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In defence of Jyn Erso and the characters of Rogue One [SPOILERS]

Rogue One has elicited some heated debate among hardcore Star Wars fans. Considering it’s the first standalone film in the Star Wars canon from Lucasfilm, it has raised one big question: what constitutes a Star Wars movie? No doubt, it’s a very personal question and it’s difficult to divorce new and upcoming Star Wars films from the old ones that dominated many of our childhoods. Is it the swashbuckling adventurous tone that evokes a sense of wonder? Is it the narrative satisfaction that’s baked into a hero’s journey? Is it the larger-than-life characters? Is it simply a matter of a John Williams score? Or the iconic visuals of X-wings and TIE fighters engaged in battle? While last year’s The Force Awakens apes the spirit of A New Hope (with MANY caveats), the brains trust behind Rogue One, which includes director Gareth Edwards and writers Chris Weitz and Tony Gilroy, opted for a different approach. One that took inspiration from real-life wars, one that shined a light on the ordinary people who worked on the fringes, one that was a grounds-up view of the galactic conflict.

One of the most consistent criticisms of Rogue One concern the characters, with lead Jyn (Felicity Jones) bearing the brunt. Some would call our protagonists underwritten, some would say understated (disclaimer: I’m with the latter, if you hadn’t noticed from the title of this piece). Regardless, the light touch here has divided people. It’s a pretty big deal, considering characters are the vessels through which an audience experiences a story. We need to be able to empathise with them. For some people, they could not latch onto Jyn, or Cassian (Diego Luna), or Bodhi (Riz Ahmed), or Chirrut (Donnie Yen) or Baze (Jiang Wen). They spent the film not caring for our band of Rebels and felt the big, powerful moments were unearned and hollow. But for some, the characters clicked. They felt these characters had a lived-in quality, despite the lack of backstory and no great, showy arcs in the film, and which were bolstered by the performances of the cast. I, for one, bought into the emotion of each of the characters and got pretty invested in them despite the flaws (I cried like 3 times the first time I saw Rogue One, don’t @ me).

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Human AU Wedding headcanon:

Okay, so Dawn becomes a planner-zilla for Bog and Marianne’s wedding.  They don’t mind though, they just wanna get married.  But Dawn wants everything to be absolutely perfect, down to the very last detail.  She even insists that Marianne wear white, despite neither the bride nor the groom being able to keep a straight face about it.  Horndogs.  XD

Anyway, either as a joke during the rehearsal or, dare I say it, for real during the actual ceremony, Marianne switches the music so she comes walking down the aisle to the “Imperial March” from Star Wars while sporting a Stormtrooper helmet.  By the time she reaches the altar, Bog has already put on his Darth Vader helmet. 

And then we hear Dawn screaming from somewhere:


They better not hold back with my Finnrey reunion. I want over the top, seeing each other from afar before running into each others’ arms, Finn lifting her into the air, spinning her around, before she kisses him full on the mouth with a gorgeous John Williams score playing in the background.

Don’t let me down, Rian.


So there was a interview done by this BBC person I think and they asked one of the creators of Star Wars, when will we find out the title and trailer. She said, it will be very soon. We most likely will find out the title soon but, the trailer most likely will be heading into spring. Meaning the dates around Feburary-May. Spring starts around March 20th I think. Anyways, lets talk about this. We found out 5 days ago, that John WIlliams has began scoring and I recently found out it takes usually 2-3 minutes per day, for scoring. I did some caculations. For the force awakens we had a long soundtrack. 23 songs, while the other movies had less. We still have JJ abrams involved in this movie so, we will most likely either have the same amount of songs or less. If we do has about 20, My caculations, reached around 30-40 days of scoring meanng he would finish the scoring by Feburary 10th. He then would most likely have peope begin playing them. So, I believe we might get a trailer around Feburary, due to him finish scoring them. Heading into Spring, meaning almost into spring. It doesnt mean it is in the spring officailly. Currently we have so much name suggestions for the Episode 8:

The Fall Of The Resistance is one of them

The Echoes From The Dark Side is another.

Forces Of Desiny is also the other one.

Also there is a recent articles on IBT and apparently Kylo Ren and Rey are going to have an interesting relationship like, it said, “Kylo Ren and Rey will have the biggest twist relationship in movie history.”

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And I am not giving up on Reylo, unless… JJ abrams say, it wont be romatnic

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but uhh… reylo shippers have faith

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Is John Williams leaving us a clue to the future in The Force Awakens “Torn apart” track?

I’ll preface this by saying that I am not a musician, so I hope people who do know music might have some comment on this.

In the music from the bridge scene (track 19 of The Force Awakens score), there’s a little motif that caught my notice.  In the film, it’s the moment on the bridge when Kylo Ren holds out the hilt of his lightsaber to Han. For a suspended instant, we imagine it might actually work; that he will walk away from the First Order and come home. He doesn’t, of course, and this track is probably the saddest music in the entire movie - except for that one moment. It’s just a few notes, and they come right around the one minute mark:    

To my ear, this fragment of melody sounds different from everything else in the Force Awakens score. Unlike the rest of Kylo Ren’s music, this little string of notes sounds… heroic, for lack of a better word. 

My theory? I think that in this track, John Williams may be foreshadowing the music that will become Ben Solo’s theme sometime in VIII or IX. 

Many have noted that Rey and Kylo Ren’s musical themes share interesting mirrored characteristics.  Does the melodic fragment in “torn apart” have any structural similarity to either? 

Rough mashup of Kylo Ren’s theme (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and The Abrasax Family Tree (Jupiter Ascending)

I heard you like darkness so I put some darkness in your darkness so you can… probably murder someone

(aka twelve solid minutes of horns and pathos)

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John Williams talks about his score for The Force Awakens with the Los Angeles Times, including what seems to have become the standout, ‘Rey’s Theme’. 

“Working with J.J. was certainly invigorating,“ he said. "I felt that he had made [the film] consistently and organically related to George Lucas’ incredibly original vision. At the same time, I felt a renewed energy, and a vitality, and a freshness that did not estrange any of the characters or material from the texture and fabric of Lucas’ creation — but revivified it.”

You can listen to the full score on several streaming services, including Spotify.

A rare account of John Williams composing the historic score for The Empire Strikes Back, with the London Symphony Orchestra. This BBC special, aired the week Episode V premiered, also chronicles John Williams’ brilliant career up to that point, with scenes from Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Superman and many others. Originally aired on May 18, 1980, on BBC.

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