john truong

so as it turns out John Green DID NOT write: 

I’m in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met.

Green said that he hadn’t remembered writing the words, but “I don’t remember writing a lot of Paper Towns - that book came out seven years ago!”, so when he started seeing the quote on the internet a few years ago, “I just assumed it was in [the book]”. “I suppose instead of blindly assuming I’d written something the internet said I wrote”

Because of which, he sold posters of the quote, attributing it to himself. He said he did not remember writing the line, but he doesn’t remember writing a lot of things he wrote years ago.

The misattributed quotation earned more than 1,700 likes on Goodreads – from where it has now been deleted. It also popped up all over Tumblr, where it turned out to have been written by a 13-year-old blogger Melody Truong.

Green is retroactively paying royalties from sales of the posters to Truong.

this brings us to a much deeper question…