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Jared’s best outfits of 2016

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The results were as we expected , everyone were pretty excited about Gilmore Girls’ stylist appreciating Jared’s body and Sam Winchester’s LA based outfit ! Of course Jared’s sexy and classy look ( Olive Jacket and ultra skinny jeans ) at his NY programs was a winner too !

1st place : Jared in John Varvatos Moleskin Denim Style Jacket (Photo Credit)

2nd Place : Jared in John Varvatos Cotton-Blend 4-Pocket Jacket

3rd place : Jared in Hugo Boss Black Coxtan Wool Cashmere Coat

From far left: The film’s Jake Gyllenhaal, in a Maison Margiela shirt; Aaron Taylor-Johnson, in a Freemans Sporting Club Shirt; and Michael Shannon, in a John Varvatos jacket. Photographed by Norman Jean Roy, Vogue, October 2016.

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“If Six Was Nine” 

This is my latest and first proper Fashion editorial, I got to meet and work with some amazing people that helped make this all possible. A special thanks goes out to Paul Langill and Christian Mazzilli for the support they gave me throughout the preproduction. Also, the premium fashion from John Varvatos in Toronto would not have been possible if not for Heather Dann. 

Not only was the story published in Toronto’s new “The Pull Magazine” but it also got noticed in LA where it received a cover and full story in “Satellite Magazine”

Photography & Creative Director: Adam C. Freire
Fashion & Shoes: John Varvatos
Makeup & Styling: Paul Langill @PM Management
Hair: Paul Pereira @PM Management
Model: Christian Mazzilli @Elmer Olsen Models
Jewelry: Néron by Caroline Néron