john romão


People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

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so its christmas now

omg i just thought of the stupidest, funniest shit

so after act 7 things settle a bit & logically john starts to date roxy but he feels really weird about it and has to tell dave because technically hes kinda dating his mom so he goes to dave really anxious and confesses that hes been with roxy and at his surprise dave takes it really well and goes in for a congratulatory hug and

come to me and tell me dave wouldnt be that petty. come. i dare you



↳ Day 3 [Favorite Dynamic(s)]: In which I can’t really choose. 


john egbert comes out as gay to his dad

fanon dad circa 2010: *completely awful and homophobic out of nowhere despite literally all of john’s problems with his dad being projections of his own self-loathing*
canon dad: *wearing shirt that says ‘I LOVE MY GAY SON’* Hi son, I’ve taken the day off of work to bake you three rainbow cakes and throw a party for you. I am so proud of you son, you are so brave and I will love you no matter what. Is that Dave kid your boyfriend? I can get him a trip to Seattle no problem so he can celebrate with us. I love you John.