john thorburn


The Queen’s Brooches

  1. The Williamson Diamond - The central stone of this flower-shaped brooch is considered one of the finest pink diamonds ever discovered, 23.6 carat pink diamond. A wedding present by the Canadian geologist and royalist, Dr. John Thorburn Wililamson. The Queen had the stone cut and set into this brooch in 1953. Her Majesty is wearing lavender and pearls here at Prince Edward’s wedding to Sofie Rhys-Jones in 1999.
  2. City of London Lily Brooch - This Lily brooch was given to the Queen by the City of London when she was given the Freedom of the City in 1947.
  3. The Australian Wattle Brooch - Yellow diamonds represent the wattle, the national flower.  Also, diamonds with a slightly blue color signify mimosa leaves, forming a background for diamond tea tree blossoms.
  4. Ture Lover’s Knot Brooch - This is the largest and fanciest bow brooch in the Queen’s collection. Queen Mary aquired this from Garrards in the 1930s. Her Majesty wore this brooch on Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s wedding day.