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Cursed Child cast change highlights (part 1)

Obviously a lot happened yesterday. 

The first thing I loved was the sheer amount of fandom friends who were around the theatre. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by so many familiar faces and so important that we were all there and able to support each other because only we understood the emotion of the day. Just saying hi to people in the queue for the loo  or butting into emotional conversations in the bar made my day!

During the actual show the fandom was well behaved enough but also buzzing. We clapped the polyjuicing, Annabel off after her scene as Myrtle and the Draco/Harry duel. We whooped and cheered during the triwizard crown scene and clapped before and after each act with an emotional amount of passion. The cast were on fine. James was a hero.

Jack Thorne, John Tiffany and Sonia Friedman were watching the show. I was lucky enough to chat to John twice and Jack once. They were lovely! I got an autograph from them both and shock their hands in thanks. 

Between parts we took this incredible fandom picture: 

While we took the photo someone said “say cursed child!” and the noise when we all shouted it made me love this fandom so much.

We also got photobombed by Noma (we didn’t realise she was there till she was running off, which is one of the best gifts I could’ve asked of her!)

Curtain call was AMAZING. I’d been sobbing throughout the whole of part 2 and I could actually hear that people around me had been doing the same so I wasn’t sure how up for it people would be. But we did not disappoint. It was LOUD. There were a lot of puffy eyes up on that stage but they all looked determined to enjoy the moment. Sonia walked down to the front of the aisle to clap them. It was just very emotional.

Then we legged it to stage door and ended up about half way up the very long queue. 

It was a bit of a blur to be honest. The first thing I saw was Noma and Jamie running down to the end of the line and starting backwards. As they ran down the whole crowd cheered. This was closely followed by Paul and Poppy coming around the corner and making their way down the line the normal way. Sam then also ran past us to the end and at one point we had the cast sandwiching in on us. It was intense! I mostly spent my time hugging and thanking people:

First, I saw Paul. I literally launched myself into a big hug around him and he was such a babe. He thanked us for being a part of this and told us he’d be seeing us around. 

Next, Poppy followed. She was also very thankful but looked very close to tears. I hugged her very tightly. 

I’m not sure about the order next but Martin came up and hugged us and made sure we were ok. Chris told us that he felt like we’d been on this journey with us and we had a beautiful moment where we looked at each other and I just knew that he got what he meant to me. 


  • me: ok i only have money for 1 book
  • me: *grabs 6 books*
  • me: i'll just not eat or something
Came for the muscles, stayed for the dorks...

In all honesty the fact that my favs are my favs does have something to do with how attractive I find them, but it has more to do with their in ring talent and the fact that they are all actually giant freaking dorks.

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Mahal Hates Me

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Summary: You have a miscarriage and Thorin helps you through the pain.
Pairings: Thorin x Reader
Word Count: 881
Warnings: Miscarriage
Requested by: Anon; #67 and #77.

A/n: After starting this, I realized I didn’t have to take the sad route so I didn’t lmfao.

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“ ― You have not encountered cunning or danger until you have faced a British Templar.”

*Rupert Ferris has been omitted from this work

Sunday 21st of May 2017

So i’d like to apologise in advance for the state of this recap as i was crying through out entire act 3 and 4 and the fact that most of my attention went to Jamie. However, im gonna try anyway and some facts are derived from things i heard others say.

The emotions started already with the opening music and the potters arriving on stage. I nearly lost it at the sight of them but managed to contain myself. During scene two, were Noma was apparently crying already and had to turn around to compose herself (i missed this bc the too busy staring at jamie part) And i got the feeling that jamie and poppy were holding each other more firmly here.

Then enter scorpius. I had never seen James as Scorpius before so that took a bit to getting used to, but she had me in tears during the scene where astoria died, which had never ever happened before. I just broke there, which resulted into my first tears of the day.

Upon act six i started to realise that Jamie pulled of his glasses to wipe at his eyes a lot. I thought it mightve been me but it kept on going and others seemed to have picked up on it too. I guess he was really emotional, but then again, the entire theatre was. During this scene sam actually also fell of the stairs when Delphi came in, which i had never seen to this extent before, but it definitely made for a good scene.

During the next scenes the emotions even came more apparent, when it came to the nightmares and the way jamie reacted after the famous line about albus being his son. He seemed more hurt and seemed to plead even more emotionally than he did before and that carried through to the next scenes and jamie seemed sad and with his mind there a bit even still at the extraordinary wizarding meeting.

The polyjuice scene was brilliant and got massive, massive cheers. Jamie absolutely killed it and i loved the look on his face when Ron/albus started going on about a baby. It was really obvious he both did not want to be there and was also surprised about the turn of events and i dont think ive ever seen him bolt away from that so fast. And then during the riddle part themselves… they all were glorious. Jamie fucking killed it. The happy and high notes he made when speaking aa scorpius… it was again a sight to behold.

Act two had jamie being more emotional during nightmare scènes again than i ever saw him before and it was really painful to watch because you could actually feel his pain. It was terrible and all i wanted to do was hug the man.
I also happened to notice jamie kept holding his wand in his right hand, but did it with his left at the end of part 2. I wonder what that all is about…
Anyway jamie got me all to the point of tears again when hé was with albus in the hospital wing, which actually didnt help much at all because james was full on crying at points during the staircase ballet which had be bloody crying all over again. SHe really hit me there and it was just painful to watch.

The audience had to laugh when alex was smiling about harry doing most of the cooking, but it was really funny to watch because jamie was looking over at him like ‘what?’.
But then james played it up again in the libary and the entire rant about his mother had multiple people sniffing if the sounds in the audience where anything to go by. You could really feel the pain she was projecting. It was amazing.

Noma and Paul on the staircases were just really sweet and yet again i thought that there was going to be a kiss but unfortunately that didnt happen :(

Enter annabel. Annabel has been fucking nailing it as both Delphi and myrtle so im very glad shes staying on. Today she was myrtle again and she really pulled it out of the park, especially when she said the line about being impartial about a certain Malfoy and the reaction she had to both draco and harry. She completely stole the scene to the point that i was not watching jamie as much (which probably says a lot) And when the scene ended and the lake scene went up a massive cheer came from the audience for her performance. And with massive i mean massive.

Before act three i hardly saw people who werent hugging and crying and bring all sort of emotional. For me it felt like huge weight was pressed on my chest and that was the moment i knew i was not gonna be fine. Sure enough, within the first seconds of act three i was a blubbering mess and that did not stop until it was over.

James killed it in the alternate reality and the tears really started to flow when it came to astoria again. It looked like Paul bentall was honest to god crying when it came to the lily ,mention as his shoulders seemed to be shaking and then the following was just as emotional (even though the audience got yet again to laugh at nomas giggle and pauls the universe rests on neville line).

The romione kiss was the best one i had seen up until then and it was a shame when the dementors came bc i really thought it mightve gotten heated. James seemed to be crying or near tears again after having witnessed it all and snape got one massive cheer after he got rid of umbridge. Like truly massive. I think he changed his line a bit there too but im not entirely certain there.

James was amazing when everything got back to normal and there were massive laughs when hé adressed them all.
But then the scene with mcg. Poppy seemed to be comforting noma and then i cried even harder between cherelle and noma because it was so emotional and i think noma was crying and cherelle maybe too and gooood. Ive never seen it played so well.
Meanwhile jamie got me in tears the following two scènes and i think he was starting to lose it there because he pulled off his glasses so much.

CUE ACT THREE SCENE SEVENTEEN. I think every romione shipper loves it because of the entire renewal part and they took it up big time yesterday. First we got to laugh about the Ron being drunk line and then Paul went fucking down on one knee when hé threw out the line, which got massive whoops from the entire audience. The kiss was also a sight to behold. What a kiss.

The crucio scene was really painful to watch too. It was horrid to see them all in pain and then they threw it up a notch when craig died, with james actually pressing her face to the floor.

Cut to extraordinary meeting second go around.
This was truly hard. Noma was choking up on her last lines here with Paul comforting her. She could hardly get her lines out as she was so emotional and that made it really painful to watch. It caused many people to tear up again if the sniffing was anything to go by.
Aand then jamie and dumbledore. Ill never not get emotional at that and even when draco entered later i was still in full cry mode while jamie took forever to put his glasses back on his face.

The help shouting part was brilliant as always and then back to Jamie and poppy bc yknow, my attention. When jamie said the line about the shrine poppy honest to god seemed close to tears. She managed to compose herself enough but the emotions on her face were absolutely real. The kiss was absolutely intense too. Fuck i love their chemistry so much.

Godrics Hollow Time! Alex once again got the audience in stitches with his farmers market comment and then when they all got into the right time and poppy was running up to albus i swear she was crying. It was so hard to watch and james and alex also seemed to be hugging so hard.
Poppy remained an emotional mess during the Church scene and there was a really tight hug between her and jamie where poppy was crying after she told him that she was happy to discuss just how lucky he was.

And then the last scenes… they were all messes when it came to jily. James was standing there shocked with his mouth open and jamie was yet again held upright until lily died and he collapsed to the floor. And the scene after that he literally did not stop crying still. Kept wiping his nose and eyes and then sam was starting to get emotional too.
I was literally crying so hard because of that i was unable to scream at all until cherelle came up, visibly crying, and when i thought the audience could not possibly get louder than they already were they proved me wrong when the Final five came up. The cheers were massive. Wands went up in the air. The cast was crying. They came back three or four times for applause and then it was a mad dash to stagedoor.

I wont say much about that, aside from the fact that when secufity told people at the front jamie was coming a cheer went up so loud we at the back wonderen what was going on until word travelled and we got news jamie was on his way - proven one minute later when hé and noma jogged around to our end to start with us so we wouldnt have to wait as long. The cheers for him went wild and werent even as loud for jack and John who showed up for stagedoor as well.

All in all it was one massive show and i was so glad i flew out for it again. I wouldnt have missed it for the world and im gonna miss this cast so much.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for portraying the characters so Dear to our hearts so well and went above and beyond with them. Thank you for this experience. Thank you.

Curiosity, Execution and A Simple Days Events.

Part 3: A Lesson In Whores And Baking 

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The sunlight crept into her room from her bedroom window. She groaned, grabbing the doona and pulling it up over head, sheilding her eyes from the offending light. Her muscles were sore and a it felt like someone was drilling into her brain every time she moved. There was a dull ache behind her eyes. The inside of her mouth was dry and her throat felt red raw.

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Imagine suggesting Tommy a plan on how to beat Sabini and his men

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Tommy sat down smoking a cigarette, his gaze wandering to the window:
“Sabini and his pasta bastards will never go away won’t they?”
Talking out his thoughts he started to pinch his eyes trying to find a solution.
“The horse race.” you said, Tommys attention now layed on you, his look asking for an explanation.
“We will make trouble on the other side of the place while burning all of Sabinis licenses for the bets on the other one, sending all of his men all the way down to hell with cartridges.” your eyes layed on the floor now looking up to Tommy waiting for his verdict on your plan.
He smiled, “That’s good,no..even better than that.”He squeezed his cigarette into the ashtray, his stare meeting yours, a grin across his face.
Welcome to the Peaky Blinders.