john roger stephens


Dammit, Doctor Strange! Stop creeping everyone out when they are in the middle of something! And Captain America doesn’t give a damn about Doctor Strange’s astral projection. 

- Marvel Team-Up v3 #25, 2006

Sailing the raging seas,
To distant lands unknown,
Now England rules the waves,
With blood and plunder we’ll prevail,
Waters lash accross the bow through Caribbean Seas,
The final battle has begun,
The skies are burning with thunder,
The seas are ablaze with flame,
The sands of time will remember our names,
History is written today,
Accross the sea-lashed deck, our captain gives a cry :
“The Spanish and the English foe will soon be dead ! Hard to starboard, man the cannons, and on my command, unleash hell ! Fire !”
Show them your steel, bring them to death on the battlefield,
Ride on the wind and conquer the foe,
The legends be damned,

To our deaths we will ago.

          A gathering of stars from music, comedy, sport and film posing with HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.
Left to right (top row): David Gilmour, Jools Holland, Trevor McDonald, unknown, Stephen Fry, Adrian Edmondson, Phil Daniels, unknown, Ronnie Wood and Gary Glitter.
Front row, left to right: Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Bob Dylan, HRH Prince Charles, Billy Connolly, Frank Bruno and John Entwistle.
(Photo by Terry O'Neill)