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Dumbest Criminals:

John Szwalla - Szwalla entered an Internet Cafe in North Carolina with the intent of a hold-up, his weapon of choice? A banana. Szwalla was restrained by the owner shortly after - eating the ‘weapon’ whilst waiting for Police attendance. 

Rubén Zarate - Zarate attempted to rob a shop in Chicago in 2008. Zarate’s plan soon came to an end when he was told the safe was unable to be opened by anyone else than the manager. Zarate then left his number with the employees and told them to call him when the manger returned. Employees contacted Police who informed them to call the robber - Zerate arrived to find the officers waiting for him. They engaged in a shootout where Zerate was later arrested.

James Blankenship - On June 26th, Blankenship pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of breaking and entering. Speaking to police, Blankenship admitted he believed he couldn’t be charged with burglary because the incident was during the day, not the night. 

Mganga Mganga - Melissa Peters was preparing to drop her son off at school when she was met with a gun pointed at her face. Peters and her son were able to escape as Mganga entered Peter’s vehicle in an attempt to steal it - only to realise the car was of manual transmission. Mganga, despite the realisation, attempted to make a getaway only to be stuck activating the cars lights and windshield wipers in his attempt. A neighbour soon called police and Mganga was caught. 

Rafael Valadao - Valadao and his friends attempted to escape a Brazilian prison by cutting a hole though the wall. All was going to plan until Valadao got stuck in the wall mid break-out, blocking the only escape route for the prisoners. He was later freed and sent back to prison.

Renaud 'Junior’ Plasir - Plasir attempted to rob the home John Terrell - only to be side tracked by Terrell’s left over chicken wings. After consumption of the leftovers, Plasir fell asleep in Terrell’s guest bedroom. He was later discovered and detained by Terrell until Police arrived. 

Nathan Wayne Pugh - Whilst robbing a Dallas bank, Pugh was met by an employee who told the robber two forms of identification must be shown before she could hand over the money. Pugh obliged, later leading to his arrest and conviction. 

Charles Ray Fuller - Whilst at a small Fort Worth bank, Fuller attempted to cash in a cheque for $360 Billion claiming it was given to him by his girlfriends mother. Needless to say, Fuller was arrested and charged. 

Trevor Jones - Jones was burglarising a home when he decided to log onto Facebook on the homeowners computer - forgetting to log out. In addition to this, Jones has left his car (which contained both his keys and wallet) in the driveway. When he realised his error he attempted to hide in a nearby pond. He was later found and arrested. 

Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller - Fashionistas, McNelly and Miller decided that the typical beenie over the head would not cut it for their robbery, instead the pair decided drawing on their faces with marker was an efficient method of concealing their identity - unfortunately for them, Police and the Internet thought otherwise.

Albert Bailey - Instead of directly robbing the bank, Bailey went on to call the bank ahead of his heist to make sure they had the bag full of $100,000 for when he got there. Surprisingly for Bailey, when he entered the bank later that day he was greeted by Police.






In 1997, the Broncos went 12–4, securing a wild card spot in the playoffs. Following playoff wins over the Jaguars, Chiefs andSteelers, the Broncos faced the heavily favored Packers in Super Bowl XXXII. Davis led the Broncos to their first Super Bowl victory, 31–24. Although Elway completed only 12 of his 22 passes, throwing one interception and no touchdowns, he executed what was perhaps the game’s best-known play, known as The Helicopter, when he boldly ran for a crucial first down while surviving strong hits from two safeties as he jumped through the air like a propeller.Terrell Davis was able to overcome a severe migraine headache that caused him blurred vision and rush for 157 yards and three touchdowns to earn Super Bowl MVP honors.

Super Bowl XXXII was an American football game between theNational Football Conference (NFC) champion Green Bay Packers and the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Denver Broncos to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 1997 season. The Broncos defeated the Packers by the score of 31–24. The game was played on January 25, 1998 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California, the second time that the Super Bowl was held in that city. Super Bowl XXXII also made Qualcomm Stadium the only stadium in history to have the Super Bowl and the World Series in the same year.

This was Denver’s first league championship after suffering four previous Super Bowl losses, and snapped a 13-game losing streak for AFC teams in the Super Bowl (the previous being the Los Angeles Raiders’ win in Super Bowl XVIII after the 1983 season). The Broncos, who entered the game after posting a 12–4 regular season record in 1997, became just the second wild card team to win a Super Bowl and the first since the Raiders in Super Bowl XV. The Packers, who entered the game as the defending Super Bowl XXXI champions after posting a 13–3 regular season record, were the first team favored to win by double digits to lose a Super Bowl since Super Bowl IV.

The game was close throughout much of the contest. The Broncos converted two turnovers to take a 17–7 lead in the second quarter before the Packers cut the score to 17–14 at halftime. Green Bay kept pace with Denver in the second half before tying the game with 13:32 remaining. Both defenses stiffened until Broncos running back Terrell Davis scored the go-ahead touchdown with 1:45 left. Despite suffering a migraine headache that caused him to miss most of the second quarter, Davis (a San Diego native) was named Super Bowl MVP. He ran for 157 yards, caught two passes for 8 yards, and scored a Super Bowl record three rushing touchdowns.

Bruno Mars is already confirmed to star in the halftime show at next year’s Super Bowl 50, and some other big names are reported to be joining him.

ET Online (Super Bowl 50 airs Feb. 7, 2016 on CBS.)

“Put in Beyonce with Bruno, add Taylor Swift up there, all of them up there,” said Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin. “It’s Super Bowl 50, it doesn’t get any bigger than that!”

“I like John Legend,” Terrell Davis weighed in. “I’m a John Legend kind of guy. I think that would be kinda cool to bring John in there with Bruno. You can’t go wrong with a little Snoop Dogg, spice it up a little bit.”

“Bruno is a blast,” Warner told ET. “I loved Katy Perry last year, loved Bruno. I’m sure anybody that does it is gonna be great.”
BREAKING: Georgia Set To Carry Out U.S.'s Final Execution Of The Year
Georgia is scheduled to execute Brian Keith Terrell Tuesday evening for murdering John Watson in 1992. If carried out, it will be the United States' final execution of the year.
By Chris McDaniel

On Tuesday evening, Georgia plans to execute Brian Keith Terrell for killing a 70-year-old family friend more than twenty years ago.

The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, which has the sole power for granting clemency in the state, denied Terrell clemency on Monday.

In 1992, John Watson discovered Terrell forged $9,000 in checks from him, according to court records. Watson confronted Terrell’s mother, who was his good friend, and said he would not press charges if Terrell returned most of the money within a couple days.

But on the second day, Watson was found severely beaten and fatally shot.

The case relied on testimony from Terrell’s cousin, who said Terrell told him he had killed Watson. The cousin now says he lied because police threatened him, but refuses to sign an affidavit saying so, according to Terrell’s attorneys.

Terrell has faced multiple trials and execution dates. The first trial ended in a hung jury. In his second trial, Terrell was convicted of malice murder and forgery, but the state courts ordered a new trial. In his third trial, Terrell was sentenced to death.

He was originally scheduled to be executed in March, but the state called it off after realizing its lethal injection drug had particles floating in it. After an internal investigation, the state concluded that it was due to the drug being stored at too cold of a temperature. However, the state attempted to withhold results of an experiment, and only turned it over after a BuzzFeed News article.

The results of that experiment did not support the state’s conclusion that it was due to temperature, and not a problem with mixing the drug.

Georgia, like some other death penalty states, obtains its execution drugs from a secret compounding pharmacy that mixes up the drug for a specific purpose. Compared to manufacturers, compounders face less regulation and their products have a higher failure rate.

Terrell’s attorneys argue this secret compounding pharmacy is not reliable, and that it could subject him to an unconstitutional death. His attorneys propose finding a better compounder.

But the courts have so far not been willing to halt Georgia’s executions due to drug concerns. The state has carried out two executions with the same compounder after its internal investigation into the faulty drugs.

“Whatever went wrong with the compounded pentobarbital on March 2, Terrell has not shown that as a result of that occurrence, he faces an objectively unreasonable risk of serious harm,” U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten wrote Tuesday.

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