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Mark Schneider, who played an extra in the final season of TURN: Washington’s Spies, described the cast as follows:

  • Simcoe (Samuel Roukin): class clown, running around making jokes
  • Abe (Jamie Bell): the actor type, always alone with earbuds in until they started a scene
  • Washington (Ian Khan): method, never dropped character–even between takes
  • Anna Strong (Heather Lind): hilarious and wonderful (he drove one of her carriages)
  • Hamilton (Sean Haggerty): a great guy (he played his second during a few scenes)
  • Lafayette (Brian Wiles): interesting, spoke French, did not have good luck with his horse
  • Tallmadge (Seth Numrich): the professional, ‘yes sir, no sir’, prompt and prepared

Benjamin Tallmadge ↠ Turn: Washington’s Spies

“We make sacrifices so that others don’t have to” 

List of things I wished they would've included in Turn

-John Laurens
-Lafayette sucking at dancing
-Lafayette crying at John Andre’s hanging and Hamilton trying to defend John Andre by saying he’s too beautiful to be hanged
-Flashbacks of Ben and Nathan
-Lafayette and George taking a nap after the battle of Monmouth
-the duel between John Laurens and Charles Lee
-Baron von Steuben
-the fucking way Baron von Steuben came into the fucking camp like some sort of god
-Baron von Steuben falling in love with Benjamin Walker
-the time everyone thought Hamilton died and then he stood in the doorway dripping wet
-Scenes with Lafayette, Hamilton and Laurens doing things that actually happened like pushing their beds together or spending whole nights on the grass outside and just talking about politics
-just the three of them being besties

I mean there are obviously more things and probably more important things but this the stuff they easily could have included on the show.

Gen. George Washington ↠ Turn: Washington’s Spies

“On behalf of those who will never know the true measure of your efforts, I thank you for them. And for all the sacrifices you have made in the name of our cause.” 

Washington’s sons.

Nathaneal Greene: pls notice me father

John Laurens: I will fight for you father

Benedict Arnold: imma find me a new father

Henry Knox: pls don’t make fun of me father

Benjamin Tallmadge: I’ll do anything for you father

Tobias Lear: you’ve given me everything father

Alexander Hamilton: don’t call me son father

Gilbert de Lafayette: daddy

Attentional all Hamilton fans and new people in the history fandom (If you can call it a fandom tbh that kinda weirds me out) ! I have some recommendations for you to check out this Independence Day!!


Want to know where Lin go the line “Sit down John, you fat motherf*&%$!” well look no further! This is THE movie for you all to watch. Seriously it’s amazing. If you like Hamilton then PLEASE watch this. It’s a musical. It’s about the founding fathers. It’s about the writing of the declaration (and John Adams fighting literally everyone). Jefferson is gorgeous. Franklin’s a little shit. Adams is the smol one fighting everyone. It’s perfect. I mean look at this:

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Drunk History:

Specifically these episodes: John Adams vs Thomas Jefferson , Baron von Steuben , the Defection of Benedict Arnold , and of course Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson the Musical:

Just what it says. It’s short, about 10 mins, but it’s funny and the songs are catchy. Also, super secret slumber party.

Felicity An American Girl Adventure:

Look its a fun adventure about a girl growing up in Williamsburg during the American Revolution. It’s a fantastic movie and covers a lot of issues during the day. Just watch it and trust me. Yes that is Shailene Woodley.

The Revolution:

This one is on the History Channel but I really love it, it’s amazing. Its a multi piece documentary on the American Revolution and it’s my favorite. 

Liberty Kids:

The American Revolutionary War is seen through the eyes of an American teenaged lad, a young English lady, and a French boy, all 3 of whom work as reporters for Benjamin Franklin. Its fun and educational!

TURN Washington Spies:

Not the most accurate but its very exciting and is about spies.

John Adams HBO miniseries:

Do I even need to say anything.