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it doesn’t matter if you have:

• chub (chub is good!)
• scars? Beautiful!
• stretch marks? Wonderful!
• acne? it’s 100% okay!
• small boobs? Great!
• big boobs? Great!
• thick thighs? Amazing!
• thin thighs? Amazing!
• a round butt? nice!
• a flat butt? nice!
• teeth aren’t 100% white? Cute!
• crooked teeth? Adorable!
• teeth gaps? Graceful!
• long legs? Wow!
• short legs? Wow!
• small hands? Magnificent!
• big hands? Magnificent!
• a bone-y face? Gorgeous!
• a round/plump face? Gorgeous!


X-Men Preference

How the X-Men and their significant other cuddle.

X-Men: Charles Xavier, John Allerdyce, Alex Summers, Scott Summers, Kurt Wagner, Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe

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My top 10 favorite movies

10. The Departed, (2006)  Martin Scorsese

9. Moonrise Kingdom, (2012) Wes Anderson

8. Gone Girl, (2014) David Fincher

7. The Usual Suspects, (1995) Bryan Singer

6. Se7en, (1995) David Fincher

5. The Royal Tenenbaums, (2001) Wes Anderson

4.Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, (1986) John Hughes

3.The Shining, (1980) Stanley Kubrick

2.Mommy, (2014) Xavier Dolan

1.Fight Club, (1999) David Fincher


-Anon request

Alex Summers (Havok): His usual mischievous badboy persona would be gone in an instant and he wouldn’t let you out of sight for the entire nine months. He would insist on making sure that nothing went on in the mansion that could even in the slightest affect you or the baby.

Charles Xavier (Professor X): Having suspected for some time, Charles would be delighted and would be so excited about having a child around the mansion- and when he heard the baby’s thoughts for the first time, he cried.

Bobby Drake (Iceman): Bobby wouldn’t be able to process it at first, but when he did he would be speechless, before wrapping you up in an almighty hug and cheering loud enough to disrupt every occupant of the mansion.

Hank McCoy (Beast): He had never expected to have a family, so when you told him that you were pregnant with his child, his heart actually stuttered. You would spend hours just lying in bed together, his fingers skittering over your bump and imagining what your child would look like. (’I hope she has your eyes, Hank.’)

Logan Howlett (Wolverine): Though he never expected nor particularly wanted a child, the moment you told him you were pregnant, he realised just how wrong he’d been. He’d still maintain his laidback personality, but would shoot people a glare if they got too close to you or if he caught the faintest whiff of a threat.

St. John Allerdyce (Pyro): The pyromaniac would take it all in his stride and feign nonchalance which, though it still hurt you to see him brush the news off like that, you knew was just a façade. (Charles had to take you aside one day and ask you to tell John to shut up because he was cheering so loudly in his mind.)

Sean Cassidy (Banshee): His scream would break all the windows in a mile radius and he would swoop you up into his arms and dive about the room. Ever since you told him, he would be walking around the house either looking up Gaelic baby names, musing about ginger babies and whistling shrilly.

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto): After losing his entire family, Erik has since made it his philosophy that should he ever have a child, he would never leave it and would protect it with his life and love it with all his heart. When you told him you were pregnant, he swore to you to do just that. (He also completely baby-proofed the entire mansion, much to everyone’s grumbling.)

Scott Summers (Cyclops): Scott never really had his own family either and would be over the moon about having a baby. Though secretly, he would terrified that it might have his mutation (you assure him that it wouldn’t matter and you could both teach it to control its powers.)


X-Men: First Class (2011)

Directed by Matthew Vaughn

Cinematography by John Mathieson

A gift for Filly

 The door to the bar banged behind him as he stepped out into the warm air of New York. He laughed a bit as he heard Alexander start up another debate. John leaned up against the worn brick wall and sighed.

 “War is brewing, I can feel it.” He was certainly ready for it, or at least he thought he was. A sudden nudge jerked him out of his thoughts. He glanced down a saw… a turtle?

 “The hell? Why are you all the way out here in the city little guy?” The turtle didn’t respond, and headbutted John’s shoe again. He reached down and brought it up to eye level. “Are you lost are something?” The turtle nipped at his finger.

 “OH MY GOD THERE YOU ARE!” Startled, John almost dropped the turtle, but it was quickly snatched out of his hand. A girl in a pale yellow dress with a green ribbon stood in front of him, with a another girl standing behind her in men’s clothing.

 “Gosh Xavier you scared us. Psy and I were about to leave.” Utterly confused, John blinked.

 “Is this your turtle ma’am?” The girl jumped and her eyes darted to his face.

 “Yes, he is. Thank you for finding him Mr…..,” The strange girl let her sentence hang.

 “Laurens, John Laurens. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She froze, and the girl behind her seized her shoulder.

“Well, Mr. Laurens, Filly and I have to go but it was a pleasure to meet you.” Psy dragged Filly away muttering, “Great, hope we didn’t mess anything up.” 

John watched as they turned the corner, and Filly responded,” We still have to find Angie though, right? I hope she hasn’t punched anyone.”

Psy groaned. “We can only hope.” She turned around and yelled, “You might want to be careful in South Carolina Mr. Laurens.”

John frowned. “What do you mean? Hey come back here!” He darted after the girls, but when he turned the corner, the only thing he saw was a few fluttering papers and a passed out drunk.

“Damn I need a drink.” So, with that, John turned back and marched straight into the bar, where he let out an  enthusiastic “What time is it?!”

@hamiltonfiction I had an idea so here you go.


A lonely short man with blue eyes, who just has one friend (if you can call them that) meets a taller and mysterious man with greenish eyes. The shorter one saves the other’s man life and after that they start to build a beautiful friendship. They quickly became best friends and probably even feel something more. The way that they look to each other is lovely. They spend a lot of time together and are unseparable.
But then, the one with greenish eyes goes away and leave the other behind. The one with blue eyes feels miserable and tries to forget his friend.
Some years later the taller one comes back. The other is so frustraded that agrides the taller. After some time, the man with greenish eyes says sorry to his loved friend for all the suffering that he made him felt and things get better after that.
Unfortunatly, some time after that they argue and don’t see each other for a while. But at some point the taller one gets in trouble and then, the other goes and saves his friend.
In the end they fight together the bad guy and stay best friends, even after all that looks full of love and all the moments that they had together.
Now the question is: Am I talking about Johnlock or Cherik?