john the co worker

i was trying to explain “John Howard DJs like a mad cunt” to my co-worker but i was embarrassed and laughing too much to give her any slight indication of what it might be

lafafel  asked:

About the superpowers AU: I bet they dick around with people with their powers and one time Maria walks into her office and Alex and John have just messes up everything. Her co-workers are screaming at them. Her desk is on the ceiling. The carpet has turned fluorescent green. Everything is ruined.

In this you are correct,
They mostly use their powers for their own amusement and it get’s out of hand-
Maria’s eye is twitching while she just stares at the mess in her office,,,
Alexander is just leaning on the wall trying to act normal (it’s not working) while John is holding some papers he was about to throw at Alex-
They’re both terrified of Maria,,,
Maria just
Sets down her coffee on a stand (that is surprisingly not ruined) and walks over to them and proceeds to beat them up with her puRSE-
They’re all screaming at this point and it’s just a giant mess in her office,,

Random Shit about Sherlock Filming Locations in Cardiff


- 28 the Parade - what we affectionately called the Sad Gay Batman roof

- Mount Stuart Square – plot twist the boys had their “walking into the twilight together” moment at Mount Stuart Square.  The tree in the background has blossomed, much like their love.


- National Museum Cardiff – you literally walk in and are instantly assaulted by emotions because the staircases are the first things you see.  Also the gift shops are filled with lots of bees.

- Ba Orient – it’s located in a pretty prominent area in Mermaid Quay, so every time we walked past it, we made snide comments about asshole Sebastian trying to having his dinner and Sherlock and his boyfriend John busting in and being all yo son your co-worker DED.  Also it is definitely not actually a sushi restaurant named Ba Orient.

- Roland Kerr College/Cardiff School of Chemistry – this is just really fucked up because it looks almost nothing like what you see in the show.  The two separate buildings?  Those don’t exist.  That shit is all one giant circular building, my friend.  Visual effects are crazy.


- Heddlu De Cymru – aka Roath Police Station. Obviously we couldn’t go inside where they filmed to see the exact location, but we were outside it and it didn’t really look at all like a police station.  The outside of the building is actually rather creepy.  Also right as we were about to get here, we walked past a London taxi cab (which looks completely different from a Cardiff taxi cab) and it was suspicious as hell.

- Tredegar House – we actually made a day trip out here at the end of the week that they used it for base and it’s super precious.  The last owner was a hilarious gay man who reminded us of Mark and there is a dalek in the stables since they’ve used it for Doctor Who.

- Cardiff City Hall – we couldn’t go in because there was a wedding happening at the time.  We mentioned that we should have brought cufflinks for the occasion.

- School of Optometry and Vision Sciences – there was nothing to see there but we kept trying.


- Corner of Bute St and James St – first of all, Bute Street takes up half of Cardiff.  Seriously, it is the longest street in the whole damn city and ends with, surprise surprise, Bute Park.  Secondly, there is a salon in the corner as Lestrade is walking called the Guy Christian Salon.  There are a lot of these in Cardiff and this is the first one I saw.  The first time I saw it, we were on a bus and I had just gotten there, unexpectedly arriving after an awful four hour bus ride next to an asshole and I was exhausted, irritable, and not fully with it.  I saw Guy Christian and was 100% sure it said Gay Christian.  From that day forward, all Guy Christian Salons were Gay Christian Salons.  Also, this exact spot on the corner is about a street away from Mount Stuart and if you cross the street and keep walking about 400 odd feet, boom you’re at the drug den entrance.

- National Assembly – it’s open to the public and is designed to be a meeting place (hahaha good one, to quote hotsmug) and there are exhibitions and a café.  It’s actually really aesthetically pleasing from the outside, no lie, and it looks right out over the water in Mermaid Quay.

- The Packet Hotel Public House – it may look cute, but they don’t serve food.  Luckily it’s right down by Mermaid Quay and there are 8000 restaurants down there but SERIOUSLY WHAT KIND OF PUB DOESN’T HAVE FOOD.


- 111-112 Bute St – okay so the cool thing about the drug den is that is actually looks like it could really be a drug den.  Like you walk up to it and it does for the most part look like that and we’re pretty sure it’s just empty buildings next to it and it’s creepy as hell.  It doesn’t go in nearly as far as it looks and it’s in a really nice area so it’s kind of random but cool whatever you do you drug den. Also on one of the days we were in Cardiff Doctor Who was randomly filming there too because why the hell not.

- Cardiff University Main Building – aka the hallway of EMOTIONS.  Fittingly this is the science building so you’re literally surrounded by science classrooms as you’re being assaulted on all sides by angst and sorrow.  As you walk up and down, gently caressing the walls and trying to hold in your tears, try and keep your weeping to a minimum because this is actually a school and there are people trying to, you know, study, but this also means that you’re not likely to get kicked out, which is cool.  They filmed on both corridors, but the one on the left as you walk in the more familiar of the two.

- 10 Wordsworth Avenue – John and Mary’s flat is hella adorable, no lie.  It’s literally in the middle of nowhere though so they’d both be bored out of their fucking skulls in a minute.  It was also really weird just standing on the street staring at someone’s house, which is why we didn’t take pictures of it.

- Kapu – sadly not actually a gay bar, but apparently it is tropical themed.  There is a gay bar right down the road named, fittingly enough, Mary’s.

- Kitty Flynn’s – it’s super precious and sells specialty beers and nibbles.  We basically sat down, had emotions, and left.  It’s about two doors down from Kapu.

- Cardiff Crown Court – appropriately enough, the law courts are actually located here.  If they actually put a coffee kiosk here, it would probably do some bomb ass business between the students and the police force, actually.  Right across the street there’s a nice little park (Cathays Park) where we decided John and Sherlock should get married because it is super adorable and has a precious little gazebo.


- Charles Street – the Christmas lights are definitely up all the time (they were up while we were visiting in early August and there was no filming happening at all).  Also this is the gay district in Cardiff which is seriously excellent.  Hotsmug and I visited a gay bar on drag night on the next street over one of our nights visiting.

- New Theatre – we walked past it.  A lot.  There really doesn’t seem to be anything all that fantastically special about it, honestly.

- Cardiff University Students’ Union – this place is the most hospital looking place to ever hospital.  Seriously who the fuck designed this place, what the ever living hell is wrong with them.  That shit is eerie.  Also we rushed through it because we were pretty sure we were going to get kicked out. I mean, it was also really cool looking…in a hospital kind of way.  It just really creeped me out okay despite the fact that it had a Starbucks.

- Mint and Mustard – actually looks like a really cute place.  We got off the bus for a day at the beach and it was just right there. We may have no idea what happened there, but the place looks adorable and the food is actually pretty high class (nice one John).

- Portland House – right across the street from the drug den and on the opposite side of it is Mount Stuart Square.  It’s not as nice and fancy looking outside as the pictures make it out to be.  It actually looks rather shit when you’re walking past it.

- St David’s Hotel – it’s the first five star hotel in Cardiff (thanks, boat tour) and it’s basically jutting out into the water.  There’s…really not much else to say because we’re frankly too poor to be able to tell you more.

- Mount Stuart Square – the pic that Arwel took of the clock to troll us while they were filming at Mount Stuart is actually part of construction that seems to be there all the time – hotsmug took pretty much the exact same pic.  Also, that vid of Ben pretending to shoot the seagulls?  He did that because they are always around. Making noise.  Being a nuisance.  Because seagulls are rats with wings.  They are evil assholes.  I hate seagulls and they are particularly awful in the Mount Stuart area.  And appropriately enough, there is a very nice wine bar and book shop across from the church at Mount Stuart where we found the book Swimming with Sharks.  SYMBOLISM.

- Cardiff Bay Barrage – it’s actually in Penarth and there’s a random ass restaurant thing right after you get off the bridge.  The whole thing is pretty cool, like a manmade canal type deal that opens the bay to the greater part of the ocean, but apparently there was some controversy over it when it was initially built.  Regardless it took us about a half an hour to walk there because there are no direct bus routes from the Quay there and there was a food festival happening so our bus stopped earlier than it should have so that was an extra fun adventure.  

Well, hopefully you enjoyed this little journey into the Sherlock filming places around Cardiff.  All of the kudos to @hotsmugstache for a good portion of these pics and her and the flatmate for helping me create this post! Obviously this isn’t all of the locations, but it was the ones we had the chance to visit and explore.  Enjoy!

A Little Make Up Sex Never Hurt Anyone

This one is on the shorter side and I’m sorry for that!!

“Derek we are just friends.” I said to my pissed off and pacing boyfriend. When Derek picked me up from work a few hours ago I was outside talking to my friend and co-worker John. When I saw Derek pulled up, I gave John a quick hug and made my way to the car. John was friendly with everyone and I’m a hugger, both are things that Derek know. Derek knows I love him, it’s not that he doesn’t trust me but he doesn’t trust other people, at the end of the day, everyone has their insecurities. The one drawback of dating Derek? He gets jealous pretty easily.
“You didn’t see how he looked at you after you hugged him. I know you are his friend but I think he sees you as so much more.” He said his face tightening and his fists clenching. I stood up from the couch, slowly, unsure of what his movements were going to be.
“Even if he does see me in a different light, I only see you.” I said grabbing his buff forearm. I had never seen him like this, normally he would be jealous and get protective but not angry.
“I can’t even keep my own girlfriend. He is home all the time, I’m gone half of the time!” He pulled his arm away from me and continued pacing around the apartment, running his hands down his face and back go clenching his fists.
“(Y/N) I’m jealous okay? He gets to see you while you are at work and he checked you out right in front of me. I’m tired of his shit!” He yelled walking into the bedroom and slamming the door behind him. I sighed, knowing that I would have to go in there and talk him down from the boiling rage that was building up inside him.
“Derek I-” I said walking into the bedroom but stopped as I saw his fist colliding with the wall, punching a hole it in without even thinking about it. Sweat beads on his forehead, chest rising and falling faster than normal, muscles tense, he couldn’t look any hotter if he tried. I took a few steps to get to him and then rested my hands on his chest, playing with the fabric of his black v-neck while biting my lip.
“I love you Derek Morgan. You know I love when you get jealous but this new kind of jealous is turning me on.” I said looking up at the handsome and sculpted man in front of me only to be pulled in by my waist and attaching my lips to his. His hands slowly roamed my body, the space between us closing and my heartbeat quickening.
“You’re mine and he needs to know that.” Derek whispered, pulling away just enough to whisper it while his hands traveled down to the backs of my thighs and picking me up and walking over to the bed. One of the perks of dating Derek? Make up sex is always the best, even if I didn’t do anything.

Texting with monikakrasnorada and the burning question of the evening is WHO THE FUCK ARE THOSE PEOPLE AT JOHN AND MARY’S WEDDING? 

Mary’s side of the church is mostly empty; there’s a two-page list of people who hate her, presumably in attendance. John doesn’t have a big close family. We’re told that in SiP. So who the fuck are these people? Co-workers? Distant cousins? 50% of John’s patients? All the ones with piles? WHO ARE THEY?