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FLICKR POOL SATURDAYS! (Procrastinating College Work Edition!)

It’s getting close to Christmas but to be honest, I haven’t really thought much about the holiday season. I have a photo book to finish and a video project to edit. All this on top of general life stuff, well, it’s been a busy week. Someday I’ll learn to get out of my own head, until then I’ll just have to put up with myself. 

Anyway, enough about me, how about them Cowboys? They’re gonna lose tomorrow right? Let’s hope so. 

Onto the photos …

LEFT: Charlotte Gibbs
My mom asks me why anyone would want to take a blurry photograph. When I say this, I mean, like any time she sees me looking at photos I like, she’ll ask that. I’m still yet to find an explanation that doesn’t prompt my brother to interrupt with; “Artsy bull****”. 

RIGHT: John Vetrano
Noticing things other people might not notice, reds and greens but a muted tone regardless.

BOTTOM: Chelsee Ivan
Winter goodness. The slight magenta cast really works for it, the detail of snowfall (click to view large and you’ll see it) and lastly, that deep grey sky, wow.  

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(DIT Stuff Almost Over Edition!)

I’ve posted all the DIT graduate interviews and there’s just the still-to-be-finished exhibition review to be done and that closes another chapter on this blog. 

I’m looking forward to making a lot of posts this week. I have a bunch of stuff stockpiled over the past two weeks that I didn’t want to interrupt the DIT coverage with.  

LEFT: John Vetrano
I think possibly my favourite thing about this shot is how green it is outside. The sharpness of the shot lets you see all the droplet details on the guy’s back and it works well with the condensation on the window. You really get a sense of the time the photo was taken.

RIGHT: Barnaby Hutchins
The light is gorgeous. The focal point is a little off though. The leg of the table seems to be more in focus than anything else but the shot overall looks incredible here. I don’t know if it’d be as good as a large scale print, but online, like this, it’s nice. 

BOTTOM: Hannah Hayes
This is one of those photos that you can just picture taking up a whole wall of a gallery. Maybe it’s the Tim Barber/Ryan McGinley quality that the shot has, or maybe it’s the really subtle gradients, either way, I want this taking up a wall of my future home.

Click on any of the above photos to see them larger.
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