAMN. And I love Ballard slapping Stu, hah! She is so great. I love every woman on this show.)

(And tagging @thedoctorishereguys just because this was the scene I was talking about last night.)