john welsey shipp

I will be as excited to find out how that impacts our relationship as hopefully you are. I think one thing [Grant] does do that I see very clearly — and I think this is one thing that’s fascinating in Grant’s portrayal — is that his scenes with Henry are differentiated from his scenes with Joe because he comes to Henry almost as a little boy. That makes sense, because Henry raised him from birth to the age of 10. Joe essentially raised him from 10 into young adulthood. Even though we have similar scenes, if you notice the way Grant plays them, it’s qualitatively very different. That’s a smart actor right there.
—  John Welsey Shipp on how Barry’s honesty will alter their relationship (x)

There’s a fair few actors who has played Batman and Superman as with a few other DC characters. Nobody claims that audience members would get confused. But interesting enough all the actors and actresses have all brought something new to the part of the character. 

Yet The Flash getting cast again for the big screen version and people like “No, people will get confused.” Or Stephen Amell’s case, use it as a smoke screen because he was never gonna get close to the DC cinematic universe. 

I’m bring this up because Mark Waid is also using the same context in a interview recently. Geez remember guys, Geoff Johns said a media multiverse. In a multiverse, you can have two or how about three Flashes.

Reminder Ezra will be the third actor cast as The Flash, the first was John Welsey Shipp and the second Grant Gustin.