john robeson

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2000 Dinner Rush    Sean the Bartender

1996 Savage Hearts Johnny

1999 Made Men  Royce

1999 La Femme Nikita / Beyond the Pale   Zalman

2000 Fast Food Fast Women Bruno

2004 Lemony Snikett Hook-Handed Man

2006 508 Nelson  Terry Nemov
That’s accent! When I speak english, I have just the same one!

2008 Life / Badge Bunny     Justin Tapp

2011  The Green Hornet   Popeye

2011 Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Interview magazine - with Saskia De Brauw and Marique Schimmel

2013 Magic City Nicky Grillo 

2014 Castle / Under Fire   Adam Ferguson


Do you recognise this man?
O yessss, that’s our MISTER ROBESON!
And today is his birhday. I mean, the actor’s one, who’s portraing John Robeson in 1st season of TURN - Jamie Harris.

Happy birthday, dear Jamie.

I must confess I’m completely & desperately obsessed by your John Robeson. Now I’m collecting your films, I’m waiting for “An Artist’s Emblem”. You’re inspiring me. Life is fantastic ‘cause you’re in the world. 

Wish you good luck. Wish you long-long living.