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So do leftists generally approve or disapprove of Jacobin? What do you think about it?

A lot of really dogmatic leftists hate it because its authors often water-down anti-capitalist positions, to the point of appearing social democratic at times. Their criticisms are valid and I understand why there’s room for improvement with Jacobin. But I think it’s great for new leftists and receptive liberals – we absolutely need to make our language more accessible and digestible, and as far as I’ve seen Jacobin does a great job of that. Their published books are concise and engaging, particularly Four Futures by Peter Frase and New Prophets of Capital by Nicole Aschoff – the former discusses four possible turning points for society, two of them good and two of them bad; the latter dispels a lot of the really pervasive myths liberals have about capitalism and individualism by using Sheryl Sandberg, John Mackey, Oprah, and Bill Gates as personified examples. I highly recommend checking those out, especially if you’re a baby leftie or a curious liberal. 

A couple of good Jacobin articles:

“Capitalism is Violence” by Matt Bruenig 

“Is Socialism Undemocratic?” by Joseph M Schwartz