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jon-lox replied to your post “also the fact that NO ONE else in the fucking world is reading these…”

i literally do not know what your recent posts are talking about but i’m glad ure havin fun

This fanfic was written by Steven Moffat and posted yesterday. It’s about S (Moffatlock) putting a bomb in his play and accidentally destroying his waiting audience. John (TJLC) argues with S, and there’s stuff at the beginning about us stagehands deducing shit.

After the bomb goes off, the end of the fic is S in a room of mirrors talking to a wise, devoted, implausibly happy child whom Moffat begs to tell the world who he truly is…

Are you still into the ARG this level is UP! MY! ALLEY! FINALLY

I Still Can't Believe Sherlock Series 4 Is Real Because: John Watson. Among Other Things
  • Series 1:
  • John: Seriously.This guy,a junkie?
  • Have you met him?
  • Series 2:
  • Sherlock: John,I need some.Get me some.
  • John: No.Look Sherlock you're doing well.Don't give up now.
  • Sherlock: Tell me where they are.Please.Tell me.
  • John: Can't help sorry.
  • Sherlock: I let you know next week's lottery numbers.
  • John: (Chuckles)
  • Sherlock: Oh,it was worth a try.
  • Series 3:
  • John: If you were anywhere near this kind stuff again,you could have called,you could have talked to me.
  • The Abominable Bride:
  • John: For God's sake!This could kill you!You could die.
  • Series 4:
  • John: Need another hit,do you?
  • Sherlock: I can wait until the hospital.
  • John: (Waiting outside the hospital's bathroom for Sherlock to come out because he is using drugs)

Moftiss: you’re a Sherlock fan. In fact you’re an obsessive Sherlock fan.

Me: yes

Moftiss: so you’ve seen a lot of, heartbreak, then, emotional turmoil?

Me: of course. Enough for a lifetime, far too much.

Moftiss: wanna see some more?

Me: oh god, yes