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Within The Narrative and the Hoax of Series 4

Including Moriarty’s post-TFP message, John Being Shot, Alibi Theory, Mary and Moriarty being the same person, and the teacup as the unresolved Three Garridebs scene they love and faked since the author lying to us in series 4 is part of the plan, and how returning to the real events of John being hurt is how we land this plane and uncover the true story, because the real final problem is staying alive.

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Lol imagine if during their first time, like right before, when they’re still standing up and making out, John is like “do you want to get in the bed now” all heatedly and Sherlock is like “yes please” all breathlessly, but then Sherlock turns around and crawls onto the bed and underneath the covers with the sheets pulled up to his chin, and John just stands there like “uhh um” ‘cause they’re both still totally clothed and he’s thinking like does sherlock just want to like…go to sleep now i’m so confused like he knew I was talking about sex right? and he’s just standing there awkwardly until Sherlock is like “why are you just standing there I’m ready”

Sherlock: Can you ask John if he likes me?

Lestrade: He’s your husband, Sherlock. You’re literally married to him.

Sherlock: Yes, but can you still ask him anyway?

Lestrade: …..

Sherlock: …..

Lestrade: …..

Lestrade: Okay, fine.

Sherlock: :>

Remember how Eurus seemed to have her little game set up to go on indefinitely, like there was clearly an end set up, but she was going to see how long she could drag it out, and only skipped the the final level because Sherlock stopped playing by her rules, and made her play by his.

When do we take over and make them play by our rules? I’m tired of playing by theirs.

-You are my sunshine- Part 4☀️ Sherlock x reader

(My first fanfic! Idea came to mind when listening to someone whistling the tune while in school hope you all like it!)

(Life in London had never been dull. You initially had had a hard time adjusting after you moved from your quiet village in Scotland to the busiest city in the UK but you soon made good friends with the strange guys who lived in the apartment above you, one of which was an ex army doctor, now blogger Dr John Watson and the worlds only consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. The three of you first bonded after you pointed out something odd in one of their cases and impressed Sherlock himself with your knowledge on Psychology. Ever since then you occasionally assisted them on cases and spent a lot of your spare time hanging about their flat.)

/Reader POV/

Your eyes slowly opened and began to try and focus on your surroundings. The room around you was dimly lit but you could make out the outline of a door in front of you. The walls were built of stone and had moss growing in patches.

Your body was numb but you felt the thick ropes against your chest and ankles holding you to the hard chair you sat on. All you could feel were the thoughts buzzing around in your head: How did I get here? Who’s behind this? How long until anyone notices I’m even missing?

Though you weren’t in a great position, being the optimist you are, you realise your hands aren’t tied and can’t help but have a glimmer of hope as you also knew that there was a pocket knife tucked in your jacket somewhere. (Convenient, right? It was as though you knew this would happen).

The truth behind the pocket knife was that your family hadn’t exactly been ‘well off’ when you were a kid so instead of going on exotic holidays abroad in summer you camped in muddy fields and windy beaches. But at least during those cold summer days you learnt the importance of a small pocket knife.

You shifted your arm in the direction of your front pocket where the knife should be, only to find a half eaten packet of polo mints. Damn it.

“Looking for something?”

Your heart was nearly stopped at the sound of the voice that came from behind your chair. It was then that it dawned on you.

“Of course, Jamie, or should I say James.” This was a bold move considering you were tied to a chair and he had a knife.

He let out a small chuckle, “Took you a while.”

“Yeah well I’ve had other stuff to worry about recently that didn’t include flirting with psychopaths.”

“And what else have you been worrying about exactly?” His voice mocking one that would have actually cared for the answer.

You sighed, “My junkie of a best friend who refuses my help.” “Anyway I don’t see how you’re planning to get his attention by using me, last time I saw him he made it fairly clear that he didn’t want anything to do with me.”

This time his laugh was more harsh, “You don’t see it do you? It confuses him as well you know,” he added matter of factly,“He loves you Y/N.”

It was your turn to laugh,“What? No you’re just lying to see how I react.”

This wasn’t right he was just toying with your emotions.

“Oh but Y/N! So naive and stupid you people are. Why would I have went through all this bother? Playing ‘Jamie the banker’ and the bike crash, I mean didn’t go exactly as planned but worked anyway.”

“You see why he acts like he despises you sometimes? It’s you! You confuse him, I mean how else is he going to react when he feels so many emotions for you but doesn’t understand why? I mean come on, he’s a sociopath how could he ever love a mere mortal like you.”

Your head was spinning with the realisation. Sure he could be lying but your relationship with Sherlock was very complex and more confusing than his and John’s. You had shared details about your past with Sherlock that you had never even thought to tell anyone, not even John. There was also the lows where he would avoid you for days and say harsh things to you. But you had always just pinned this on him being Sherlock and was impossible to predict at times.

Maybe this was the truth, maybe Sherlock Holmes loved you.

It was then Moriarty walked round to face you for the first time. He had a disturbing smirk on his face and was wearing a dark green suit and a tie with yellow smiley faces on it. I his right hand you spotted your red pocket knife. Shit.

“That’s a cool tie.” You point out trying to stall him from whatever was about to happen.

“Yeah it is, isn’t it?” He said looking down at it, “I’m celebrating.”

“Celebrating what?” You asked anxiously.

“I’ve just found Sherlock Holmes’s biggest weakness.” He declared. His eyes rose up to meet yours.

Before you knew you felt a searing pain in your left thigh as he lunged towards you and stabbed your leg.

You were about to scream in pain but a large pair of hands shoved a gag in your mouth. You looked down to your leg to see you’re once pale blue jeans were stained with warm, red blood.

“I usually keep my hands clean but this is a very special occasion.” He chirped as he walked away.

You heard the bolts shut on the other side of the large metal door.

He was out of the room but his voice rang through the hallways. “The game is on Sherlie! But can you find her before it’s too late?”

/Sherlock POV/

Y/N had been missing for 21 hours. I hadn’t slept or eaten since yesterday but that was nothing new.

Somehow I could barely operate like I usually would with a missing person. All I could think of was where she might be? She could be injured or unconscious or dea…no. I wasn’t going to think about that possibility. But it was all my fault at the end of the day, I’m the reason she had been taken. It’s my fault for developing feelings for her when all I could do was put her in danger.

That was the worst part. It had taken all of this to happen just for me to realise how much I cared for Y/N Y/L/N.

Mycroft had his best people searching for her in abandoned buildings and warehouses but they found nothing so far. Everyone seemed to be loosing hope seeing as they had no leads at all just the information that she had been kidnapped. But knowing Moriarty she wouldn’t be found until he wanted us to find her and that was what was driving me mental.

"Sherlock, your coffee’s cold.”

I snapped out of my mind palace to see John holding my coffee cup. He left Harry’s as soon as he heard the news and was now trying to make conversation after a month of us not speaking.

“I’m not thirsty right now.”

“Please Sherlock, I know this is the worst it’s ever been but last time you did this you passed out from dehydration.” He threw me a water bottle that had been sitting on the table.

“I would drink some water but not this John I’m sorry.”

He turned round to look at me and sighed, “So what Sherlock it’s just some bloody water! Do you want me to put it in a glass bottle for you?”

“No it’s just-”

“The water is laced with arsenic.”



Everything is silent for a minute until John laughs. I’m silently glad he reacts this way. I’ve missed him a lot more than I’d care to admit.

His expression turns more serious as he continues to look at me. “Sherlock, we will find her.”

“Thank you.” I get up and hug him. I don’t usually like hugs but both of us really needed one right now.

We will find you Y/N.

–I am so sorry for the delay for this part!! I have serous admiration for writers who post amazing stuff every second day. I can barely mange to post my shit once a week❤️- JM–