Within The Narrative and the Hoax of Series 4

Including Moriarty’s post-TFP message, John Being Shot, Alibi Theory, Mary and Moriarty being the same person, and the teacup as the unresolved Three Garridebs scene they love and faked since the author lying to us in series 4 is part of the plan, and how returning to the real events of John being hurt is how we land this plane and uncover the true story, because the real final problem is staying alive.

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Lol imagine if during their first time, like right before, when they’re still standing up and making out, John is like “do you want to get in the bed now” all heatedly and Sherlock is like “yes please” all breathlessly, but then Sherlock turns around and crawls onto the bed and underneath the covers with the sheets pulled up to his chin, and John just stands there like “uhh um” ‘cause they’re both still totally clothed and he’s thinking like does sherlock just want to like…go to sleep now i’m so confused like he knew I was talking about sex right? and he’s just standing there awkwardly until Sherlock is like “why are you just standing there I’m ready”

Sherlock: Can you ask John if he likes me?

Lestrade: He’s your husband, Sherlock. You’re literally married to him.

Sherlock: Yes, but can you still ask him anyway?

Lestrade: …..

Sherlock: …..

Lestrade: …..

Lestrade: Okay, fine.

Sherlock: :>


this made me have a lot of feels… so don’t watch if you’re in a vulnerable state. but god damn, great editing by @punydoctor