john seitz

Joe GIllis turns up dead at the beginning of Sunset Boulevard (1950), photographed by John F Seitz.  John was born in Chicago and had 163 cinematography credits.  He was nominated seven times for an Oscar but never won.  His career began with a 1916 short and ended in 1960. with his penultimate film in 1959, the poverty row production Island of Lost Women.  His other films among the best 1.001 are Captain January with Shirley Temple, This Gun for Hire, Double Indemnity, The Lost Weekend, Detective Story, and Invaders From Mars.

Contemporary Sculpture : Arts Yearbook 8

edited by William Seitz

“The motive to change is always some uneasiness: nothing setting us upon the change of state, or upon any new action, but some uneasiness”

Texts by William Seitz, Donald Judd, Sidney Geist, Gene Baro, Clement Greenberg, Werner Hofmann, Vivien Raynor, Annette Michelson, Dora Vallier, Anita Ventura, Mercedes Molleda, José María Moreno Galván, Lyman Kipp, George Sugarman, David Weinrib, Richard Stankiewicz, Richard Hamilton, George Rickey, Herbert Bronstein, Anne Hoene,Jacqueline Barnitz, Margaret Buhler and more

The Art Digest, 1965

9 x 12 (30.3 x 23 cm)