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Sleight of Hand preview

The theater was small, seating maybe about one hundred people. Despite being only half full, it was hot and stuffy and much too crowded.

John Laurens shifted restlessly in his seat, smoothing down his skirt while his eyes were fixated on the stage. Bright with light, he watched as a young man with glistening dark skin and curly black locks stood upon the stage, holding three large golden rings. He tapped them together a few times, then hit them together; suddenly they were linked, creating a chain.

The audience murmured, though it was unclear whether it was from amazement or boredom. John shifted, glancing around him.

“No spice in his act,” came a voice beside him. John looked at Alexander Hamilton, who sat on his right with his eyes fixated on the magician. “It’s boring. No showmanship. He’s always been bland.”

John took a deep breath, trying to not feel lightheaded in the heat. “Not particularly… exciting,” he agreed in a whisper. Though his hair was pulled back in a ponytail, it felt hot against his neck.

“Same tricks, same three parts.” Alex sighed. “I’ve been to several of his shows. Nothing new. Nothing… interesting.”

George Washington, sitting on his left, leaned over. “They’ve always been rivals,” he whispered. “Ever since they worked together as shills for one of my former magicians, Thomas has been Alex’s… competitor.”

“Enemy,” Alex muttered. He glanced at John. “It should be easy for us to outdo him.”


Keep Me Where the Light Is 

In the wee small hours of the morning, while the whole wide world is fast asleep, when Even sees nothing but the end of everything, I know Isak will be there. 

the foxhole court as john mulaney quotes
  • neil: i'll keep all my emotions right here and then one day i'll die
  • andrew: it is 100% easier not to do things than to do them
  • aaron: sometimes, babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all
  • nicky: eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs
  • kevin: im really sorry about last night, it’s just that im mean and loud. it probably will happen again
  • dan: you have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair
  • matt: THATS MY WIFE!
  • renee: i think emily dickison is a lesbian
  • allison: i am a proud, asian american woman, and you will treat me with respect!
  • wymack: i pulled up to the drive thru window at mcdonalds and ordered a black coffee for myself and kept driving. The one thing no kid at mcdonalds can ever enjoy
  • riko: This is an on-fire trash can

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