john s. sargent

ace-remus  asked:

2, 12, 23, 29, and 49!

2. Zodiac Sign

Leo! Though I definitely don’t identify as one.

12. Favorite season 

I love spring, because it’s great to feel everything finally warm up again after a chilly winter.

23. My pets 

I’ve got a mini golden doodle named Chloe and she’s wonderful and adorable.

29. Lock screen and home screen

My lock screen is a photograph of John Singer Sargent’s A Capriote, which I took this summer at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston:

And my home screen is avaruuskala’s VERY good drawing of Lucretia, which might just be my favorite drawing of her ever:

49. Something I can’t live without 

Honestly? Peanut butter.

Portrait of Gabriel Fauré
John Singer Sargent (American; 1856–1925)
ca. 1889
Oil on canvas
Musée de la musique, Paris

Inscribed along the top of the canvas by the artist: “à Gabriel Fauré souvenir affectueux John S. Sargent.”