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I just needed to comfort myself right now; and the following did quite well.

If there is no elaborate plan behind it all and this is how “Sherlock” should end, I swear, I NEED some fucking answers to the following questions:

  • Why “All the best secret organisations have acronyms.” (TST)?
  • Why confirming the drink code (TLD)?
  • Why repeatedly stating that conspirators are right (THoB, TEH, The Geek Interpreter case, TAB)?
  • What was the elephant in the room about?
  • Why confirming that Sherlock Holmes needs romantic entanglement to be complete as a human being (TLD)?
  • Why confirming that Sherlock Holmes is no high-functioning sociopath at all, but all about emotions (TLD) if it doesn’t matter anyway, because Eurus teaches him (and Mary the audience) that all those things don’t really matter (TFP)?
  • What was so “beautiful” about it?
  • Why all the allusions to Oscar Wilde, his trial, Billy Wilder, John Locke and Shakespeare’s Sonett 59?
  • What was “The Geek Interpreter” even about?
  • Why make TST twice with massive similarities - on John’s blog and for an episode?
  • Why did they put the actress of the little girl from ASiB to TFP in order to play the second little Eurus?
  • Didn’t they care at all that their finale was leaked? Twice? Within one day?
  • Why the parallels to The Ring and Saw (TFP) if not for parody?
  • Why making Eurus and Moriarty explicitly queer (TFP) if not to tell us that something is fucky?
  • Why this whole ridiculousness of TFP?
  • What was even the point in making this show if it was created to “correct everybody else”? What did they correct?

Princess Leia’s Theme | Violin Tribute

“ A tribute to the Princess of Alderaan, her beloved mother, and all the late Jedis of 2016 who have left an indelible mark on our lives. May the force be with them. “


Trees, Mountains, Streams and waterfalls of Scotland, overlain with the words of naturalist John Muir.

As a child and later a teenager, Tammy Lynn Leppert won almost every beauty contest she participated in. She also worked as a model and had started a film career, with small roles in the movies “Scarface” (1983) and “Spring break” (1983). It was after she finished filming the latter, in July 1982, that she started to behave strangely, according to her family. A year later, she went missing.

Tammy was last seen on July 6th, 1983, when she was 18 years old. That morning she went out with a male friend and never came back home. The friend claims that they got involved in a verbal argument and she asked him to let her out of the car. He dropped her near a gas station in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Her mother Linda says that Tammy changed after going to the wrap party for the shooting of “Spring break”. According to her, after coming back from it she seemed withdrawn, increasingly paranoid and believed someone was trying to kill her. Later, in March 1983, while she was filming “Scarface”, she had a breakdown on set after witnessing a scene of someone getting shot. She had to quit and go back home. A few days before he disappearence, she had another meltdown. Her mother took her to a mental hospital to get an evaluation, but aside from determining there were no drugs in her system, nothing came from that, even though she spent 72 hours on observation. She disappeared the day after her release.

There are several theories in this case. One is that Tammy ran away willingly because of family problems, a mental illness or another reason. Another, believed by Linda, is that her daughter saw or experienced something in that party that made her a target. Suspects that have been linked to this case are serial killer Christopher Wilder and John Brennan Crutchley, who kidnapped and raped a woman in Florida in 1985 and drank her blook until he almost killed her, which earned him the nickname of “Vampire Rapist”. He’s a suspect in several murders and kidnappings, but was never tried for them and committed suicide in 2002, while serving a life sentence.