john vivyan

5 Reasons you should watch Mr Lucky (1959)

1. Mr Lucky and Andamo

Mr Lucky (John Vivyan) runs an off shore casino with the help of his friend Andamo (Ross Martin), The Casino attracts an array of colorful clientele, often placing Lucky and Andamo in some interesting situations.

2. The Guest Stars

The series produced a few early roles for future stars, most notable being Jack Nicholson in the episode “Operation Fortuna” in which Nicholson plays a young waiter involved in heist aboard the Fortuna.

3. Regulars

Tom Brown as Lieutenant Rovacs. The city police generally did not approve of the Fortuna or Lucky, Rovacs seemed to sit somewhere between the law and Lucky.

The Beautiful Pippa Scott plays the feisty and head strong Maggie, Lucky’s love interest.

4. The Fortuna II

The Fortuna II is the hub of the action in the series. First a gambling ship then an upscale restaurant. Often reviewers claim the series took a downward turn after the casino was scrapped. however I enjoyed the series equally both casino and restaurant.

5. The story lines

Never a dull moment aboard the Fortuna II from kidnapping to theft and from romance to Murder. This classic series is worth a look.

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