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Hey do you have any really funny fic you could suggest? I just read 'A week is only seven days' and I was crying it was so funny. I want more!

Hi Nonny!! OH GOD this has been in my drafts for MONTHS and I’m sorry for the delay. I’m guessing you found that fic on my “Go-To Johnlock Fic Rec List”, and it’s totally worth a read since it’s like, one of my all-time fave fics!! I don’t have many fics with the same type of humour, but I hope that a few of these will appease you! They’re more fluffy than anything else, but if I had a chuckle in them, then they will be here :)

  • High and Tight, Soft and Loose by cwb (E, Ao3) (7,429 w.) - John is stupidly obsessed with Sherlock, Sherlock is adorably clueless, and they’re both dumb idiots. Jealous John and silly misunderstandings.
  • Well Begun Is Half Done by Avice (E, Ao3) (3,897 w.) - Sherlock conveniently finds reasons to try to touch John’s junk. John’s tired of waiting.
  • The Case of the Vanishing Pants by SwissMiss (E, Ao3) (44,025 w.) - Five times John and Sherlock lost their pants for a case. There are some angsty bits in this, but I did giggle at a few scenes.
  • Life and Death by patemalah21 (K+, ff) (6K+) - Sherlock and John get mugged and injured. The first chapter is angsty, but the second and third chapters, Sherlock has to deal with his worst nemesis yet – a nurse intent on him getting better. *SLIGHT* Sher1011ie in the third chapter, but it feels more BFF’s.
  • You’re a Doctor, Fix me by edken (G, Ao3) (8,342 w.) - Sherlock gets sick and stroppy, John grins and bears it to fix him, and a fluffy happy ending.
  • How to Court Your Blogger by PipMer (K+, ff) (3,124 w.) - Sherlock Tries to court John on significant days in their life. Too bad John is a little bit slow on the draw.
  • Sibling Rivalry Or Fighting Over John Watson by Jessa7 (K+, ffnet) (8,085w.) - Mycroft is suddenly taking an interest in John and Sherlock is not happy. John just goes with it – he’s getting a lot of nice things out of this deal. (*NOT JOHNCROFT, just Mycroft being a meddler).
  • The Devil You Know by PipMer (T, ff) (9K+ w.) - Mycroft flirts with John. Sherlock gets jealous. John’s just along for the ride. Yeah, I also REALLY like Mycroft purposely riling up Sherlock to force him to confess his feelings for John. Another “meddling Mycroft” fic… I seriously love this trope.
  • Cigarettes and Shampoo by laura0506 (K+, ff) (783 w) - John and Sherlock get kicked out of a grocery store. Sherlock has a big mouth.
  • Cabbies by OldBesinaStuff (K, ff) (572 w) - Sherlock expounds and illuminates upon the subject of their current cabbies.
  • The Care and Keeping of Your Mad Genius by Janieshi (T, ff) (4K+ w.) - Lestrade and John tease Sherlock after the pool incident.
  • Just Admit It by LoyalNerdWP (K+, ff) (2K+) - Sherlock goes home for Christmas and is missing John. One of my faves, it’s more sweet than funny.
  • The Newlywed Game: Johnlock Edition by patternofdefiance (E, Ao3) (9,020 w.) - Sherlock and John pretend they’re a couple “for a case”. They’re shocked to discover how much they know about each other. One of my faves.
  • Happy Birthday John by Starlight05 (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - Sherlock goes shopping for a present for John. 
  • Not Rocket Science by Nitrospira (K+, ff) (2K+ w.) - The boys are handcuffed to a bed while investigating a double homicide on the International Space Station. It’s been awhile since I read this but I remember liking it :D
  • Out on da pull by I-O-U-a-picture (T, ff) (1K+w.) - John can never pull a date, especially with a flatmate like Sherlock.
  • I’m Pretty Sure This Changes Shit by cwb (E, Ao3) (7,672 w.) - This one is really ridiculously silly. Sherlock keeps injuring himself so John will fix him up. John catches on, and it changes shit.
  • Because Blah Blah Blah Happy by cwb  (E, Ao3) (4,578 w.) - Sherlock sets out to make John happy. Happy happy happy.
  • Carry On by Mazarin221b (M, Ao3) (4,647 w.) - Five times John didn’t want to be carried, and one time he did.
  • Equine Arse Anonymity by Kayjaykayme (E, Ao3) (3,834 w.) - Sherlock needs to speak with suspects at a fancy dress ball. He chooses a couple’s costume for himself and John. It is logical, practical and well thought out. John doesn’t agree and exacts sweet revenge.
  • An Acquired Taste by kinklock (E, Ao3) (31,059 w.) - Sherlock is a bat. No other explanation needed.
  • and yes I said yes I will Yes by Mithen (T, Ao3) (1,662 w.) - Sherlock has deduced that John is going to propose to him, and he’s ready to accept. If only John would actually get around to it…
  • The Trouble With Being Subtle. by VictoryCandescence  (NR, Ao3) (5,429 w.) - In which Sherlock experiments, John misinterprets, and everyone else stands back and waits for the light to turn on.
  • The Detective and the Pin-Up by XistentialAngst (T, Ao3) (15,683 w.) - Sally Donovan discovers an old secret John Watson considered long buried - a ten-year old “Men of the Armed Forces” calendar, which has John as a very enticing pin-up for August. The image of John might just change the way everyone sees the unassuming sidekick, even Sherlock Holmes.
  • John’s Drawers by JezebelGoldstone (T, Ao3) (2,646 w.) - Sherlock snoops through John’s drawers and finds something… unexpected.
  • In Which John is a BAMFy MoFo, OMG! by Kantayra (T, Ao3) (1,835 w.) - John’s BAMFness and Sherlock’s damsel-in-distress act are caught forever on camera. So Scotland Yard can mock. A lot.
  • Corpus Hominis by mycapeisplaid (E, Ao3) (47,709 w.) - John knows the human body intimately. He’s had plenty of opportunity for study as a doctor, soldier, and lover. There’s one particular body, however, he knows very little about. When Sherlock launches himself head-first into a new obsession and they get sent on a case in an unlikely location, the pair discovers each other’s bodies with confusing yet delightful (and sometimes hilarious) results. {{NOTE: Because I always forget: ‘The One With the Shampoo, Steph.’}}
  • Goodness Gives Extras by mydwynter (E, Ao3) (39,629 w.) - Christmas time. ‘Tis the season to settle down with a drink, some food and a present or two, and to enjoy the quiet relaxation of the holiday. Instead, there’s a case that drags them all over, missing presents, disappointed kids, angry parents, and a freak snowfall. On top of that John has to deal with Sherlock, who is being even more of a prat than usual. He really shouldn’t have expected anything different.
  • You Can Imagine the Christmas Dinners by ardenteurophile (T, Ao3) (23,584 w.) - Sherlock takes John along for Christmas dinner with Mycroft and Mummy (And “Anthea”, too). Over the course of the evening, John realises that everyone in the room - apart from him - seems to think that he and Sherlock are a couple.
  • You Can Imagine The Christmas Dinners by johnsarmylady (T, ff)(1K+ w.) - Set the morning after a Study in Pink, John sits and contemplates Mycroft’s words. John’s imagination sometimes goes a little wild.
  • Abhorring the Dull Routine of Existence by ardenteurophile (T, ff) (7K+ w.) - Or, a Week Spent on Artificial Stimulants. Sherlock overdoses on Red Bull, much to John’s dismay. Spin-off fic set before the events of “You Can Imagine the Christmas Dinners”.
  • The Real Meaning of Idioms by feverishsea (T, Ao3) (21,691 w.) - After two weeks away, John finally texts Sherlock. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to respond. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to keep texting him. And he really doesn’t expect things to spiral out of control so rapidly.
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (G, Ao3) (5,308 w.) - Sherlock wants to conduct a sleep study of sorts. John contemplates smothering him with a pillow. Part 1 of Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please (this whole series is amazing, and I love it so much).
  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics by entanglednow (T, Ao3) (3,614) - In which there’s no heating and there’s a dead owl in Sherlock’s bed. Part 1 of Thermodynamics (this whole series is really great, I love it!)
  • Vaporized by Catslynw (K, ff) (1K+ w.) - This little number is set soon after A Study in Pink. John has just moved into 221b and is getting to know his flatmate, and his flatmate’s amazing abilities, a little better.
  • Denial Isn’t Just a River in Egypt by satanatemycat (T, ff) (2K+ w.) - In which John makes a bet with a co-worker. If he wins, she shuts up about him and Sherlock being a couple. If he loses… well, that doesn’t matter, because he won’t lose. Because he and Sherlock ARE NOT a couple. Right?
  • The Video Footage by bitchinblackframedglasses (K, ff) (1K+ w.) - What exactly DID Lestrade film Sherlock doing in A Scandal in Belgravia? Sherlock wants to know, and John tells him. Fluff.
  • At Least Make It Interesting by amythedork (K, ff) (2K+ w.) - "You’ve reached Sherlock Holmes. For the love of God, if you’re going to leave a message, at least make it an interesting one. If this is Mycroft, then piss off.“ / A series of voicemails John left Sherlock throughout their time together. 
  • Manipulation by sixbynine (K, ff) (2+K w.) - John Watson is not as unobservant as Sherlock thinks, nor is he above using what he knows. Even if it is just to make sure Sherlock eats and sleeps.
  • Bored Games by SparksMayFly (K, ff) (3K+ w.) - Sherlock asks if he can take Reverend Green in for interrogation. John explains that’s not how the game works. 
  • Bored Games by patster223 (K+, ff) (2k+ w.) - Sherlock is bored and John decides that they should play Cluedo. In retrospect, it was a truly awful decision.
  • Three Ways Sherlock Conformed to His Stereotype by Jennistar1 (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - "It’s a hat.” / Urge to roll eyes, quashed. “Yes. I can see that.” / “It’s called a deerstalker.”
  • Tipsy by katkin (K+, ff) (2K+ w.)  “I love everyone in this room,” he announced proudly.“I know you do, buddy,” John replied “Which is why you’re going to clean this carpet in the morning. Because you’re a good friend.” “I am a good friend!” Sherlock agreed.
  • Cards by Caighlee (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - Sherlock has been without a case for a few days and Molly’s suggested experiment - something with a pig head (ew) - is losing it’s appeal. Can John come up with something that’ll distract Sherlock for a bit longer? And how did John pull off that card trick? Sherlock’ll never know because a magician never tells a secret. Except maybe when faced with a smiling Consulting Detective.
  • Never Have I Ever by Hannelore-Grace (T, ff) (2K+) - In which the Yarders, Sherlock, and John play the time-honored drinking game.
  • Surety by hudders (G, Ao3) (2,477 w.) - Sherlock is pissed because it seems that four pints of larger, two shots of tequila and a glass of wine has resulted in Lestrade becoming a little bit too friendly with everyone. And by everyone, Sherlock really means John.
  • Never Have I Ever by hudders-and-hiddles (E, Ao3) (10,655 w.) - John and Sherlock tag along for the Met’s weekly night out, where the evening’s chosen drinking game is Never Have I Ever. Sherlock is reluctant to join in until he realizes he can learn all kinds of new things about John, but he forgets that John might learn a thing or two about him as well.
  • Cabin Fever by A Wandering Minstrel (K+, ff) (6K+ w.) - A massive storm keeps John trapped in Baker Street with a half-blind (for science!), very bored Sherlock Holmes.
  • Spilt Milk by Erin Giles (K+, ff) (2K+ w.) - John comes back from a trip to the supermarket only to take a trip up the stairs. Both shopping and blood are spilled leaving Sherlock to play the role of Doctor.
  • God Save The Queen by Alice Day (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - Sherlock has a new case. John is petrified. The Queen is amused.
  • Tidying Up by mattsloved1 (K+, ff) (951w.) – John comes home to a thoroughly cleaned flat. Or so it seems.

Feel free to add your own ficlets and self promos!! I love all the funny fics!

Where Were You?

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Pairing: Oliver Queen x Reader

Request: “Hey! Would you mind doing an Oliver Queen x soulmate reader? One where the reader is feeling really down in her life and you meet your soulmate when you are at the lowest point. Thank you!!”

Word count: 1.000

A/N: Hey there! Sorry if I took so long to post your request, I didn’t know how to write it and I am afraid that you may not like it. Please let me know if I disappointed your expectations, because I would write you another one if ever. Please send me some feedbacks. Sorry once again and thank you for requesting.

- G. x

Soulmates are here with us to challenge and awaken us so our souls can evolve into a higher state of consciousness. You once thought that soulmates are the epitome of love and partnership.

Since you were a little kid, your mother has always told you that every person in this world has a soulmate. She used to tell you stories about people finding their soulmates and, now that you are a grown-up woman, you still had this idea of having a soulmate out there.

You were sometimes confused though, you once thought that your soulmate is the one you were attracted to, but you were wrong. In fact, you once read that soulmate relationships don’t last forever.

You became sad because of it and you stressed yourself about when you’re going to meet your soulmate and how. You would do some serious researches about them, but you gave up when you just couldn’t seem to find the right answer.

You were disappointed because you thought that it was easy to find your soulmate, just like in your mother’s stories when you were a kid, but it wasn’t, so you stopped on searching for him and you let the idea of soulmates go.

You were discouraged, because you just wanted to have someone with you and it seemed like you were asking for too much. You wanted a person with whom you have a connection, mostly in times of need, just like in this exact moment.
You didn’t know what has happened to you, but you just suddenly felt down. You were sure that it was not a mood swing caused by your Premenstrual Syndrome, you had your period just a week ago.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Your thoughts vanished when your best friend Felicity called you. “What’s up with that sad face? Are you falling into depression?” She handed you a plate full of finger food to eat and you just rolled your eyes.

“It’s just the film, Felicity.” You lied through your teeth and you started on eating the exquisite and tasty food that Felicity has prepared. She invited you over her house, because she wanted you to meet her co-workers.

“Whatever,” She laughed. “if White Chicks makes you sad.” You looked at the television in front of you. You rolled your eyes when you realized that you just did a bad figure, but who cares? She’s your best friend.

“Shut up, Smoak!” She laughed a little bit louder and you started stuffing food in your mouth because of embarrassment.

“Stop pouting over the same old thing.” She put on a serious face and stopped laughing.

“Over the same old thing?” You raised your left eyebrow as you tried to chew your food slowly.

“C’mon, you know what it is about.” She put a frown on her face. “You’re stressing yourself over your douche boss and then let’s add this soulmate thing.”


“Stop pretending that you don’t care about your soulmate anymore. Who knows? He will arrive in the right time, you have to wait. Maybe he was stranded on an island for a short period of time, we couldn’t tell.” She answered, giving you some hope.

“Just cut it off.” You slightly giggled. She was using her fantasies once again.

“I will, but please stop stressing yourself. Now that you haven’t met your soulmate yet, you think that you’re never good enough for anybody in this place. Your soulmate is there, asking the same thing for sure, but you don’t have to stress yourself.” She tried to cheer you up. “You have your permanent mark there on your forearm, I am sure that you’re not the only one to have that.” She nodded and smiled.

“Whatever you say, Felicity.” You let her words slip through and you didn’t even listen to every word she has said. As she was about to speak, someone rang her doorbell and she quickly ran to the door to open it. While she was away, you secretly rolled up your right sleeves and looked at your still black mark, meaning that you haven’t even seen him yet.

“(Y/N)!” Felicity called you with an excessive happiness in her voice. You jumped on the couch as she has surprised you and you quickly stood up from where you were sitting. “Meet my friends or co-workers, John Diggle and Oliver Queen.”

As Felicity pronounced the name Oliver, your heart pumped blood quicker than the normal and you suddenly felt relieved somehow. You didn’t know what has just happened, but you felt that someone has tickled your soul.

“Alright, John and Ollie,” Felicity started as she noticed that you were out of yourself. “She’s my friend, (Y/N). Please forgive her, she’s not feeling that well.”

“It’s okay.” John said and he walked near you. “Nice to meet you, beautiful.”

“Nice to meet you too, John.” You both shook your hands and smiled gently. You somehow felt better now.

“Hey,” Oliver has started as he followed John. “nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Oliver.” You both united your hands and shook them. You were about to break the handshake when you noticed that your mark has turned red.

“Oh!” Oliver exclaimed and you looked at him as he was admiring his red mark on his forearm. You were shocked and you felt excited at the same time.

Finally, your soulmate has arrived and you had the chance to meet him. He smiled at you and quickly pulled you in his arms and hugged you.

“Where have you been all my life?” You asked him without showing shyness as you wrapped your arms around him too.

“Sorry, I was stranded on an island, no lies.” He answered honestly. You looked at Felicity, who was smirking at that moment, and you both guffawed at what he has just said.

“Told you.” Felicity mouthed and winked at you. You shook your head and mouthed a thank you, before closing your eyes and letting yourself in Oliver’s hug with relish.

My Own Personal Hero (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Murder, panic attack, claustrophobia.


Request: Sherlock x reader. Sherlocks girlfriend come by the flat to pick up a few things and ends up getting dragged into the final problem. If at the end you could do it so her and John get separated. Could you make so she’s clostraphobic  

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You had come by 221B Baker street to get your coat that you had left yesterday and in the pocket was your wallet so you couldn’t wait. You ran to the apartment and let yourself in, announcing to Mrs Hudson it was only you, and she called a good morning back before you ran up the stairs and let yourself into the apartment.

John was sat at the desk on his computer, Sherlock not there. “Good morning John.” You called. He looked up and smiled.

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Random Shit about Sherlock Filming Locations in Cardiff


- 28 the Parade - what we affectionately called the Sad Gay Batman roof

- Mount Stuart Square – plot twist the boys had their “walking into the twilight together” moment at Mount Stuart Square.  The tree in the background has blossomed, much like their love.


- National Museum Cardiff – you literally walk in and are instantly assaulted by emotions because the staircases are the first things you see.  Also the gift shops are filled with lots of bees.

- Ba Orient – it’s located in a pretty prominent area in Mermaid Quay, so every time we walked past it, we made snide comments about asshole Sebastian trying to having his dinner and Sherlock and his boyfriend John busting in and being all yo son your co-worker DED.  Also it is definitely not actually a sushi restaurant named Ba Orient.

- Roland Kerr College/Cardiff School of Chemistry – this is just really fucked up because it looks almost nothing like what you see in the show.  The two separate buildings?  Those don’t exist.  That shit is all one giant circular building, my friend.  Visual effects are crazy.


- Heddlu De Cymru – aka Roath Police Station. Obviously we couldn’t go inside where they filmed to see the exact location, but we were outside it and it didn’t really look at all like a police station.  The outside of the building is actually rather creepy.  Also right as we were about to get here, we walked past a London taxi cab (which looks completely different from a Cardiff taxi cab) and it was suspicious as hell.

- Tredegar House – we actually made a day trip out here at the end of the week that they used it for base and it’s super precious.  The last owner was a hilarious gay man who reminded us of Mark and there is a dalek in the stables since they’ve used it for Doctor Who.

- Cardiff City Hall – we couldn’t go in because there was a wedding happening at the time.  We mentioned that we should have brought cufflinks for the occasion.

- School of Optometry and Vision Sciences – there was nothing to see there but we kept trying.


- Corner of Bute St and James St – first of all, Bute Street takes up half of Cardiff.  Seriously, it is the longest street in the whole damn city and ends with, surprise surprise, Bute Park.  Secondly, there is a salon in the corner as Lestrade is walking called the Guy Christian Salon.  There are a lot of these in Cardiff and this is the first one I saw.  The first time I saw it, we were on a bus and I had just gotten there, unexpectedly arriving after an awful four hour bus ride next to an asshole and I was exhausted, irritable, and not fully with it.  I saw Guy Christian and was 100% sure it said Gay Christian.  From that day forward, all Guy Christian Salons were Gay Christian Salons.  Also, this exact spot on the corner is about a street away from Mount Stuart and if you cross the street and keep walking about 400 odd feet, boom you’re at the drug den entrance.

- National Assembly – it’s open to the public and is designed to be a meeting place (hahaha good one, to quote hotsmug) and there are exhibitions and a café.  It’s actually really aesthetically pleasing from the outside, no lie, and it looks right out over the water in Mermaid Quay.

- The Packet Hotel Public House – it may look cute, but they don’t serve food.  Luckily it’s right down by Mermaid Quay and there are 8000 restaurants down there but SERIOUSLY WHAT KIND OF PUB DOESN’T HAVE FOOD.


- 111-112 Bute St – okay so the cool thing about the drug den is that is actually looks like it could really be a drug den.  Like you walk up to it and it does for the most part look like that and we’re pretty sure it’s just empty buildings next to it and it’s creepy as hell.  It doesn’t go in nearly as far as it looks and it’s in a really nice area so it’s kind of random but cool whatever you do you drug den. Also on one of the days we were in Cardiff Doctor Who was randomly filming there too because why the hell not.

- Cardiff University Main Building – aka the hallway of EMOTIONS.  Fittingly this is the science building so you’re literally surrounded by science classrooms as you’re being assaulted on all sides by angst and sorrow.  As you walk up and down, gently caressing the walls and trying to hold in your tears, try and keep your weeping to a minimum because this is actually a school and there are people trying to, you know, study, but this also means that you’re not likely to get kicked out, which is cool.  They filmed on both corridors, but the one on the left as you walk in the more familiar of the two.

- 10 Wordsworth Avenue – John and Mary’s flat is hella adorable, no lie.  It’s literally in the middle of nowhere though so they’d both be bored out of their fucking skulls in a minute.  It was also really weird just standing on the street staring at someone’s house, which is why we didn’t take pictures of it.

- Kapu – sadly not actually a gay bar, but apparently it is tropical themed.  There is a gay bar right down the road named, fittingly enough, Mary’s.

- Kitty Flynn’s – it’s super precious and sells specialty beers and nibbles.  We basically sat down, had emotions, and left.  It’s about two doors down from Kapu.

- Cardiff Crown Court – appropriately enough, the law courts are actually located here.  If they actually put a coffee kiosk here, it would probably do some bomb ass business between the students and the police force, actually.  Right across the street there’s a nice little park (Cathays Park) where we decided John and Sherlock should get married because it is super adorable and has a precious little gazebo.


- Charles Street – the Christmas lights are definitely up all the time (they were up while we were visiting in early August and there was no filming happening at all).  Also this is the gay district in Cardiff which is seriously excellent.  Hotsmug and I visited a gay bar on drag night on the next street over one of our nights visiting.

- New Theatre – we walked past it.  A lot.  There really doesn’t seem to be anything all that fantastically special about it, honestly.

- Cardiff University Students’ Union – this place is the most hospital looking place to ever hospital.  Seriously who the fuck designed this place, what the ever living hell is wrong with them.  That shit is eerie.  Also we rushed through it because we were pretty sure we were going to get kicked out. I mean, it was also really cool looking…in a hospital kind of way.  It just really creeped me out okay despite the fact that it had a Starbucks.

- Mint and Mustard – actually looks like a really cute place.  We got off the bus for a day at the beach and it was just right there. We may have no idea what happened there, but the place looks adorable and the food is actually pretty high class (nice one John).

- Portland House – right across the street from the drug den and on the opposite side of it is Mount Stuart Square.  It’s not as nice and fancy looking outside as the pictures make it out to be.  It actually looks rather shit when you’re walking past it.

- St David’s Hotel – it’s the first five star hotel in Cardiff (thanks, boat tour) and it’s basically jutting out into the water.  There’s…really not much else to say because we’re frankly too poor to be able to tell you more.

- Mount Stuart Square – the pic that Arwel took of the clock to troll us while they were filming at Mount Stuart is actually part of construction that seems to be there all the time – hotsmug took pretty much the exact same pic.  Also, that vid of Ben pretending to shoot the seagulls?  He did that because they are always around. Making noise.  Being a nuisance.  Because seagulls are rats with wings.  They are evil assholes.  I hate seagulls and they are particularly awful in the Mount Stuart area.  And appropriately enough, there is a very nice wine bar and book shop across from the church at Mount Stuart where we found the book Swimming with Sharks.  SYMBOLISM.

- Cardiff Bay Barrage – it’s actually in Penarth and there’s a random ass restaurant thing right after you get off the bridge.  The whole thing is pretty cool, like a manmade canal type deal that opens the bay to the greater part of the ocean, but apparently there was some controversy over it when it was initially built.  Regardless it took us about a half an hour to walk there because there are no direct bus routes from the Quay there and there was a food festival happening so our bus stopped earlier than it should have so that was an extra fun adventure.  

Well, hopefully you enjoyed this little journey into the Sherlock filming places around Cardiff.  All of the kudos to @hotsmugstache for a good portion of these pics and her and the flatmate for helping me create this post! Obviously this isn’t all of the locations, but it was the ones we had the chance to visit and explore.  Enjoy!


workplace update: we cut out this picture of Peak John Stamos and taped it to the backside of one co-worker’s coat hook so that he could essentially perform a John Stamos puppet show for the co-worker on the other side of his cubicle

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I literally think about Keanu all day like wtf, he's on my mind at work(John Wick style, cause I think about hurting some of my co- workers) I drive home and I wonder what he's doing, and then when I'm in the shower I think about how good looking he is... I need help 😂😅💗

Yeah, you do.

I made it worse, didn’t i?


The Story of Us

John Winchester x Reader

A/N: So this is my entry for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Mimi’s Trope Challenge. I had co-workers to lovers with John Winchester, I hope you guys enjoy xoxox Also, this got WAY sadder and angstier than I anticipated but still there’s floof at the end. (Possibly considering making this a series…? Not sure yet) HUGE, GIGANTIC thank you to Mimi for graciously letting me participate in one of her writing challenges <3

Words: 1900ish

Warnings: language (like right off the bat lmao), angst, sadness, tears, lots of pain, mentions of blood, John being a douche, but also fluffy and scared John, violence, harm done to baby wendigos

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“Stupid fucking son of a bitch” you mumbled under your breath as you snatched your clothes off the corner of the bed and stomped into the bathroom.

John definitely heard you. He just ignored you because he knew calling you out would just start a screaming match that neither of you had the energy for. To say it was a bad hunt would be the understatement of the century. You would’ve had a better chance at fighting Azazel with nothing but a plastic spoon.

You peeled your dirty clothes off, trying not to close your eyes because every time you did you relived the moment that could’ve been your last. All because John wanted to do shit by himself.

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Basically, basically we got a new cook. The only one that hasn’t been there since day one. So he’s new, and he apparently has a lot of experience in the field or whatever.

He is not my favorite. He doesn’t communicate with me and I never have the food I need when I need it, and then he makes extra food that I have to throw away and it sucks. He’s partially deaf so I know it’s part of my responsibility to make sure I’m clearly communicating with him, but he is just in his own damn world, and he disappears for large chunks of time or whatever but I can deal with all that. What I can’t deal with is how he treated this kid.

You see, my boy John was running around like crazy doing all manner of random cleaning tasks for me on Saturday night. Mind you it’s nearing midnight, and I’ve been there since 8am. So I’m pretty tired but here I am kneading a quadruple batch of dough while John runs in and out of the fridge doing stuff for me, all the while we are talking about the new dishwashers, who are awesome btw, when this new guy comes up and yells “YOU NEED TO STAY FOCUSED AND CLEAN BECAUSE I’VE DONE 90% OF THE WORK TONIGHT AND YOU NEED TO PULL YOUR WEIGHT. THIS ISN’T OKAY AND I’M NOT GOING TO LET IT STAND”

And so I’m just like, totally shocked. Who is this guy and why is he yelling at anyone, let alone this young kid who is doing his best, which is pretty darn good, and like he just reorganized the whole freezer and helped me move around the shelves in the fridge and just because he didn’t sweep the floor doesn’t mean he isn’t working.

But basically I didn’t say anything to the cook about it and I feel really bad for not defending him, but then John asked me not to tell our boss so I didn’t but y'all can bet your butts I’ll be there to defend him next time b/c that won’t stand in this kitchen. No way, no how. We don’t yell at each other, and even when I get frustrated with someone, I don’t yell, and I always make sure we’re all good afterwards (like for real though these people need to stop eating my darn rolls. They take up way too much of my time and effort to not be for our customers) And this isn’t the first time someone’s done that kind of thing to him and seriously, just because he is young doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve respect and I went through the same kind of thing when I started my last job and I’m not going to let it happen to him. So that’s what happened.

A Little Make Up Sex Never Hurt Anyone

This one is on the shorter side and I’m sorry for that!!

“Derek we are just friends.” I said to my pissed off and pacing boyfriend. When Derek picked me up from work a few hours ago I was outside talking to my friend and co-worker John. When I saw Derek pulled up, I gave John a quick hug and made my way to the car. John was friendly with everyone and I’m a hugger, both are things that Derek know. Derek knows I love him, it’s not that he doesn’t trust me but he doesn’t trust other people, at the end of the day, everyone has their insecurities. The one drawback of dating Derek? He gets jealous pretty easily.
“You didn’t see how he looked at you after you hugged him. I know you are his friend but I think he sees you as so much more.” He said his face tightening and his fists clenching. I stood up from the couch, slowly, unsure of what his movements were going to be.
“Even if he does see me in a different light, I only see you.” I said grabbing his buff forearm. I had never seen him like this, normally he would be jealous and get protective but not angry.
“I can’t even keep my own girlfriend. He is home all the time, I’m gone half of the time!” He pulled his arm away from me and continued pacing around the apartment, running his hands down his face and back go clenching his fists.
“(Y/N) I’m jealous okay? He gets to see you while you are at work and he checked you out right in front of me. I’m tired of his shit!” He yelled walking into the bedroom and slamming the door behind him. I sighed, knowing that I would have to go in there and talk him down from the boiling rage that was building up inside him.
“Derek I-” I said walking into the bedroom but stopped as I saw his fist colliding with the wall, punching a hole it in without even thinking about it. Sweat beads on his forehead, chest rising and falling faster than normal, muscles tense, he couldn’t look any hotter if he tried. I took a few steps to get to him and then rested my hands on his chest, playing with the fabric of his black v-neck while biting my lip.
“I love you Derek Morgan. You know I love when you get jealous but this new kind of jealous is turning me on.” I said looking up at the handsome and sculpted man in front of me only to be pulled in by my waist and attaching my lips to his. His hands slowly roamed my body, the space between us closing and my heartbeat quickening.
“You’re mine and he needs to know that.” Derek whispered, pulling away just enough to whisper it while his hands traveled down to the backs of my thighs and picking me up and walking over to the bed. One of the perks of dating Derek? Make up sex is always the best, even if I didn’t do anything.

  • What she says: Eh, he' alright
  • What she means: Lestrade is the most underrated character in the whole of Sherlock and I'm very surprised to see barely anyone ship him with Sherlock. He used to only call Sherlock to only baffling cases, and now he just heavily relies on him. He's a humorous character and has close connections with the other main characters. He was one of the first, if not the first character to accept John being a co-worker of Sherlock's and he's just straight up adorable. Overall I ship Lestrade and Sherlock with a passion.
Dr. Man “Facts“

Has done nothing wrong…that we know of…yet.

A perfectly normal herman beam (from the paragray?)

Canonically sounds like Boris Karloff.

Walked here from Virginia (from John Hopkins?)

Likes all his co-workers except That One Doctor. Seriously don’t mention him.

Said phage doesn’t even seem to know he exists.

Specializes in beings from the paraviolet.

Has allergies and/or is alcoholic.

Falls asleep standing up in his office.

Objects to people being unexisted.

Smiling constantly is the most professional behavior.

Pickle themed expressions are folksy and create trust.

Horrible at teaching anyone anything. Doesn’t even try.

Someone googled “human doctor” and created him from the results.(???) His body design came from clip art.

Try the flan.

Smile hiding: pain? fear? joy? nothingness?

I think in interpretations of BBC Sherlock in general, there has to be more appreciation for negative spaces - the things conspicuously absent, whose absences speak VOLUMES. There’s a SLIGHT indication the fandom understands this concept in that Sherlock’s unspoken sexual orientation, by virtue of its unspokenness, is assumed to be probably not straight. There have been so many opportunities to say he’s straight, so many, and it’s honestly a commonplace for characters whose sexual identity is under any scrutiny to have a completely throwaway scene that asserts their straightness for all those concerned. The absence of this in Sherlock’s case is conspicuous, and it leaves an opening for fan interpretation.

Having said that, there are SO MANY other things, scenes, relationships that would benefit from fans taking into account what’s NOT there. A stand-out is Jim Moriarty’s relationship to physical violence, as well as his relationship with Sherlock. He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. It’s stated, it’s witnessed, and we have no reason to think otherwise since we’ve only ever seen him kill people remotely. But the thing is: I’ve realized when I say “we have no reason to think otherwise,” people still think that means “all theories are equally valid”. It doesn’t. It means the absence of extreme violence in any of Jim’s scenes is indicative (if not proof) of a general absence. The “heist” Jim commits to gain Sherlock’s attention is actually completely without a body count. So is his method of blackmailing the jury. When he kills people, it’s not for the violence, it’s for the plan. He plans. Further, Jim’s scenes with Sherlock are ALL emotionally-piqued intellectual battles, with nothing bloodthirsty about them. His scenes with Sherlock feature no violence (barring the violence he commits against himself). His scenes with Sherlock are respectful. And that’s on both sides. Either of them could turn these meetings into violent altercations or ambushes. Neither does this. This absence is interesting. Jim touches Sherlock ONCE and it’s WITH HIS PERMISSION. There are obviously barriers they do not cross, things which neither would consider respectful, but since, in order to appreciate this, you have to be looking for what’s NOT there rather than what is, most people miss it.

Another example is the complete absence of a teary, ‘thank God you’re not dead’ scene in TEH. We were all expecting one, and the absence was really interesting. It set the tone for the whole third series, which can best be summed up as “WHOA WE LEFT TOO MUCH OPEN FOR INTERPRETATION LAST TIME NO MORE EMOTIONS WE’RE BROPALS WE BANG LADIES ALL THE GAY STUFF WAS JOKES MORE JOKES ALL THE JOKES.” I can only speak for myself, but even in the sheriarty camp, I found the violent reunion between John and Sherlock to be extremely disrespectful of their friendship. John and Sherlock greeted each other, after a two-year absence, like co-workers who fucking hated each other.

Taking this further, in a general way, when people argue John and Sherlock’s relationship is a “slow burn” - it’s actually crucial to look at what a Johnlock endgame would mean in retrospect. If that were to happen, think how much SHOULD’VE been there along the way that wasn’t. If the story were “John and Sherlock begrudgingly fall in love” why was that struggle described NOWHERE in the literal story? Why doesn’t Sherlock have a scene following the wedding in which Mrs. Hudson, or someone else *in the know*, comforts him about his unrequited love? Why doesn’t John have a clear “what even IS bisexuality? is that even possible?” identity crisis moment? If John is having second thoughts about Mary, and if he’s really in love with Sherlock, why don’t we see him hesitating on the eve of his wedding? If John is in love with Sherlock, why doesn’t he care AT ALL that Sherlock left the hospital VERY early after major surgery on a near-fatal gunshot wound? Why does he call Sherlock a 'psychopath’ when it’s pretty clear Sherlock is about to collapse? Why do we never see Sherlock getting his feelings hurt by John’s frankly abusive (since he admits he doesn’t even know Sherlock’s orientation) gay jokes? Why don’t a million things happen, some of which would simply better inform the audience about the emotional complexity of this “slow burn”? It’s almost as if the show were written for straight audiences, with no intention of pleasing queer audiences at all beyond the bare minimum of bone-throwing. That makes “Johnlock,” however you slice it, NOT the core of the show. That makes “Johnlock” a cult interpretation, repeatedly denigrated by the writers.


For the October 2016 Sherlock Challenge: Sports. @sherlockchallenge

John trotted back along the path—he was done jogging but he felt good, as if he could have kept going if he’d needed to. For the first time he thought he would be ready to run the 5K in three weeks. His shoulder was a little tight and he knew he needed to work on keeping his arms relaxed, but his legs still felt strong and he wasn’t too winded. Sticking to the training program really had helped—too bad Sherlock had refused to do most of it with him.

He backtracked about a half-mile through the park before he found Sherlock, who was, surprisingly, still running. “Time’s up!” John told him, but Sherlock held up a finger, then raised his wrist to show John his stopwatch still counting down. John turned to follow along beside him—Sherlock was moving so slowly that John’s brisk walking pace was enough to keep up with him. He ran for another minute or so, getting slower with each step and raising his arm to check the time every few seconds. When the watch beeped zero Sherlock stopped dead in his tracks but John put his hand out to tug on his arm. “Come on, keep walking.”

“I hate you,” Sherlock gasped, and bent to put his hands on his thighs, ignoring John’s attempt to keep him moving.

“No, you don’t. The opposite, actually.”

“I hate…your co-workers.”

“Mm. Sorry.” John got a better grip on his wrist and pulled, forcing Sherlock to walk with him or fall. It was true that John would never have thought to try running a race if everyone at work hadn’t decided to enter as a group, but he was glad he had done it, though maybe trying to get Sherlock to join them had been a mistake. “So you actually ran longer than the 20 minutes we were supposed to do?”

“No. I walked for five minutes in the middle. And I stopped to use the loo. Give me your water.”

John handed him his half-empty bottle of water—Sherlock said it was too distracting for him to carry his own as he ran. “But you did do twenty minutes of running?” John asked. The training plan they were using gradually increased the distance and time spent running. John had followed it religiously, running three times a week no matter what; Sherlock had skipped days because of rain, unsolved murders, a runny nose and a sore knee. The knee was the only legitimate excuse, in John’s opinion, but an elastic brace seemed to have eased the problem.

Sherlock nodded, sloshing water into his mouth and then spitting most of it onto the grass on the side of the path. “This is stupid.”

“No, it’s not. You’re doing great. Doesn’t it feel good to know you ran that much without giving up?”

“No. It feels stupid. Like I should’ve stopped running a mile ago.” He took another gulp of water, swallowing it this time.

“But aren’t you glad you kept going even when you wanted to stop?”

"John.” Sherlock gestured at him with the water bottle, which was now almost completely empty. “You have spent years—literally years—telling me I needed to listen to my body and take care of it. Now all of a sudden I should do the opposite?”

“Not if it’s really telling you something is wrong,” John said, glancing over to try to gauge if Sherlock was in actual pain or just overreacting. “How’s your knee?”

“Sore. But so are my ankles. And my calves. And my thighs.”

“You shouldn’t have skipped so many days on the plan.”

“The plan is stupid.” Sherlock thrust the water bottle back at John and started to veer toward one of the benches that lined the path.

John reached out and caught him by the hem of his sweat-soaked shirt. “Come on. Keep walking or you’ll cramp up.”

“No. I need to sit.”

“You can sit when we get home.”


“Nope.” John pulled at his shirt but only briefly, knowing he couldn’t make Sherlock do anything he really didn’t want to. Surprisingly, Sherlock followed him rather than bolting for the bench. John gave him a quick pat on the arm in encouragement. “If you make it all the way home your legs will feel better and you can celebrate with a nice warm bath. Relax, maybe put some bubbles in it.”

Sherlock glared at him but kept walking. “When have you ever known me to put bubbles in my bath?”

John grinned. “You might like it.”

“I’d get a rash,” Sherlock said.

“Hmm. That’s probably true.” He watched Sherlock from the corner of his eye: he was walking more steadily now, and while his face was still bright red, his breathing had slowed. They were almost out of the park. Maybe it was time for one final push. He increased his pace so he could get ahead of Sherlock, then turned to walk backward as he addressed him. “Race you home?”

Sherlock opened his mouth to protest but before he could speak John turned his back to him and started to run. As expected, he almost immediately heard feet pounding on the pavement behind him. Sherlock had terrible running form; they would have to work on that later. For now, John just ran, happy that for once Sherlock was the one chasing after him.

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Cheeseburgers&fries (A Luke Hemmings one-shot)

Part 2

I got outside the kitchen, carrying two plates filled with steaming food. Heading towards the elderly couple that stood in the booth near the restaurant’s door, I noticed the new group of people that entered and sat in my area of serving. I gently laid the plates on the table and offered the couple a ‘Bon appétit’ and a gentle smile, before turning my head to the new clients.

The group was formed of 7 people, five guys and two girls. Due to their number, the guys joined two tables to sit comfortably. Going to the bar, I grabbed a bunch of menus and then headed towards group.

“Hello. My name is Y/N and I will be your waitress for tonight.“ I spread the menus around the table and got my notebook and my pen from the white apron tied around my waist.

“Would you like to order your drinks now, or would you prefer looking on the menus first?” I asked, looking around the table and noticing that most have already opened the menus, skimming the shiny pages in hope to find something they would like.

“We’re gonna look around first.” A blue eyed blonde boy said smiling, and a spark of recognition flickered in my eyes. Although I didn’t knew his name, he would come to our restaurant pretty often, usually accompanied by one or two of his friends.

“Sure thing. I will return shortly to get your order then.” I said, nodding my head towards the blond and went behind the bar, where John, my co-worker was playing on his phone.

“I see lover boy is here to see you again.” Jon mumbled, throwing me a knowing smirk, before concentration on his game again.

“How many times do I have to tell you that he is not here to see me?” I shook my head and laughed slightly as I took a seat next to John and took a sip from my bottle of water.

“Oh please.” He snorted and paused his game, dropping the phone into his lap. ”Why else would he keep returning to this joint if it weren’t for you? He keeps on coming here because he likes you.” John emphasized the word like with a few hand gestures while making a disgustingly cute kissy face. Swiping the bottle out of my hands he took a few mouthfuls and emptied half.

“Hey!” I furrowed my eyebrows and pouted slightly. “He certainly doesn’t like me and this place is nice.” I retorted, getting my bottle back, screwing the lid back on and hitting John’s side with it.

Rising from my seat, I headed once again to the make-shift double table and got my notepad out. Everybody rushed to say their orders, and I looked in confusion at them, hoping that they would have the decency to wait for their turned.  Luckily, a curly haired blonde loudly cleared up his throat and glared around the table, making everybody’s mouths shut up.

“I would like the steak with mashed potatoes and some iced tea, please.” He said clearly, and I threw him a grateful smile, jotting down his order. After that one by one placed their orders, the last one being the blonde regular.

“Double cheeseburger, fries, a beer and your number.” He said smugly, smirking and throwing me a wink, before looking around the table to grasp everybody’s reaction.

“I’m afraid that’s not on the menu.” I smiled coldly and turned my back, leaving behind a shocked face with a gaping mouth and a bunch of snickering and teasing friends.

“Tough luck, Luck.” The blue haired one said laughing, loud enough for me to hear as well. So blondie’s name was Luke.  

Going to the kitchen I pinned the order on the wall and headed to the bar to get the drinks. Removing some bottles from the refrigerator and opening them up, I placed them on a tray, together with glasses and a few straws in paper foils.

Balancing the heavy tray on one of my hands, I stepped towards the table once again and placed the drinks and glasses in front of their holders, leaving Luke last. Setting the beer and his glass in front of him, I avoided his touch when he tried to brush his fingers against mine.

“Would you like me to pour your drink in your glass?” I repeated the question briskly and waited for his answer.

While most of his friends choose to drink form their bottles, his answer was a mumbled ‘yes’. Grabbing the glass in one hand and the bottle in the other I tiled the glass and started pouring the beer. Right when I was half way in, I felt a clammy hand creeping up my calf and resting right above the back of my naked knee squeezing the tender skin . My breath stopped, my eyes widened and the bottle almost slipped from my hand.

Quickly filling the glass up, I nearly slammed it on the table and looked down to see whose hand was touching me. Of course it was Blondie. Gripping the tray so hard that my knuckles turned white, I placed underneath my arm and turned towards the boy.

“Could you kindly take your hand off of my leg so I could go get your food?” I asked and all eyes snapped towards the Luke, whose cheeks looked like they caught on fire. His hand immediately fell.

“Fucking hell, Luke.” The curly haired man who helped me before swore, glaring at the younger boy. I nodded my head in thanks, as I left and hid after the bar, telling John everything.

“Do you want me to replace you?” John asked gently, while rubbing my arm attentively.

“No.” I shook my head, frowning stubbornly. “I don’t want to show him that I’m weak. It’s just that…I don’t understand why he’s acting like this. He was always acting nice until now.” I whispered. Hearing a bell from the kitchen that signaled that the food was ready, I sighed and went after it.  Taking the two heavy trays in my hands, I went towards the group of people and placed one of the trays on a nearby table. I started serving their food, this time starting with Luke and finishing with the curly haired blond.

Smiling brightly when the curly haired man, who told me to call him Ashton, thanked me, I noticed Luck frowning, a blush still dusting his pale cheeks, and gripping his cutlery harder than necessary.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully, and I was glad that Luke didn’t cause me any more trouble. Around our closing hour the group finally got up and prepared to leave, while Ashton came to the register to pay.

“Hey there.” He said, taking his leather wallet from the back pocked of his  black jeans. Typing in the prices, I waited for the bill to come out from the metal machine. After it was printed I slowly told him the price and handed him the bill.

“I apologize for Luke’s behavior. He usually doesn’t act this way.” Ashton sighed, taking the money out of his wallet and handing it to me.

“You shouldn’t be the one apologizing.  You did nothing wrong.” I said, shrugging my shoulders and cashing the money.

”Yea, but still, I should have stopped him sooner.” Ashton replied, leaning forward.

“You couldn’t have known what he was about to do.” I presented him his change, but he waved his hand dismissively.

“Actually, we all kinda knew he was going to do something. Or at least we expected it…” Ashton said, crumbling the receipt and throwing it in the bin near the counter. Seeing the look of confusion adorning my face, he explained. “Mike, the dude with blue hair, dared Luke to make a move on you, since he knew that he would never approach you otherwise. But none of us thought he would be so bold, or so rude.”

“Oh, I see.” I said, gazing back at their table and seeing Luke glaring at us, especially at Ashton with a murderous intent. He looked set to come towards us, but luckily Mike grabbed his arm and dragged him outside before he could make a scene.

“Well looks like I got to go. It was nice meeting you.”Ashton smiled one last time, before running outside to join his friends. I looked at the money in my hand, before shoving the few 1 dollar bills into the pocket of my apron. I closed the register and took a rag, preparing to clean the tables. John waltzed out of the kitchen and stole the rag from my shoulder, pushing my slightly towards the changing room.

“I’ll finish up tonight. You go home and rest.”He said and I thanked him, waving him goodbye . Going in the changing room, I took off the burgundy uniform and got my skinny blue jeans and my black top on and rushed home, knowing that I would have to get back to work the next afternoon.

The next day came faster that I wanted it to, and before I knew it I was back at work, changed in the reddish maroon dress, tying my apron around my waist and listening to the soft tunes that flowed from the big speakers peppered all over the restaurant.

Exiting the changing room, I nodded to Maria, signaling that her shift was over. Scanning the grand hall for customers that haven’t been served yet, my eyes fell on Luck, who was sitting alone at a table near the window, with a pair of shades on, typing furiously at his phone. Huffing I headed towards his table and stopped right in front of him, clearing my throat first, before speaking.

“Hello. How can I help you?” I said cordially, pasting a smile on my face. His head snapped, his lips parted and he quickly placed his phone on the table and took his shades off, revealing a pair of breathtaking blue eyes. In the natural light that was streaming through the windows, his eyes seemed even more electric and that sole look almost knocked my breath away. Almost.

“Um, I…I would like to apologize for yesterday’s behavior.  I acted….well I acted like a dick.” He said softly, but still loud enough for me to hear. Cocking en eyebrow in annoyance, I continued, ignoring his previous sentence.

“Is there anything that you would like to order?” His blonde eyebrows furrowed and his bottom lip jutted out, making his piercing shine lightly.

“Please forgive me. It was never my intention to make you feel uncomfortable. I just acted like tha-“

“Sir, I will have to ask you to leave if you won’t order.” I interrupted him indifferently, my eyes quickly scanning  his face and my right hand fiddling with the pen it was holding.

“A coke.” He whispered defeated, breaking eye contact and moving his blue orbs to the table ,pinning them on one discoloration that was staining that table for years now.

“Very well.” I said rushing towards the bar, getting a coke and a glass and rushed back to him. Opening the bottle I poured him his drink and setting it on the table I left, without even glancing at the poor boy. I knew I was a tad too mean with him, but he had a lesson to learn.

I avoided his table for the entire duration of his stay. When I saw that his glass was empty and he was ready to come to the register, I headed towards him and grabbed the glass and the bottle.

“Would you like the check?”I asked, while he just nodded silently. Just as I was about to move away, his hand darted out and grabbed my wrist, pulling me gently to him.

“Look, I get that you don’t want to see me again, so I won’t show my face around here anymore. “he pause briefly and nervously wetted his lips before continuing. ”But at least let me tell you how fucking sorry I am for last night. I know what I did was stupid, but I just wanted to get your attention. The guys kept teasing me about you and when I saw Ash making passes at you I just lost it. I guess I just wanted to show them all that maybe you liked me, just as I liked you. But it was a mistake, and I’m sorry.” He finished, remaining breathless for a few moments .Luke raised his head, his slightly teary eyes searching mine. I sighed and shook my head, making the neat ponytail at the back of my head bounce.

“Don’t worry about it. I kinda understand why you did it. And thanks for apologizing. Not a lot of guys are men enough to do that, you know.” I said, a bright smile widening my lips.  Luke’s eyes sparkles and it looked like life crept into his body once again, energizing him.

“Does that mean I can keep on coming here?” He inquired hopefully , and I laughed playfully and nodded my head, a yes escaping my mouth.

Luke grinned, showing off his pearly white teeth. Striding towards the register, I checked in his consummation and ripped the small piece of printed paper. I stood a few moments with the bill in my hand, feeling the smoothness of the paper between my fingers and contemplating if I should scribble my phone number on the back.

Feeling a tad courageous that day and deciding that taking a risk once in a while wouldn’t hurt, I wrote the digits on the back of the bill, together with my name. I stared for a few more seconds at it, chewing the end of my pen .I straightened my back and quickly stepped towards the blonde boy before I could change my mind.

Soundlessly giving him the paper, I turned my back and went to serve other customers, therefore missing Luke’s wide smile and the enthusiastic fist bump that he thrust into the air. His chair scraped the floor as he backed it away from the table and he strutted proudly to the cash register, waiting for me to come as well.

Seeing him waiting, I trudged towards the counter and took the money that he offered, getting his change ready. Handing him the 10 dollar bill, he pushed my hand away, telling me to keep it.

“So does this mean I can take you out this Friday?” He said cheekily, tilting his head to the side and propping his arms on the clean counter.

“Pushing your luck I see, eh?” I teased , letting his smile falter before talking again. “I get out at six. You can come and pick me up at six-thirty.” I bended over the counter bringing my face closer to his, our lips parted by a few millimeters.

“Yea?” Luke whispered eyeing my lips before inching closer for a kiss.

“Yea.” I rapidly turned away, kissing him on the cheek instead. His orbs widened and I laughed at his expense, straitening my back and taking one step back. Luke crossed his arms over his broad chest and tried pouting but ended up laughing as well.

“Well I better be going then. See you on Friday.“ He covered half his face with the big shades he had and shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Ok. Oh, and Luke?” I called, making Luke turn towards me once again. “Ashton was actually telling me just how much you like me.” I giggled, making his ears turn an angry red and he left rapidly, mumbling something under his breath about fucking Ashton’s drumsticks when he gets home.


Ok. So no smut in this one.  But yahoo, 2 fics in a row! *celebrates by dancing off beat* I actually intended this one to be a blurb, but apparently I’m incapable of writing blurbs so this turned out to be an imagine/one-shot. I wrote this last night, half asleep so this might be a little cheesy and a tad too detailed, maybe even boring, so I might edit this in the future. Nevertheless, I quite like how it turned out,and I hope you like it as well. Thank you for reading, and please remember that reviews are always welcomed. Hope you have a nice day/night!

It’s Better With Two

Pairing: Ten x Rose (Human AU)
Rating: T
Words: ~2k
Summary: After fighting over a taxi, John Smith and Rose Tyler attend the same Christmas party and pretend to be a couple. A run in with Rose’s ex leads to them hiding in a nearby coat closet.


It was clear that she had been there first; he was sitting on her purse after all and didn’t “scooch it under” him as he suggested.

The oblivious cabbie asked where they were going.  They paused their heated discussion to holler their respective destinations back at him in the hopes that whoever said it first would win the ride.  They turned back to stare at each other as both of their lips finished uttering the same address.  Silent awkward smiles were exchanged.

“‘suppose I could share,” he suggested with a sly grin.

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