john with pigtails

Sherlock: John, hold still. You’re making this so much harder than it has to be!

John: I’m not making this – ow! Hey! Be careful!

Sherlock: Why was it so much easier when you did this to me??

John: Because! Yours is longer!

Sherlock: …Sometimes I wish mine was shorter, like yours.

John: *blushes* But…yours feels so good, I can’t even stop touching it.

Sherlock: Yeah, *rolls eyes* I’ve noticed. You even do it in public…and people stare.

John: They’re just jealous that they can’t touch it themselves.

Sherlock: *smuggly* Maybe you’re right.

John: *smiles* Anyway, just get back to putting my hair in pigtails, Sherlock. 

Sherlock: *touches his own hair, which is in multiple curly pigtails*

John: Yes, yes. You look very pretty. Now, get back to mine.

Sherlock: Alright, John <3


Arthur x Fem!Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: strong language

Part Two

“Finn!” You snapped, catching him accepting a cigarette from John and Arthur. You pulled it out of his mouth as you made your way to Arthurs desk, not even looking back as you strolled through the room and into Poll’s office to tell her how much the Garrison had made that week.


When you headed back out the office you discovered they were now pouring the boy several shots of whiskey, you glared at them until Arthur reluctantly moved so he could pull the glass away from Finn who rolled his eyes.

“He’s a fuckin’ Shelby if he wants to drink he can drink.” Arthur snapped.

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Happy post HS-finale, everyone! Not exactly celebration art, but I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic about the kids’ old outfits from the early acts. Plus, I’ve been meaning to draw some johnrose for awhile, and was in the mood to draw some genderbends, so why not? (Plus I’m totally onboard with the idea of fem!John having pigtails.)

(So, more HS art from me soon, maybe?)

Femlock !!!

- Johanna ‘call me John’ Watson
- johanna was a tomboy as a kid and that’s why she wanted to be called john as a kid and it stuck and then she wanted to be more feminine and be called johanna to hide the fact that she is bi, but sherlock calls her john the first time they meet
- sherlock dresses pretty androgynous because she finds it comfortable and she looks damn good
- john buys clothes from the kids section because theyre softer and cheaper and they fit so why not?
- the first time john sees sherlock in a dress shes completely awestruck and she pushes her up against the wall and kisses her
- john buys sherlock a gold necklace with a little bee on the end and sherlock sobs for 30 minutes
- john generally wears a full face of make up but in the evenings she takes it all of and puts her hair in a messy bun or ponytail and sherlock is all flustered by this every night because she looks so good
- sherlock braids johns hair into two pigtails and john intertwines flowers into sherlocks hair
- sherlock has a little bee hive pattern tattoo on her shoulder that she got when she was 19 as her attempt at teenage rebellion
- john buys sherlock flowers one day on an impulse and sherlock keeps them until theyre completely dead and all the petals have fallen off and john finds it so endearing she buys her flowers every week
- sherlock has like 5 silk dressing gowns:1. black 2. purple 3. darkdark red 4. black silk lace 5. blue
- the lacy one turns john on like nothing ever has, especially when sherlock wears it over her light pinky-peachy lingerie
- the whole sexy look is kind of ruined by her big grey slipper socks