john vechey

E3 Flashback: Peggle 2!!!

I figured since it’s that time of the year, I might make a few fun posts looking back at previous E3 moments.

Back at the 2013 E3,  John Vechey was talking to the crowd about the new Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare game and showing it off. (It ended up actually being fun) Anyways after the whole PVZ thing was done he took a moment to announce a surprise to the audience. He paused for a split second, looked excited, and then shouted “PEGGLE 2!” before jumping in the air with a punching motion.

The crowd was dead silent. You could probably hear a fart from the next room over. An extremely short teaser then followed. It may have been one of the more uncomfortable moments, but we got something new to laugh about afterwords. Check out the video HERE.

A lot about games isn’t how perfect your code is, it’s about how it feels and how much fun it is.
—  PopCap Games co-founder John Vechey