john ridd

Lorna Doone: John Ridd [ESFJ]

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): John is a very warm and affirming person, but also quick to share his true feelings, whether that includes denouncing his sister’s choice in a husband or proclaiming his love for Lorna. He is such a warm and kind-hearted person, that he cannot even allow his enemy to die without trying to save him. John tries to be a worthy role model for his family, but often allows his emotions to govern his decisions… in rescuing Lorna for her own sake, and putting his family in danger; in leaping to quick conclusions about her relationship with Carver that are erroneous; and in risking his life on several occasions to save other people. He is grieved when others think ill of him, and tries to make amends where he can.

Introverted Sensing (Si): He feels a sense of pride in carrying on his father’s work on the farm, and dislikes the idea of allowing Lorna to inherit her fortune and leave him behind. John hangs onto the memory of the dark-haired girl from his childhood, and recognizes her as an adult the instant he sees her fishing in the manner he taught her. His old emotions reengage, and allow him to quickly fall in love all over again. He is direct in his communication and detailed in his instructions. He remembers paths and information learned about the Doones, as well as his former interactions with them.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): His overall resistance to too much change all at once shifts when presented with the opportunity of ridding the valley of the Doones. John is curious about the things he does not know, and shows an interest in learning, brainstorming ways to storm the Doone fortress, and in seeing the possibilities associated with Lorna’s discovery of her wealth.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): When it comes to the topics he feels strongly about, and the people he cares about most, John finds it very difficult to separate his emotions from his decisions. But once he has calmed down, John is able to analyze the situation and determine that some things are problems that need to be fixed.