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In honor of LGBT Pride Month…we celebrate a few of the men and women of Classic Hollywood who paved the way. A few brave trailblazers lived openly, many were closeted, but their contribution to movies is undeniable! Anthony Perkins, Tab Hunter, Sal Mineo, Richard Chamberlain, Alla Nazimova, Ramon Novarro, Thelma Todd*, Patsy Kelly, William Haines, John Gielgud, Noël Coward, Michael Redgrave, Clifton Webb, Anton Walbrook, Farley Granger, Van Johnson, Dirk Bogarde, Lilyan Tashman, George Cukor, Dorothy Arzner, Margaret Lindsay, Elizabeth Taylor*, Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, and Janet Gaynor.[*Note: Miss Todd & Miss Taylor are depicted here in support of their pals.]


Rare interview by Gianni Versace for “Masters of Beauty” 1992


Soo….back in the 1990s there was a show called Spider-Man the Animated Series. 

It was about…well Spider-Man. For many people, myself included, it was their gateway into the character.

Infamously during the course of the series this show’s version of Mary Jane was lost in time and space. When she showed back up it was eventually revealed she was not the real Mary Jane but a clone. 

This set up the events for the last several episodes of the show wherein Spider-Man literally saved all of creation (awesome) after being told by his mentor figure/cosmic guide Madame Webb that she could locate the real Mary Jane for him. 

Equally as infamously the show’s final scene ended with Madame Webb promising Peter that they would find Mary Jane, leaving viewers for years frustrated and upset that we never got to see if they succeeded.

Aaaaaaaand….we still don’t get to see it….but we do get to hear it.

John Semper, the showrunner of the series (essentially the architect of the whole series) has just released an audio sample written by him starring the voice talent of the original TAS actors (Christopher Daniel Barnes as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Sara Ballentine as Mary Jane, etc) which picks up virtually immediately after the curtain closed on the series forever.