I’d Live Them All The Same

Hello mates! You know I love angst, and, well, it just happened to be Angst Appreciation Day today, so yeah ;)

Characters: Older sister Winchester!reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester [mentioned], other members of the Winchester/Campbell family. 

Words: 2400+

Warnings: Broken reader, implied depression, just overall bad mental health. If you think about what Sam and Dean’s been through, it’s not far of a stretch from the show, but just know that it’s angsty (not the most angsty thing I’ve written though, sorry.)

A/N: I feel like I got a positive response to some of my older sister stuff I did a while back, and I also just got some older sister angst feels, so yeah, here you go. Also, there’s a couple of paragraphs (and title) taken from this song: Circles (MNG Remix) - Eden Project. If you want, listen to it while reading this, it builds up the angst ;)

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If I told you how this story end,

Would you change a step you take?

And if I could relive all of my days,

I’d live them all the same.

‘cause I’m scared, of all that I don’t know,

'cause I want it all but all of it ain’t gold.

And I’m scared, but I know it’s not for long

'cause I’m learning what I should’ve long before.

You sat on the carpet clad floor of the dark motel room, right by the door. It was the middle of the night, but it wasn’t not quiet — your brothers’ steady breaths filled the room, filled you up with calmness. You clutched the shotgun tighter, and the cold metal of the barrel your hands were wrapped around was slowly getting warmer by the heat you were exuding. You’re 24 years old and you’re the protector of this family. Always had been, and always will be.

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Next of Kin

Saving people, hunting things, the family business.  It’s what they do best.  But what happens in the wake of impala taillights?  Is it all sunshine, roses, and business as usual for all involved? Or are some just destined to be collateral damage?

Words: 4.5k

Characters:  John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader

A/N:  Happy Angst Appreciation Day! Thank you to today’s hosts @percywinchester27  and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Warnings:  Dark angst, canon style violence, implied child abuse, implied substance abuse.  Flashbacks in italics

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Next of Kin

Lebanon, KS 2013

Sam made his way out to the kitchen, the sound of sizzling and Dean humming leading his way. He’d been rummaging through old boxes in his room in search of a specific book of angel lore when another object caught his eye. The dead cell phone, now clutched in his hand, was stirring a weird need and curiosity inside him.

“Whatcha got there, Sammy?” Dean watched him plug something into a nearby outlet.  

Sam took his usual seat at the table.  “I found this old phone in that box of stuff we salvaged from Bobby’s.”

“It looks like one of mine.”  Dean plopped a plate of burgers on the table before taking his seat.  

“Yeah, I figured I would charge it and see if there are any useful numbers or anything on it.”

“Smart thinking, Sammy boy!” He said around a mouth full.  

“Gross.  Don’t talk with your mouth full, dude.”  Sam shook his head, exasperated at his brother’s lack of table manners.

The phone beeped, halting their juvenile banter.  Sam picked it up and flipped it open.  “Looks like you’ve got voicemail.”

Dean shrugged, popped a fry into his mouth, and raised an eyebrow in response.

“Wow. There’s ten of them. The most recent is dated only two weeks ago.” Sam turned it on speaker and let the message play.

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Every second of the day. I swear i will kill everyone

Dean: I put the A in Awesome, baby.

Cas: Well…

Dean: What, don’t tell me the angel doesn’t know his alphabets?


Dean: what

Cas: what

Mary: what

Sam: oh my god

Chuck: you called?


I’m really glad that Sam and Dean got to see the alternate universe that they’d never existed in. Obviously, it hurt them (and me), but they both have so much self doubt. Honestly, I think most days they wake up believing that the world would be better off. They needed to see that it wouldn’t. They needed to see how much they helped.