john wesley shipp

Watching the original 90s The Flash series, this show is so ahead of its time and so much fun. 

Barry goes undercover to bring down a crooked undercover casino, a woman there gives him the side eye, says he must be another out of work gigolo looking for a good score, and he proceeds to flirt and win money all night. When it’s time to leave, she propositions him to go back to her room, and he leans in close like he’s about to kiss her and says:

“You can’t afford me.”

And walks out with a quarter of a million dollars. 

You go, Barry. 

Yes! We have all these possibilities, and I’m glad I had studied Jay and Jay mentoring Wally, because there’s a little moment where — and you’ll see it when it happens — there’s a little seed of that dropped into the episode, that I hope will also grow. But there’s a great moment in STAR Labs between Jay and Wally. It’s a little moment, but it’s clearly straight out of the comic book.
—  John Wesley Shipp on whether Jay and Wally will interact