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Too Soon - Finn Shelby

Request:Hey, could you please write a fic where your parents take u to abort Finn’s baby cuz they have never like you and him together, do wgat you want with how it ends.

Request: Hey can I please request a Finn Shelby X reader one where he’s been sneaking off for ages and finally John Arthur and Tommy find out he’s been sneaking off to visit this house and so they quietly break in but when they reach the upstairs bedroom they find him sleeping with a girl (he gets all startled and like points a gun at them and stuff) and then when he’s talking to his brothers down stairs she wakes up and they find out she’s also pregnant with his child? Sorry it’s kinda long… - @flowerandsparky

Too Soon - Finn Shelby

The makeshift boxing club that had opened in Small Heath seemed to be growing in popularity. Especially among the Blinders. Isaiah and Finn went nearly all the time. Finally after a couple of months, they persuaded Michael to join them. It became a ritual weekly event for the three of them. Get drunk, possibly do some Tokyo, and go to the ring. It was where you were sure to find them on an evening that Tommy didn’t require their help for something. You’d go along with them, watching from the outside of the pen as they sparred. 

Mostly Finn though. You would stand by whichever ring Finn was in, watching him box. He was crap in the beginning and Isaiah usually beat him, but he’d been getting really good. There was something oddly attractive about watching him beat some up.  

“You did really well tonight.” You held Finn’s hand as he walked you home.  

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BTS/GOT7member names according to Siri


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Bangtan Sonyeondan: Bang tang song and dumb

Kim Seokjin: Kim sexy ogen/Kim suck your dick

Min Yoongi: megan unity/Been you T E

Kim Namjoon: Kim newton june/Kim neptune

Jung Hoseok: John cut sack/General sick

Park Jimin: Park German/Parchment

Kim Taehyung: Kim take young/Turn terrace, young

Jeon Jungkook: John John cook/young young cook


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GOT7: gap seven

Mark Tuan: Mark Twain/Mac Quan

Im Jaebum: In Jae balvin/Turn who is in the bum

Jackson Wang: hot is jackson bag/*sends a text message*

Park Jinyoung: Parked in young/the do not

Choi Youngjae: Dora Youngjae/who is stupid

Kunpimook Bhuwakul/BamBam: Who is pooping fuck you/Ban Bam

Kim Yugyeom: Kim you liam/who is the beauty of


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John was good at reading people. He was good at knowing what to say in order to gain their favor. He was good at telling what they were into when it came to sex. It made his job a lot easier, but for once he was a bit stumped. The man before him was most certainly attracted to him; he noticed the way his green eyes lingered on parts of his body. What he wasn’t sure of was whether the man would be the type to fuck him roughly with his fingers around his throat, or if he would place gentle kisses along his skin and pretend they were lovers.

Either way, John was excited to fuck Captain Flint.

The pirate was gorgeous, with dark, red hair and freckles covering every patch of visible flesh. Even if he turned out to be rather rough in the sack, John didn’t doubt that he would have a fun time with him. Most of his clients made his skin crawl and resulted in his scrubbing himself clean until his skin turned red. But the pirate captain was both beautiful and well groomed. He looked at John as if he possessed him, as if he would own him while they fucked. And goddamn, if John didn’t want him. 

With a content smile, John laid down on the bed. He stretched a bit, arching his back and lifting his arms above his head. Flint had requested this little meeting so that John could give him information he had picked up from his clients. Since the man paid handsomely, he wasn’t about to turn him down. 

Looking up at the ceiling, John said, “The inn was a good idea. People will think you’re fucking me rather than buying secrets.” He lifted on leg and placed his heel on the edge of the bed. “Fucking would’ve been much more fun though.”

One of three papier-mache heads used in the infamous 1962 Alcatraz prison escape. Frank Morris and brothers Clarence and John Anglin used sacks of clothes and these creepy heads to replicate their sleeping bodies in bed. They then crawled through a vent and escaped the prison on a make-shift raft. The guards didn’t suspect a thing when they were performing their nightly checks, and the gang got away successfully.

Ste/JP/Harry Spoilers

Monday 9 Nov:  As John Paul’s disciplinary looms, his furious cousin Theresa bumps into Harry and Tony at Price Slice and wastes no time in telling them exactly what she thinks of them.  John Paul begs Harry to tell the truth that they weren’t seeing each other, but Tony is furious when he finds out about their kiss. John Paul, Tony and Harry all face Mrs St. Claire but when Harry storms out, Mrs St Claire is left with no other option but to sack John Paul.

Tuesday 10 Nov: Harry feels awful as John Paul packs up his belongings at school, but will he finally come clean? Later, Harry gets into a fight with Kyle and they’re hauled into Mrs St Claire’s office.

Wednesday 11 Nov: Tony turns up at the school and prompts Harry to make a decision about his future once and for all. At the same time, Ste tells John Paul that his CD4 count is low and he needs to go on medication. John Paul urges Ste to confide in Harry if he wants a proper relationship with him. John Paul is worried that Ste isn’t taking his recent results seriously and goes to find Tony.

Thursday 12 Nov: Ste tells Harry about his CD4 count. Ste turns up at Harry’s 18th birthday party in The Loft and is conscious of Tony watching them. 

Didn’t Seinfeld cut that back as the seasons went on? Louis CK does that for his show. I think it’s a great “in” for comedians. That’s their strength, stand-up. And then working off of that sort of beginning, they can get more nuances into the story, characters, etc. I always feel that it’s not for me to criticize anyone’s creative process, especially if they’re brilliant, like Mulaney. I mean, it’s him up there, with his neck on the line. If he feels this is the best way to approach it, I’m not sure it’s up to critics to remark on that. Everyone approaches comedy differently. And if you have someone as smart as Mulaney making that decision, it’s for a good reason.

 Mike Sacks, author of How to Poke a Dead Frog, and his thoughts on Mulaney’s similarity to Seinfeld’s stand-up-infused-sitcom-style.


Things We Learned: “Happy Birthday Hero”
  • Balth will set up a slightly cheesy horizontal shot for Hero Duke
  • Hero Duke met Meg Winters in Year 9 and is more sassy than previously thought
  • Ben has styled his hair like a character from Grease
  • “The Marlowe Code” as a Doctor Who episode–you’re really determined to carry this, thecandlewasters, and I support you in that endeavor
  • John Donaldson quite possibly forced Cora Petunia Anderson to record Hero Duke a Happy Birthday wish and I am here for that
  • Dogberry still wearing the deerstalker hat, still living in trees, and apparently writing a multi-chapter story
  • Hero Duke has won a short story competition at school, and also edits Dogberry’s pages
  • Ursula has known Hero Duke probably the longest out of anyone else in their friend group (aside from Bea and Leo, obviously)
  • Claudio, not John, is the “sad sack” who recently “got himself a girlfriend”…interesting…
  • Freddie doesn’t know Hero? At least not all that well?
  • Balthazar has a deeper bond with Hero than previously thought (hallelujah! introverts unite!), based upon similar dispositions and understanding
    • School is fun for Hero and important to Balth
  • Peter does, in fact, have a pink bedspread and a cheery (when lit) bedroom
    • Peter is, in fact, still caught up on his part in last year’s Birthday Fiasco (though most of that frustration seems to be turned inward)
  • Julia is a friend of Meg’s, and knows Hero only through school
  • Leo needs a haircut
  • Literally everyone loves Hero Duke
  • Almost everyone has recognizably grown and developed since the events of NMTD