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John Ross & Rebecca [Pamela] - S2E3 “Sins of the Father” Gifset Part 2

Rebecca: “What’s going on?”

John Ross: “Cops said they found Tommy Sutter’s blood in your old condo. They said they have evidence he was shot, Pamela. Know anything about that? I know he hit you.”

Rebecca: “More than once.”

John Ross: “Was it a fight? I mean you were…just protecting yourself, right?”

Rebecca: “Why does it matter to you?”

John Ross: “Just protecting the deal.”

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**I’m going to try and type up some of the things that are Jebecca related. 

“There’s a striking difference between the way Julie played Rebecca and how she’s now playing Pamela” - says Metcalfe

Big changes are also in store for Rebecca and Christopher. Following Season 1’s finale reveal that Rebecca is really the megarich daughter of Cliff Barnes and Afton Cooper, the character takes on a darker persona and reverts back to her real name, Pamela - inspiring a juicy confrontation with J.R. about how, back in the day, he dealt with another woman named Pam. “I was so beyond excited to do that scene with Larry,” who advised her, Gonzalo says “to keep my wardrobe" 

In the premiere, Pamela is still pregnant with Chris’ twins, though Metcalfe hints there could be cause for concern about her carrying to term - just as his mom miscarried in the soap’s original run on CBS. "It’s pretty early in the new series to be saddled with twins,” he teases.

Regardless of the outcome, being pregnant won’t stop Pamela from clawing at Chris’ throat - or hooking up with John Ross.

The family will be held hostage in an ordeal that will present a threat to Elena and Pamela, while it helps Bobby and Sue Ellen bond. The crisis ends with a shooting.

Scan of the Josh Henderson interview about his relationship with J.R. and the upcoming pairing of Jebecca.