john smith legacy

car ride raps with four and nine

Nine: *turns on radio*

Nine: yeah ur name is john
and u like pretty blondes
u like this girl named Sarah
but I don’t really care-a
u fight mogs everyday
and one messed up ur face
which explains a lot
cause u look like a thot
let me talk about six
and that one time you kis-

John: *shuts off radio*

John: I don’t have time for your shit


Baby Four meets Baby Nine !

Inspired by …

I saw Four, Brandon’s Garde, poking his head out from behind Brandon’s back. He shyly put his hand out for Nine to take, inviting him to walk to pre-combat together.

Seeing this, I hoped Nine would take Four’s hand. It was a sweet gesture.

“Prucawbat! Rawr!” squealed Nine, and jumped back on to the bed, …

-The Last Day of Lorien