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Mycroft: Do you think I’m uptight?

John: Your shirt is unbuttoned.

Mycroft: [gasps in horror] …Wait, my shirt doesn’t have buttons.

John: Next question.

Headcanon/Random fic prompt is random

So I have this headcanon that Molly had her way of dealing with/standing up to Sherlock before TRF. When he gets to being a bit Extra (leaving her a mess to clean up in the lab, generally treating her like his gofer and not the highly intelligent scientist she is, etc) and even her deep patience runs out, she stops doing all of the little things that she does for him. She’s perfectly polite and professional to him, but suddenly the extra body parts that she usually supplies him dry up (“Sorry, Sherlock, nothing extra this week!”), OMG he actually has to clean up after himself, and so on. 

And that’s not even the worst of it. She also stops paying attention to him. There’s none of the idle chitchat that so often flows in one ear and out the other (but something he has come to enjoy expect), none of the admiring glances that she throws his way when she thinks he won’t notice, nothing. 

Instead, she starts talking to John. John. Sometimes they talk about a film or television show they’ve both been watching (WTF is Game of Thrones?), while others they end up discussing an article in a medical journal that they’ve been reading. It’s all very innocuous and casual, but it drives Sherlock up the wall.

Now, John is in no way noted for his observation skills, but he figures out what Molly’s doing. As someone who is always up for teaching Sherlock a lesson, he plays along, happy to talk about anything and everything under the sun and pretty much ignore Sherlock. 

So basically you have Sherlock spazzing but trying to look like he’s not spazzing because Molly isn’t paying attention to him anymore and giving John the stink eye for taking Molly’s attention away from him. The frailty of genius is that it needs an audience, but this is even more than that. This is Molly. And Sherlock doesn’t share well with others.

Eventually, Molly relents and starts paying attention to him again, and Sherlock has gotten used to cleaning up after himself in the lab and does it as a matter of course. He still gives John a few suspicious glances every now and again.

John doesn’t write about this on his blog, but he later tells the story to Mary and, years after, to Rosie. It’s a huge hit.

-me: oh geez, why do i wait years for three episodes of a TV show that only hurt my feelings and mental health?                              -BBC Sherlock: