Make me choose
rominatrix asked: Can I make you choose? (you know, for a gifset answer… although I kind of know the answer ♥) Favourite John Watson: Martin Freeman or Jude Law?

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imagine mute!john as a teen, being the outcast in his very obnoxious, outspoken family, and always shunned at school where boys are supposed to be "rowdy" and loud and he always has to keep his thoughts to himself because no one ever wants to try to talk to him, so he just shuts himself away and represses everything until one day when he's in uni, he bumps into this tall, curly-haired stranger who somehow knows right away that he can't speak and actually makes an effort to talk with him :]

I seriously love this! All that angst and then dfkjgsdfkgj!!!

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"Sherlock told me to give these to you," Mrs. Hudson says having John a roll of cash. "What's this for?" John asks confused. "YOU'LL UNDERSTAND WHEN YOU GET UP HERE!" Sherlock shouts still completely out of sight. John chuckles and walks upstairs to find that Sherlock has redecorated the flat into a strip club. "Go sit down!" Sherlock orders and then turns on the sexy music. "You're supposed to be putting the money in my g-string..." Sherlock whispers midway through his performance. "Oh right!"