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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Q & A (Comicpalooza 2014) FULL VIDEO

45 MIN Video


Jung Yonghwa: CN Vocal Drummer

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wink wonk, hello jonah. i know you get lots of submissions and stuff from devout fans and brilliant artists, so i’ll try and make this quick. 

(warning, this is v long. i didn’t intend for it to be, but it has to do with Johnny Yong Bosch, so bear with me, friend. i did not succeed in making this quick whatsoever)

So, over the weekend I went to a convention called Animeland Wasabi in Denver where in i got to meet many people like Billy West, David Vincent, John DiMaggio aaaaand….. Johnny Yong Bosch!!! I had the really great opportunity of being able to speak with him for quite a bit! I ended up being one of the last people and was able to talk to him for a bit longer and I really wanted to tell him about the 104th voice squad! I did, and I explained all that you did/are doing with your blogs and Attack on Space and commissions,etc. and he was really impressed, being that voice acting is something most current voice actors kind of just fall into like he did. Just being that so many younger people now actually are striving towards being voice actors and that you (and everyone else in the 104th) are just doing so much really impressed him. The words “crazy,” “creative,” and “rad” were used often and he said that he has “high hopes” for the 104th voice squad!

Sorry this is a tad long, and probably totally irrelevant but I know(or think?) you think Johnny is really rad and he’s Vash and everything (he gave me a picture of Vash and he signed it oh man so nice and cool) and I just kinda thought you might find that kinda cool and maybe??? Idk?? Motivating??? Who knows, maybe one or all of you will end up doing something with one of your favourite voice actors one day! 

I didn’t know which one of you guys to send this to and I didn’t know if I should send it to all of you because I didn’t want you guys to think I was spamming you or anything. But yeah. Again, I really apologise for how lengthy this is, but I hope you found it somewhat cool or interesting or something to that extent. 

Post note: It was weird hearing the answers of Johnny and Billy West, etc. when they were asked who they looked up to in terms of voice actors when they were younger, because they all said they didn’t really look up to anyone, but if someone were to ask maybe you or Cody who you looked up to in terms of voice actors, you could probably give a whole list of people! I just find it cool how it used to be not a very popular thing and now (especially in anime) it’s so desirable to so many people. Anyway, just some food for thought! 

I adore all of your guys’ work and wish you the best of luck in everything you (and the rest of the 104th) go on to do!

Cheers, friend!




OOC: Harper, reading this brought a small tear to my eye. I really appreciate you doing that. That made me feel so good inside words cannot explain. JYB is one of my idols. He’s heard my name in a professional sense and I’m so touched. I guess I could just say thank you. <3 Thank you so much…

~Jonah S.