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Hi! Thank you so much for all the audio gifts, it's wonderful! I was wondering if you'd be willing to gift the Wicked audio with Derek Klena and Lindsay Mendez? I completely understand if you're not able to. Thanks so much!

Hey there!

Not a problem. Heres one -

Info for Traders -  Wicked - Broadway - May 28, 2013 - ZIP (MP3 Tracked)
  cast: Lindsay Mendez (Elphaba), Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda), Derek Klena (Fiyero), Adam Grupper (The Wizard), Randy Danson (Madame Morrible), Catherine Charlebois (Nessarose), F Michael Haynie (Boq), John Schiappa (Dr. Dillamond)
  notes: Lindsay and Derek’s first performances.