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me tryna make some character vis dev art for smthn im dubbin Project: Hamilton (so creative I KNOW LMAO). if any of yall from youtube see this,, know that it’s always on my mind I’m just rly busy rn

bonus cuz laurens interlude makes depresst:


Revolutionary Set in Triwizard!AU
I’m glad with how they turn out hhhh So in this AU, I think I’ll make their relationship as Queer-Platonic! I may or may not pair Alex romanticaly with someone/two/more depending on how the story progresses. I’d love to hear your input though! I basically ship Alex with anyone but only in a safe, sane and consensual relationship :’)

Fun rev set facts about this AU:
• Alex is basically adopted by The Washingtons
• His mother died on his first year studying in Hogwarts
• George Washington is the Hogwarts’ Headmaster
• John wants to be a healer but his father told him to work in the ministry //surprise, surprise
• Lafayette didn’t go to Beauxbaton because he asked his parents to let him go to Hogwarts and they just agreed with him
• Hercules and Alex bonded with each other over the fact that they live in muggle world
• John and Laf plays quidditch
• They’re all very affectionate and get worried at eah other easily
• John, Laf, and Herc went down to Slytherin dorm once and cuddle the shit out of Alex at 3 AM because they know he hadn’t slept in 5 days
• They arranged a sleepover sometimes, usually in the Gryffindor dorm since like, 3 out of 4 of them are Gryffindor
• Usually near Christmas before they went home for Winter break
• Alex will spend his break in the library and Washington’s office